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[Pharma and Zionist embedded pseudo journalist.  Vaccination is Zionist killing and maiming for profit, CDC are all Zionists.]

[2012 May] The United Jewish Kingdom By Gilad Atzmon  it was the Jewish Lobby led by Lord Levy that financed the Labour government that took us into an illegal War in Iraq? The student may argue that some people mistakenly identify Jews (as a collective) with the horrendous non-ethical acts of just a few Jews, this is where prejudice, plays its role.  Bearing in mind it was also Jewish chronicle writers such as David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen who were supporting this criminal act in the mainstream media, such an answer is coherent and consistent with the facts.  Another honest student may suggest that with 80% of the Tory MPs (including education minister Michael Gove ) being CFI  members there is a reason to believe that the British Government is under the control of a foreign power.

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[2007] The MMR quack who misled a generation by Nick Cohen

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