To Dr Anbumani Ramadoss Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare
Ministry of Health
Govt of India
New Delhi.
Dt: 12.01.2007
Dear Sir,
Sub: The Oral Polio Vaccine has been causally linked to Cancer & AIDS.
While the Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI) is under attack for its reported failure in tackling polio,  causing the same disease amongst 85,000 vaccinated children as per the Indian Medical Association, causing the spread of a new vaccine induced polio virus, and for allowing the highly unethical trials of an untested monovalent polio vaccine mOPV1 without informing the parents of children who have been vaccinated with it, we are surprised why the even more serious issue of the vaccine capable of causing Cancer and AIDS is not being discussed. It is amazing how the WHO, UNICEF, CDC and Rotary International are keeping quiet and allowing the vaccine to run riot in India.
The Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) is notorius for spreading the simian virus SV40, an extremely carcinogenic substance, that has been causally linked to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, many types of brain tumours, bone cancers, cancer of the lymph nodes and even blood cancer.
While it has been established beyond doubt that the green monkey serum used in the OPV was contaminated by SV40 in the 1950s, legal attornies in the USA have declared in the year 2000 that the vaccine is not free of this dreaded simian virus as revealed by internal memos of the manufacturers. Vaccine researchers say that keeping the OPV free of contaminating viruses is an impossibility as it is a live virus vaccine and efforts to kill any stranger virus would result in weakening or killing the vaccine strain.
Once inside the human body the virus SV40 is capable of causing cancer after 40 to 50 years of taking the vaccine. That is, children vaccinated today would be at risk of developing cancer upto the year 2057. Indian doctors are well aware of this risk but are unable to declare the same to the public. This information is also available with honourable members of the Indian Press and TV media.
The OPV is also contaminated with the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIV. Genetic studies of the monkey SIVs show that they are closely related to the human HIV (Kanki et al., 1985). The SIV which has crossed over to humans via the polio vaccine, and is still crossing over thanks to the PEI, is approximately 50% related to human HIV (Essex & Kanki, 1988).
According to retrovirus researchers SIV is "virtually indistinguishable from some human variants of HIV-2" associated with West African AIDS (Curtis, 1992). SIV has also been found in the cancer cells of an AIDS patient (Bohannon et al., 1991). Vaccine manufacturers like Merck and Co. were so scared of these findings that they refused to  produce vaccines based on green monkey serum in 1961. Today vaccine manufacturers are shielded from law suits in a bid to make them compliant.
The introduction and experimental trial of the OPV vaccine in Africa coincided with the epidemic of AIDS in Africa. When this vaccine was given to the gay population of the USA to fight recurrent genital herpes (Tager, 1974) AIDS spread amongst the American gays (Kyle, 1992). The study of the link between the OPV and AIDS led researchers to comment, 
"It is difficult to believe that the outbreak of HIV infection in Africa at the same time and location as the mass trial of the OPV is a coincidence". (Elswood & Stricker, 1994).
Rebutting claims of the medical community that the OPV has been "cleaned" of these dreaded simian viruses, Tom Folkes Chief Virologist of the retrovirus laboratory of the US CDC has said, "vaccine manufacturers could not kill one virus and keep another virus alive". He goes on, "The fact that it's (the OPV) a live vaccine would indicate that they had not gone through any inactivation procedures to denature the AIDS virus, because it would probably denature the polio virus. So the polio virus is kept alive and the SIV would just travel with it. The theory, the possibility is real." (Curtis, 1992).
We have reasons to believe that the OPV being used in India have not been tested for either the SV40 or SIV. Our children have thus been vaccinated for over two decades with a potent carcinogen and also the AIDS virus by various governments at the centre with the medical community preferring to look the other way for reasons best known to them.
Probably a few hundred cases of polio a year (statistics before the introduction of the OPV) is a greater threat than the massive epidemics of Cancer, AIDS and Autism that have spread like wildfire all over the country. I suppose all this has been done "for the greater good of mankind", and opposition has been "taken with a pinch of salt", quoting the two phrases very dear to the medical community.
We need not talk about the stealth viruses which have also crossed over to humans via the OPV that are behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism (Martin, 1995), fibromyalgia, depression and dementia in adults, and attention deficit and behavioral disorders in children. Stealth Virus infection can also cause severe encephalopathy (Martin, 1996).
We are sorry, we cannot allow you anymore to carry on disinformation, diseases and death dance by furthering the depopulation "useless eaters" agenda of the WHO and its allies. This is, therefore, absolutely the FINAL NOTICE to you to stop your madness forthwith or we will be constrained to take a PIL either in the Bombay High Court or in the Supreme Court. 
Enough is enough, for at stake is the future of our millions of children besides the nation's sovereignty.
With best wishes for your sanity,
Dr Leo Rebello
Natural Health Centre
Jagannath Chatterjee,
Health & Human Rights Activist,
Member, MANITHAM, Chennai,
Loksatta, Maharastra/Hyderabad.
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cc: HE Sri A P J Abdul Kalam, Hon'ble President of India,
      Dr Manmohan Singh, Hon'ble Prime Minister,
      Ms Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson , UPA,
      Sri Somnath Chatterjee, Hon'ble Speaker, Loksabha,
      Hon'ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India,
      Sri L K Advani, Leader of the Opposition, Lok Sabha,
      Sri Jaswant Singh, Leader of the Opposition, Rajya Sabha,
      Chairman, Immunisation Committee,
      Asst Commissioner (UIP),
      GAVI, WHO, UNICEF, Rotary Officials,
      Eminent doctors, activists, lawyers, human rights organisations, journalists,
      Parents of vaccine damaged children.
"We have allowed (the drugs) industry to subvert the rules of science. We have watched quietly as governments and academics have colluded with industry to hide information critical to our patients. We have remained silent as our medical schools have churned out graduates who have no knowledge of the dilemmas and scandals of medicine. We have allowed many of our medical journals to become corrupted and timid," - Dr Aubrey Blumsohn.