How the state denies compensation
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[Some personal experiences of the treatment of vaccine victims]

"Your child is left with a medically-induced illness. The doctors and health authority refuse to accept responsibility. Corrupt medical expert witnesses come up with a fabricated version of events, which gets the medics off the hook. The fabricated reports are accepted uncritically by the courts - the legal aid barristers know exactly what is going on. The lawyers, and medical expert witnesses and other vermin take the tax-payers money and run. What a shame - the legal aid funding has now been used up. You are now on your own - good luck. Yes, good folks, this is the kind of legal redress that the state offers your child if things go wrong at the hands of the most caring of professions. And we are all paying for it in our hard earned taxes! What a great scam - a bit like being made to set up your own gallows.
Yes - that is all spot-on. This is precisely what happens when a child (or indeed an adult) is a victim of medically-induced illness (such as vaccine damage) or indeed medical negligence. The important records disappear, a "trumped up" diagnosis appears. The medical expert witnesses have a carte blanche to ignore the evidence and fabricate their own version of events. The medical experts play all sorts of silly childish pranks, like changing their evidence in the middle of a conference, or producing completely irrelevant laboratory reports as "proof". Pathetic behaviour. Unfortunately, (some of) the legal aid barristers seem to enjoy this sort of nonsense and gleefully join in the fun with all sorts of baiting and provarication in the conference. I guess that's how they get their kicks. How infantile they all are. The contempt that they show for injured patients and indeed their pay-masters (ultimately the taxpayer) is staggering".----jennyr

"My son had one of those trumped up conditions, they decided he had Ohtaharas syndrome, which is there at birth, my son most certainly didnt have any problems at birth, and his problems only started after his first DTP. As this was the official diagnosis, vaccine damage was turned down because of it. Most children with the condition die before their teens and are completely wheelchair bound, my son is now a strapping 13 year old, with no seziures, and the only damage he has, came from the poison injected into him at the clinic :(
    They wouldn't listen, no matter how many time I said he was fine at birth, it was recorded that he had Ohtaharas, so that was the end of that."----- Amethyst