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Medical Charity Hoax  Vaccine autism

[Big Pharma charity, to hide Vaccine autism, hence Looking where it ain't & Autism and genetics lie.]


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Autism Speaks Spends $27.4 Million on Genetics Studies since '06

[2011 Aug] The Awful Truth About Autism Speaks   "It is a leech upon the autism community, sucking resources and walk-a-thon energy away from cash-strapped families struggling to cope. If there was any value in its "awareness" campaign, it has been achieved; AS has no apparent further reason for being."

[2011 April] Indicted Researcher Poul Thorsen: Autism Speaks' Original Trailblazer  In May 2000, one week before the infamous Simpsonwood meeting, Poul Thorsen suggested  blazing a new trail to the CDC - disguising the role of vaccines in the autism epidemic by using data from Denmark.   He made this suggestion to CDC staffer, NAAR/Autism Speaks scientific adviser and (Bernie) Marcus Institute board member Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp..   The CDC funded the project; NAAR supplemented.
    Poul Thorsen crafted the plan to use Denmark vaccination data despite the fact that CDC, Thorsen and the NAAR board all knew that Denmark's vaccine schedule then, and now, is not remotely similar to the US vaccine schedule. The results of the Denmark studies helped the CDC out of a tough spot and over the past decade, Thorsen's studies were utilized by the CDC repeatedly to falsely reassure the American public about the safety of vaccines. CDC certainly owed Thorsen.
    In 2002, NAAR, who later merged with Autism Speaks, provided $105,300 to supplement the CDC project. NAAR walk money helped Thorsen blaze his trail of using data from Denmark to disguise the potential role of vaccines in the autism epidemic.

[2010 Sept] Autism Speaks Mangles the Poling Decision: NYT Blog Adds Insult By J.B. Handley

[2010 Jan] Revoke Autism Speaks 501(c)3 Status & more