Urinary porphyrin profiles
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BOYD HALEY comments: IOM To Hold Workshop on Autism (& not vaccines)
This is the old ploy of "looking were it ain't" if you don't want to find something.  I have encouraged parents of autistic children in the USA to get urinary porphyrin profiles done to determine if their child shows signs of mercury toxicity.  It is almost 100% that these children, at least those that have reported back to me, are moderate to extremely mercury toxic with regards to this clinical testing procedure.  Just where would children less than 7 years of age obtain enough mercury to inhibit their porphyrin pathways?  So the IOM suggests looking everywhere except where the most logical place would be, in the vaccines given to these children that contained thimerosal.  The IOM ought to be ashamed of itself, if not for doing something scientifically dishonest,  then for being so inept as to think vaccine exclusion from consideration of exclusion for autism causation would be accepted by the American public.  Most importantly, while they are looking everywhere else these children lose time before an acceptable treatment for mercury toxicity can be developed---and at least a significant number of autistic children are definitely mercury toxic.  Boyd Haley

[May 2007] The mercury, autism debacle: How stupid do they think we are? by Michael Wagnitz 
If one was really interested in determining the body burden of mercury they would perform the urinary porphyrin profile analysis (UPPA). Porphyrins are precursors to heme, the oxygen carrying component of blood. Mercury inhibits the conversion of specific porphyrins to heme. This test is backed by decades of published research. Recently it was shown in two published, peer-reviewed studies, that mercury inhibited porphyrins were significantly higher in autistic patients when compared to age matched controls (1)(2). The other way to test for mercury in the body is by using a provoking agent and measuring mercury in the urine. ...... Dr. Fombonne refers to the amount of mercury in vaccines as "trace". Again, if he were a toxicologist or chemist, he would realize that the concentration of mercury in a multi-dose vaccine vial is 250 times higher than what the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies as hazardous waste.