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[First they injure or kill your child with an easily proven useless and dangerous vaccine, then they add insult to injury by doing everything possible to deny any connection (See: Coincidence lie), then they will fight you tooth and nail to avoid paying out (which can take decades if successful 1) while moving the goalposts (eg remove MMR legal funding, or fix things so they can say it never happened, eg DPT serious brain injury, and then say DPT is perfectly safe on their leaflets--'science has moved on' is their favourite euphemism for this ploy), any which way that suits them, while they lose your medical records.  Even after they are forced to pay out they can still try and change the verdict and get their money back.  And then they still, by law, can deny any connection, which is why the UK gov' has paid out for MMR deaths yet can still say MMR doesn't kill---to quote one of the masters of propaganda:  "Nobody would disagree that deaths have been reported after MMR vaccines. But deaths after vaccination are very different from deaths caused by vaccination."----Dr David Salisbury.  
    And a rare doctor helping the victims with (vaccine induced) bowel disease, Dr. Andy Wakefield, was run out of the country, is only vilified in the media, and they are currently trying to break him in a kangaroo court
    Another indication of the way they treat victims is to deny Chelation therapy is any help and refuse to use it.  To understand the attitude of the medical industry towards vaccine victims, see Allopathy Inc personality profile, now you know who created the UK's law of having to be over 80% injured to get compensation.
    There is no government compensation system in Canada 1 and it is impossible to win damages in the courts.  It is very doubtful that any third world country compensates their vaccine injured, which is why they like to run vaccine trials there: see Third world guinea pigs.]

See: Disabled Helen's Story by Rosemary Fox Allopathy Inc personality profile   Psychopathy  Post mortem (deny)
MMR legal funding  Medical records  Medical industry Lies Some personal experiences

March 2024

a. Lose your medical records
b. rewrite the laws to avoid paying out and then pass the buck to the taxpayer
b. change a medical definition to avoid liability
    and write barbaric laws to further avoid paying out
c.  Hiding vaccine deaths
d.  Fight you all the way in court where few get compensated:
e.  Buy up the vaccine experts so they are even less likely to lose in court
f.   Intimidate the experts
g.  Use junk/fraudulent science to further avoid paying out
h. Accuse you of child abuse

i   Deny post mortem

Bruesewitz v. Wyeth
The UK % vaccine disabled law

[FB 2017 June] Mary Holland explains the Vaccine Injury court  How it is NOT an actual court with a Jury. 3 year Statue of Limitations. And how they turn away so many injuries, we are however at 3.6 Billion payout of our Taxes - and how this is a small Percentage of cases. (3 years for Injury - 2 years for a Death).

[2016] Over Two Decades And No Justice: Government Protecting Doctor, After Nurse Damages Baby Girl’s Brain With Vaccinations Against Parental Consent
[2016] Government Preventing Family From Seeking Damages for 23 Years for Illegally Injecting Their Child (Jodie Marchant)  This is an update on one of the most shocking and unique vaccine damage cases ever to exist in history, one that could pave the way for healthcare providers to give illegal and untested vaccines without consent, unless we help this family get their case into court....Jodie’s parents found out years later the doctor signed off for the nurse to inject Jodie with an MMR II + DPT + Oral Polio + Hib vaccine, all drawn up in one syringe! That is eight dangerous vaccines drawn up and administered through one needle!....

[2015 Dec] Children harmed by jabs face cuts in compensation

[2013] Another rejection but parents maintain vaccine is linked to their son's death  1. The long legal discussion about whether or not Christopher met the “minimum 80% of disablement” test before his death needed for the case to go ahead. This discussion involved the two legal teams but not Christopher’s parents. 2.  The audio recording equipment was not working and no stenographer was present. The official record was therefore taken in handwritten notes by the judge.  3. The video link with the Coulters’ expert witness in America was of poor quality with audio and time delay problems.  4. Late evidence from one of the government’s expert witnesses was accepted just two working days before the hearing. This enabled him to attend an act as an additional expert witness at very short notice and gave little time for the Coulters to read and respond to his report.  5. The two experts who gave evidence on the government’s behalf have strong links with the government’s vaccination programme. Dr Baxter did not declare this to the panel in advance.

