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The Vaccination Game : An 18 Step Conspiracy by Jagannath Chatterjee

[2013 Jan] "Just two drops" takes two lives in Odisha, India.
The nationwide pulse polio programme on 20th January claimed two innocent lives in Balasore district of Odisha. Angry villagers have kept captive the doctors team who went to investigate. While one death has been ascribed to a "pre-existing condition", for the other no explanation was given. Unconfirmed sources have however conceded that the Oral Polio Vaccine is the culprit. One victim is a one year old child and the other one and a half month old. No compensation has been declared. The Postmortem reports are awaited. 

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 “We generally get mails from people who say they are either journalists or health activists. After research we find that the mails are from scared doctors.  My role has been to both educate the doctors and the public. I have succeeded to some extent as in India vaccines are still perceived as life savers and parents tend to believe doctors much more than us. Unlike in developed countries, here there is absolutely no effort on the part of parents to research on vaccines, which is a great stumbling block. There are no books on the subject in the market. Even if they do research on the net or are told by us they end up being ensnared by the doctors who frankly scare them out of their wits. Other activists do not engage doctors. I do, with great effort, as I feel that either many of these doctors are not aware or they feel that their patients will never know the truth. So I both let them have full disclosure and also let them know that we know. Not many of the pediatricians will let the information affect their practice, but doctors of other modalities may put pressure on them as they too need to protect their own children and grandchildren. So there are many aspects of this fight and I try to fight with as diverse a method I can think of.”

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One case of polio and the whole world knows about it. Tens of millions of cases of autism and not a word.----Jagannath Chatterjee

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