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CIA media control (Mockingbird)

See: Never Forget CIA media control (Mockingbird)  Wakefield GMC Hearing  Experts  Authentic Journalism Wakefield 'discredited'  The Winter 2010 flu vaccine drive

[Disseminating government propaganda, noisily ad infinitum (essentially MMR is 'safe', & Wakefield 'discredited') to drown out the truth, very noticeable with the Wakefield GMC inquisition kicked off by Times hack Brian Deer (whose boss, James Murdoch, was appointed to the board of MMR defendants GlaxoSmithKline), helped along by other 'Health/Medical' hacks like Allopath Ben Goldacre, with columnists jumping on the bandwagon to put the boot in.  Visible UK organ grinders are Allopaths like Salisbury.  If they wrote the truth they would be out of their Media job, or Assassinated, which was the fate of Journalist Gary Webb (see: 1984 Fresno Bee DPT report), after all, unimaginable sums of money and reputations are resting on this MMR vaccine being 'safe.'  You can see some of them singing the The Winter 2010 flu vaccine drive song.]

"Stoppard is just one of the many medical hacks that keep the wheels of vested interest turning inside the UK pharma-soaked media."--Martin Walker

I am dismayed by the way in which the media continuously, despite whatever you tell them, reiterate the same errors, the same mistakes, but of course the major problem is the way it was handled by the Sunday Times and Brian Deer, and that to my mind was just a big error from start to finish, and it is like having 5% of the documents and making a story out of those 5% when you haven't got the remaining 95% that tell the actual story.  Making it up, fixing that idea in mind, staying with that idea, irrespective of what anyone might say in mitigation and that's what happened. [2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story
[2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield
[2010 April. Video transcripts] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

[2009 May FILM] Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC.

Authentic journalism: Martin Walker MA   Gary Webb 

Brian Deer
Ben Goldacre

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[2009 June] It is committing professional suicide to be anti-vaccine! by Christina England

See media Allopaths: Wakefield "discredited." Cannon, Ellie  Stoppard, Dr Miriam  Ben Goldacre  Steele, Chris Williams, Zoe

'Conspiracy theories'
[2009 June]
Some conspiracy theories are true - and the worst of them all is the European Union

MMR and Wakefield
See: [22 January 2008 ] Guardian of What? The Guardian, the Science Lobby, and the Rise of Scientific Corporatism by Martin J Walker

[2012 Feb] The Walker-Smith Appeal, the British Media and the Boseley Problem By John Stone  The almost unavoidable conclusion is that large sections of the British media have always known that the “Wakefield” prosecution was based on an imposture, and have been holding their silence in contempt of fair reporting and of the public at large, and that these people are much more concerned about their own backs than they are about our children.

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[2010 Jan] INDEPENDENT Leading article: The true causes of a public health firestorm

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‘Callous, unethical and dishonest’: Dr Andrew Wakefield by

[2010 Jan. Telegraph] Andrew Wakefield was 'dishonest and irresponsible' in MMR research by By Rebecca Smith

[2010 Jan. Guardian] Andrew Wakefield found 'irresponsible' by GMC over MMR vaccine scare by Sarah Boseley

[2010 Jan Mail] He wasn’t the only one wrong about MMR By Suzanne Moore

[2010 Jan. Independent] Damning verdict on doctor who linked MMR with autism by Jeremy Laurance

[2009 Mirror] MMR vaccine: The jab that kids need to have this autumn By Miriam Stoppard

[2009 June. Guardian] It's time we created special schools for MMR dodgers by Catherine Bennett

[2009 may] Why Does the Vaccine/Autism Controversy Live On? by Chris Mooney

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[Times 2006] Don’t mess with measles Opinion - India Knight

[Times 2006] White, middle-class, loving mums. And their stupitidy could kill your child---Cristina Odone

[2006] Academics are as guilty as the media when it comes to publication bias  ---Ben Goldacre

[2005] Johann Hari: Don't let emotion steamroller science At last! The three-in-one vaccination programme is complete, and millions of British people are immune, immune, immune.

[Media Noc 2004] MMR scare doctor planned rival vaccine---Brian Deer

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[Media Feb 2002] MMR chief blames the media for jab 'errors'--By Steve Connor

[2004] Anti-vaccine Activists Get Jabbed By Michael Fumento

[1999] Scientists rule out vaccine health risk by Sarah Boseley,

MJA AWARDS 2004 (L to R) Jeremy Laurance, The Independent; Jenny Hope, Daily Mail; Sarah Boseley, The Guardian; Gill Markham, Corporate Affairs Director, Wyeth; Dr Phil Hammond. 
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