[2012 May] After a 17 Year Struggle, Baby Disabled From Vaccines Wins 3 Million Euros in Compensation

[pdf  2011 Dec] Baby Made Deaf by MMR is Refused Compensation for NOT Being Disabled ENOUGH! by Christina England  It has now been proven that the ‘Vaccine Damage Payments Unit’ (VDPU) not only cherry pick who they award compensation to, depending on the level of disability but also change their rules to suit their needs, as they go along.

[2011] What Bruesewitz v. Wyeth Means for American Families By Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland, JD  This travesty of justice likely spells the end of the U.S. vaccine program as we’ve known it.  Vaccines carry grave risks.  Parents vaccinate their children believing that the government will compensate them if their child is “injured in the line of duty” as they uphold the public health. Last month’s Bruesewitz decision changes all that.  If your child is injured, the Supreme Court states that You’re On Your Own (YOYO).  This is like the doctrine of caveat emptor, buyer beware, only infinitely harsher.  Parents have no real choice when it comes to state-mandated vaccination—if they refuse, no daycare, no schools, and sometimes even no medical care for their children.  So it’s not just buyer beware.  It’s “families have no civil rights when it comes to childhood vaccines.”

[2010 Jan] Read Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story to see what parents and MMR (autism and bowel disease) damaged children have to endure.

[2010 Jan] The British Government refuse to compensate health workers who become ill after conditional vaccines by Christina England

[2010 Jan] FURY AT VACCINE SCANDAL  Up to 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police officers, forensic scientists and binmen say they have developed serious physical and mental health problems after injections essential for their work over the past 10 years. All have given up their jobs and some are now 60 per cent disabled. Last night it emerged they are to miss out on payouts

Mother takes fight to Parliament "My son is severely autistic, he is doubly incontinent....I had to fight for his nappies, the most basic need for his disability, and I can't get what I need, and I saw an MP put in expenses claims for nappies.  It is appalling....I had to take out a legal action to get what I need for my son."  Alison Edwards

"There is no government (vaccine damage) compensation system in Canada, and impossible to win damages in the courts in this country.  Only the province of Quebec (which often does its own thing) has a compensation plan that has turned away more than it has awarded. Only a handful of people have ever successfully gotten compensation in that province.  
    Canada seems determined to deny vaccine injuries as a fact of life.  Canada is also a convenient test ground for vaccines, and our children serve as the test population.  The five in one DTaP,Polio & Hib vaccine (known here as Pentacel) was developed and tested here for years prior to it filtering out into the larger vaccine marketplace.  
    Big Pharma loves Canada as the legal system has set an impossibly high bar, thus insuring that vaccine injury victims will not be awarded damages in the courts, which conveniently enables the government to maintain the myth that vaccine safety & injuries is a non-issue.  As well, Health Canada (our drug oversight department) is cozy/cozy with the pharmaceutical industry.  A recent book, written by a Health Canada whistle blower scientist titled "Corrupt to the Core" document this. 
    In Canada, hope of any court awards or government compensation seems an impossible dream at this point in time. Without court awards, government won't budge, and without a reform of the rules governing personal injury cases, no court will ever rule in favour of a vaccine injury victim."---Edda West VRAN (Dec 2008) [See: Lucia Morgan]

Vaccine victims (remember that these are the children who have given up their health or lives for the greater good according to the propaganda) and their families are treated with absolute contempt, and few, if any, third world countries compensate victims and even Canada didn't until very recently and then only in one Province: [Media Canada, Nov 2002] Only Quebec pays out for vaccine injuries

The federal program of compensation for vaccine-injury victims. The program everybody has to go through before they sue a vaccine manufacturer, the program where it takes years going up against gov lawyers to get a few dollars through corridors of a Kafka-like hell. [OCTOBER 14, 2004] IDEAL COVER STORY FOR FLU VACCINE BEING FLOATED--Jon Rappoport

The Legal monopoly (and the government monopoly) supports the Medical monopoly:

"I became interested in monopolies through the federal reserve system. And I realized that because they now had the power to print money, since 1913, they were printing the money and taking over other areas. So that's why you now have the medical monopoly, the American Medical Association, the medical trust. You have the legal monopoly, which controls the courts of the United States. And when you go into court, you are at their mercy because they can do whatever they wish.....And the education monopoly! And they found "that" was the most important one of all, because, by training the children to accept these other monopolies [and] never question authority"---Eustace Mullins.   [Interview 2003]  by Tom Valentine  

so it was no surprise when the MMR litigants were left high and dry:

