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[1998] Alternative Cancer Treatment Researcher Lothar Hirneise Interviews Dr Johanna Budwig

[2003] An Interview with Lothar Hirneise by Tijn Touberó08/2005 (Originally Published 10/03)

*** Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

** Interview of Dr Ralph Moss, Ph.D.

* OXYGEN THERAPIES.  Interview with Ed McCabe 1992

* Dr Manner interview on Laetrile

* [Cancell] Curing AIDS and Cancer. Interview with Ed Sopcak

* OXYGEN THERAPY The Empire Strikes Back! (Gary Null interview 1993)

Interview with Dr. Jozsef Beres

[Interview with Dr. Marijah McCain] Chemtrails, Essiac and the Detoxification of America  

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