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[2011 Aug] Organising and Fighting Back by Martin Walker

[2010 Oct] Private Powys GP year ban for 'inappropriate treatment'

Doc Who Harms No One Is Punished, But Docs Who Killed Can Practice 

[2010 April] Support Dr Sarah Myhill Campaign Launched By Jane Bryant


Support Dr Sarah Myhill - GMC Hearing.
Dr Sarah Myhill writes an Open Letter, Re: My ten day General Medical Council (GMC) Hearing scheduled for Sept 2007. 
One Click introduces the Dr Sarah Myhill letter by revealing the self-evident fact that those doctors who practice medicine using the paradigms of the twenty-first century are being witch hunted by their colleagues who use the paradigms of the last and falling.  Dr Sarah Myhill requires our support. Please read Dr Myhill's letter carefully. She has helped. Now it is our turn. Please help back. http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/

Re: My ten day General Medical Council (GMC) Hearing scheduled for Sept 2007
I have just heard from the General Medical Council that they are dropping all the allegations against me. 

The Pill and HRT - short and long term dangers by Dr Sarah Myhill

[2007] Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Symptoms caused by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Electrosensitivity in relation to Mercury by  Adrienne Obbard.