The removal of funds left the parents high and dry, without any proper legal advice about the consequences of continuing or abandoning their five-year-old claims against the three defendant drug companies.....It emerged that they were damned if they did continue and damned if they didn't. If they battled on without legal aid, they risked losing their homes in costs to the drug companies should the case ultimately fail. But if they abandoned the struggle, they not only forfeited the chance to appeal the withdrawal of legal aid, they could also be liable for the hefty costs bill clocked up since their certificates were revoked in June. Worse, from their point of view, they may face insurmountable legal barriers to ever resurrecting their claims, should a new piece of scientific evidence come to light or public funding be restored.  [Media Aug 2004] MMR: Keith and smiles?  (Private Eye 6 Aug 2004)

They will deny any connection, and may:

a. Lose your medical records

Vaccine batch number deleted

"The main reason given was lack of medical evidence, in many case the medical records had been "lost" or "destroyed". We had the experience of this ourselves, when we appealed we received the evidence from the Unit only to discover that the first four years of Paul’s records were missing from his file..............How many were refused payment because of "lost" medical files is anyone’s guess."---Wm. H Wain BEM

"The Department of Health has admitted that at least 400 records sent to its Committee on the Safety of Medicines in the Eighties no longer exist. As a result, dozens of families with sick children have lost out on payments from the Government of up to £100,000 under the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. They have been forced to abandon legal action for compensation because essential information was missing which may have proved their child did not have the condition before the vaccine."--Media Jan 2003

"They disown you if you get an adverse reaction or your kid dies or something. I can't even get our medical records out of the pediatrician..... I requested it by registered mail. The doctor is just refusing. I'm not unique. ...This is pretty standard when it happens to parents. The doctors are brainwashed by the drug companies. The drug companies buy them lunch all day long. They are in denial. It's almost like a huge psychological brainwashing. They think that they are preventing disease, that they are like God's angels banishing disease and that they can't do any wrong. Then they refuse to admit it. This is very standard."--M Belkin

I set about trying to discover exactly what apparent data in relation to my children had been used in these papers.
    Initially I tried ‘locally’ to obtain records in relation to my children; I then discovered that records in relation to my children ‘could not be found’.
    These included GP, Health Visitor, Clinic, Midwifery and Birth, Vaccination, Hospital admission, Outpatient and Ambulance records.
    With regard to Post Mortem records, all that was available was a brief 2 page Official Coroners Record for each child, which gave scant details and a cause of death as SIDS for both children. I knew that there had to be a Post Mortem File in relation to each child which obviously contained specific details of my children’s Post Mortems i.e. tests carried out, date and time of PM, samples taken etc.
    It later was confirmed that my children’s Post Mortem Files ‘could also not be found’.
    There were 40+ SIDS deaths in my city area (including my own children) these 40+ deaths occurred within a total of 2 years. For a population of approx 250.000 this appeared to be a high incidence. In fact this is documented by a GP as being ‘a significant blip’.
    I discovered that all 40+ SIDS victims Post Mortem Files apparently also ‘could not be found’. It was clear that Post Mortem samples and organs were retained from many of these SIDS victims (including my own). Though why this happened, what was being tested for and the results of these tests apparently ‘were not available’ or ‘could not be found’.
    Given the ‘research’ being carried out in my area by SIDS researchers I find it impossible to believe records in relation to 40+ children apparently have simply ‘disappeared’. [Aug 2007 Blog] Cot Deaths and Vaccines - Child Protection turned on its head by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Medical record missing after mmr blunder

b. rewrite the laws to avoid paying out and then pass the buck to the taxpayer:

[2012 Sept] Parents Can Not Sue Vaccine Manufacturers for Injury  How many American parents know that if their child is harmed by the  side effects of the medicine known as vaccination, they are not able to take the injury up with the person who encouraged (cajoled?) them to administer the product or the company who manufactured the product?  Precious few I'm afraid.  And that's just what pharma and many public health professionals want - ignorant (not stupid) parents.  And when parents become informed? Then they get the "anti-vaccine" label slapped on them for having the audacity to pay attention to what has happened to their kids. 

