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I sincerely appreciate the many fine people who have supported me in the last two decades and have helped make Natural Ovens of Manitowoc Bakery a reality.

Many media people have been especially helpful in spreading the word. Roy Leonard of WGN Radio in Chicago and Phil Donahue have been especially important in this regard.

Several others have commented on the first edition and have made suggestions for this new edition. Most important of these is Dr. Linus Pauling of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. I owe a special debt of thanks to those who have stood by me through trouble and controversy, and whose support has meant the world to me. Barbara Reed-Stitt, my wife since 1982, especially has encouraged me during hard times in my efforts to help humanity. I also thank Dr. William C. Dam for his support.

I would be much remiss if I failed to thank those who have worked diligently to help me put together this edition: Lori Christel, Heidi Klein, Robert Nichols, Kevin Reilly and Paula Wagner.

Most of all, I want to thank the tens of thousands of people from all over America who have written letters of encouragement and who purchase Natural Ovens products. Though there are so many of you, I feel that each of you is a friend; getting to know you all has been the most enriching experience of my life.

Paul A. Stitt


During a decade spent in medical school and specialty training, I learned everything I possibly could about disease and how to undo it's damage through medical intervention. Armed with innumerable pills, injections, and medical procedures, I felt prepared to keep people healthy.

I first began work as a physician in an African mission hospital. Though I encountered many unusual diseases, nothing was more surprising than discovering that my African patients rarely suffered from heart disease, colon cancer, and other diseases so prevalent in "advanced" societies. It was then I first suspected a diet of unprocessed, natural foods could be the key to preventing disease and promoting health.

I met Paul Stitt by chance. Following interviews we both had given for a radio station in Crystal lake, Illinois, he left a copy of his first book, Fighting the Food Giants for me to read. That book not only changed my life, but led me to fundamentally alter the nature of my medical practice. I now begin each day with Natural Ovens bread, granola, or muffins. In my office, I encourage my patients to adopt a wholesome, nutritious diet.

I am grateful that Paul Stitt has always chosen to place himself on the cutting edge of his profession as a bio­chemist. Not only does he understand the elements of nutrition, but he has exposed just how we are being cheated, if not outright poisoned, by the food industry. He has a message and a mission. I congratulate him and wish him continued success.

William C. Dam, MD
Internal Medicine
Westlake Clinic
Ingleside, Illinois

May 18, 1993


Our 50 year national experiment of letting the giant food companies dictate what we eat, how often we eat and how much we eat, which began in 1945, is now beginning to reveal its full effect.

We are now a nation where 90% of the people cannot pay their own lifetime medical expenses. Lifetime medical expenses are now so great that no one else can pay them either — neither employers nor government nor any other group.

We can live without cars, computers, fancy homes and new clothes every month, but we can't live without being healthy. We Americans brag about having the cheapest food bill on Earth, but is it so cheap when it's impossible to pay the sickness cost of consuming "cheap" food. In actuality it's not so cheap—on a per-pound, per- week, or per-lifetime cost, a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and a little meat is far cheaper than the junk food the Food Giants grind out and force down our throats.

In other words, the do-gooders of this world have it all wrong. "Health" care is not expensive — it's free. Because a healthful diet is less expensive, short term and long term, than an unhealthful junk food diet.

Sickness care is bankrupting our country and is leading the way in destroying our way of life and our culture. Staying healthy is by far the least expensive way to live — and the most fun. Why choose any other? Why become a burden to your family and society?

This book will tell you just how to protect yourself from the greed (and fat) of American food companies.