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Support Dr Sarah Myhill Campaign Launched
By Jane Bryant
11 April 2010

Iím livid! Iím banging my fists in FURY on my desk this Sunday morning in London UK at the constant harassment of Dr Sarah Myhill, MB BS, by the wretched General Medical Council (GMC) quango. This most excellent doctor is a lifeline support for many thousands of patients, particularly those suffering from the much misunderstood illness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) whom she treats with respect, compassion, kindness, understanding and consummate professionalism.

No patient has ever complained about Dr Myhill. Yet certain pig-sick jealous doctors skulking disreputably in the shadows seem to be making it their shoddy lifeís work to do Dr Myhill harm without any just cause by making anonymous complaints about her. This latest assault is a GMC Interim Orders Panel that is trying to rip Dr Myhillís medical licence off her whilst refusing to allow her to defend herself. She is to be presumed guilty without trial. This goes completely contrary to the law in Britain and represents stunning injustice.

Iíve had enough of this. Many thousands of us have. So to this end I am today using the enormous power and reach of the One Click health advocacy pressure group to help this good doctor by launching the Support Dr Myhill Campaign. Do you think itís wrong for her to be persecuted like this by this awful GMC quango? Do you like the work of One Click and frequently read the information published on our website? Then please get involved to help Dr Myhill.

For the many thousands of doctors that read One Click, please remember that this could happen to you too. Any time. For those based in the UK, you are actually personally paying for this GMC obscenity. Do something about it.

Take a look at Dr Myhillís website at and see what she does. Click on the link HERE to see what the GMC has been trying to do to Dr Myhill for years. Read Dr Myhillís Open Letter to us all published below. Let your fingers do the walking. Rain emails down at the GMC address provided below in such quantity that the GMC servers collapse. Ring them up. Fax them. Please help to orchestrate such a protest cacophony that the GMC never dares to hassle Dr Myhill on such spurious and risible grounds again.

I personally will be attending Dr Myhillís Interim Orders Panel Hearing in London to provide support on 29th April (full details below) and I suggest that all of you who can, do the same. Remember that this is the good doctor who broke her neck in a riding accident a few years ago. So steadfast was she and so concerned for the welfare of her patients that she was back at work after just two weeks, so great is her dedication to her patients. It is time for us to pay this dedication back.

Please give the GMC such a bloody nose that they never try to pull a stunt like this again. Please help Dr Myhill by joining hands across the world to protect this doctor that cares and has done so much good for so many.


Thank you.

Jane Bryant
The One Click Group



Open letter about my GMC hearing April 2010

Dr Sarah Myhill

April 9th 2010

Dear All

Re: The GMC is about to withdraw my licence to practice

On Thursday, April 8th 2010 at 10am I was ordered by the GMC to attend an Interim Orders Panel on Monday April 12th with a view to withdrawing my licence to practise (Case Reference: PB/C1-314994282). The GMC have now postponed this initial Hearing to April 29th. It will be in London at 10:30 on Thursday 29 April 2010 at the offices of the General Medical Council, Regentís Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN. Under Section 33a of Imposing Interim Orders April 2008 Guidance I have asked that the IOP be held in public

One week ago I received a complaint about my website, to which I have yet to reply. However, on the basis of this unsubstantiated complaint by an anonymous complainant (I am told the name but not who he/she is), the GMC have decided that ďthere is a potential risk to public safetyĒ. There are no specific allegations, I am not being allowed to defend myself against any such allegations, I may have to wait a further 18 months for such a hearing when my licence could then be restored, i.e. I am presumed guilty until I can prove my innocence. This is the opposite to normal English law.

No patient has complained, no patient has been harmed and no patient has been put at any risk of harm. However, should I lose my licence, patients will certainly be put at risk of harm; partly because they will be denied access to medication essential to their well being, partly because they will lose access to tests and partly because I will be unable to support patients in applications for DLA and other such medico-legal issues.

I have applied for a postponement on the grounds that the time scale is too short for me to appoint representation. The GMCís normal practice is to give doctors seven daysí notice.



Emailing the GMC on
Telephoning Mr Paul Bridge on 0161 923 6417
Faxing Mr Adam Elliott on 0207 189 5177
Post to Mr Paul Bridge, General Medical Council, 3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3AW
quoting Case Reference: PB/C1-314994282

To say:

That you find the website a helpful source of information; that your health will be put at risk if you are unable to avail yourself of my services as a doctor; request to attend a future Fitness to Practice Hearing to give evidence that you have been helped by information from my website. Ask the GMC to acknowledge your concerns.

If my licence is withdrawn then I will continue to practise within the limitations laid down by the GMC. In reality my advice to patients will be unchanged, but I shall not be so empowered as to put in place all the interventions that so many patients have found helpful! Please, fight alongside me. I have to remain cool, calm, and collected in my dealings with the GMC, but you can get angry and emotional Ė so please do! I will keep you all updated on my website.

Best wishes,

Sarah Myhill

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