"Vaccine manufacturers and others are sheltered from product liability lawsuits by a special 1986 act of Congress. (See the US Code 42 USC 300aa for details.) This act set up a fund to compensate those who can prove serious injury from vaccines."--Roger Schlafly

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." --Thomas Sowell

"Next, consider that vaccine manufacturers themselves have almost no legal accountability for their products, which is unprecedented protection for any drug.  Any other drug that has had to face as many lawsuits would have gone out of business already.  Federal laws stipulate that vaccine manufacturers and administrators cannot be sued in court for vaccine liabilities, until after the government approves or denies compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).  Interestingly, our own Department of Justice lawyers intentionally delay and antagonize the processing of VICP claims, sometimes for as long as 10 years before an answer is given.  This means those families cannot take vaccine manufacturers to court for as long as ten years or more after the initial injury or death.  This tedious process makes it extremely difficult to litigate; the victims would have to retain the few lawyers in the country who are able and willing to invest this kind of time.   As unpleasant as litigation is, it is one of the few checks and balances consumers have to trust products they use, let alone inject into their children."----Sally Tuker

and write barbaric laws to further avoid paying out  [Psychopathy Allopathy Inc personality profile The UK % vaccine disabled law.]

Katie Stephen has been left permanently and profoundly deaf in her left ear as a result of receiving the now banned MMR vaccine Pluserix.  Despite her injury however, Katie has been refused compensation for her disability because the VDPU deems her to be less than 60% disabled.

"Some were deemed to be under 80% disabled as required by the Act, this was always considered by the patients unjust, if the child was 79% it did not qualify but it if was 80% it did."---Wm. H Wain BEM

"I have been in contact with my MP Andy Burnham in regard to the rules, such as the one which does not allow the parents of children under the age of two to claim. I hope he can raise this in Parliament." [2011 April] New MMR case hope. Mum hails US autism link research claim

"I know parents who have been turned down because they say the child is 79.5 per cent disabled (not 80%)."--Ann Coote

JABS has received reports from the parents of these 30 children. Four of these children have been assessed by the Government's Vaccine Damage Payment Unit and tribunals have awarded payments. Some of these children died from vaccine induced SSPE after being given a number of measles containing vaccines. Twelve of the children died under the age of two years and were therefore ineligible for assessment by the VDPU. There is an absurd clause which does not allow claims to be investigated until the child passes its second birthday. Just remind me Dr Flegg, when are most baby vaccines given?
    The same families could not pursue investigation through the courts because parents cannot access legal aid if the child has died. The Legal Aid Board has its own strict criteria in that there is a cost/benefit rule. As the child has died and obviously does not have any dependents and does not need a long-term care package the value of the child's life if a claim was successful would be rated at about £7,000, it would cost more than this to take the case to court therefore the family would not be allowed to pursue a claim. What price justice?  --Jakie Fletcher  [Letters BMJ Becoming Ben Oct 2008]

b. or change a medical definition to avoid liability:

"Encephalomyopathy was redefined so that the diagnosis requires as a sine qua non in excess of 24 hours of a diminished level of consciousness, a criterion which is far more restrictive than that of the leading epidemiological study of pertussis vaccine injury, the British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES). Moreover, seizures have been removed from the Table, although that the pertussis vaccine can cause seizures is uncontested (and warned in the manufacturer’s package insert)."--Marcel Kingsbourne

or even decide to deny DPT vaccines cause serious brain damage by arranging to win a court hearing, even after paying out for 900 children in the UK alone over many years:

"The case commenced in October 1987 in front of Lord Justice Stuart-Smith at the High Court. I was alarmed to discover that it was the Judge who decided which case he wanted to hear and which witnesses he would allow to be heard and that there would be a moratorium on all other Legal Aid Certificates. Lord Justice Stuart-Smith .....found that the Plaintiff had failed to show on the balance of probabilities that the vaccine could have caused permanent brain damage in young children. ..... His Lordship’s decision did not surprise me and others because he had been deprived of hearing vital evidence from the parents of vaccine damaged children, their medical experts, independent medical experts from the Vaccine Damaged Tribunals and reports from the Yellow Card system. Before the case commenced I wrote to the Lord Chancellor and the Master of the Rolls saying that the case had been chosen to fail, they replied saying they could intervene. I also wrote to the Learned Clerk to the Lord Stuart-Smith about the witnesses to be called, he replied saying that this was up to the Counsel in the case.
    There is little doubt the Loveday v Renton case left a lot to be desired in the interests of natural justice. When was the Loveday case selected when Miss Loveday had been refused Payment under the Act and had previously been to the court of appeal on two occasions which had refused her applications. There were hundreds of cases which could have been selected which had been awarded the Payment and where evidence could have been called by medical experts."---Wm. H Wain BEM

c.  While hiding vaccine deaths under Cot-Death/SIDS/Crib-Death, Munchausen's or Shaken Baby Syndrome thanks to (Freemasonic, no doubt) CoronersPathologists, Police & Judges

 “I was in the Queensland Police Service for 20 years and I saw first hand how the vaccines caused death and the police would investigate, and while supported by the medical system would prosecute the parents for the injuries and death caused by the vaccines.” Chris Savage, Queensland Police officer (Jim Stone, Editor 5/2/2012) POLICE SERGEANT CHRIS SAVAGE BLOWS LID ON VACCINE CRIMES IN AUSTRALIA!! 

"Scott Warren Walters, 28, was acquitted of the manslaughter of three-month-old Rikki-Lee after a Supreme Court Judge found that her death could have been caused by factors other than "shaking baby syndrome".... Dr. Archivides Kalokerinos said a possible cause of Rikki-Lee’s death was "scurvy haemorrhages precipitated by pertussis [whooping cough) vaccine".  Another doctor Mark Donohoe said Rikki-Lee may have been suffering from a bleeding disorder which combined with other factors could have caused the haemorrhaging."---Media

That is kill your baby with "medicine" and then persecute the victim, like Alan Yurko.

or denying vaccine disease such as Gulf War Syndrome

d.  And fight you all the way in court where few get compensated:

"Despite changes in the law, only one out of 171 cases succeeded in 2000 and the following year just two out of 176 were successful. Claims jumped to 406 in 2002 but only eight families received pay­ments, while of the 183 families....Kay Stait is still fighting for compensation for her son Ben, who developed epilepsy after a three-in-one jab in 1994 and has fits every day,' she said. 'He needs 24-hour care and has been in and out of hospital for years. Yet he was a perfect baby, just beautiful. I feel bitter and terribly cheated but we won't stop trying.'"--Media 2004

"My requests for information about Christopher's death have been blocked at every turn by the Government," ...."It was terrible" no one expects to find their child dead, but the opposition we have faced from the Department of Health (DHSSPS) has been unbelievable. ....the pathologist has since admitted the vaccine issue should not have been excluded from his initial report...."In his letter to the coroner, the pathologist failed to say Christopher received a vaccine before he died, and then another pathologist visited and told us the vaccine wasn't responsible," he said.  [Media Dec 2006 Ireland] £2m payout over children disabled by vaccinations

The number of claims received and successful payments made under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979, in each financial year since April 2000

"NVIC charges that the Departments of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Justice have violated the "spirit and intent of the law" and turned what Congress promised parents would be a "non-adversarial, expeditious and informal process" into a "highly adversarial, lengthy, traumatic and unfair imitation of a lawsuit."     Pointing out that three out of four children are turned away for federal compensation for permanent immune system and brain damage following receipt of mandated vaccines."--NVIC Press release sept 1999

In the second seven years of the scheme, 1985-86 to 1991-92 inclusive, 370 claims were submitted but only 15 awards were made, an initial-award rate of just 4%...The above therefore means that only 45 out of 1,592 applications (just 2.8%) were successful, surely an extraordinarily low rate. [July 2004] MMR and Acquired Autism (Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower

[Media Feb 2004] Payout scandal of children left disabled by jabs
[MMR litigation] A life sentence with no appeal; It's the final insult.
[Media 27 February, 2004] Parents refused aid to fight MMR

And they still deny liability even when they pay out:

The VDPS does not provide compensation per se, but a “contribution” towards the expenses of bringing up a disabled child. VDPS payments are not admissions of negligence, nor are they the result of strict liability [July 2004] MMR and Acquired Autism (Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower

e.  Buy up the vaccine experts so they are even less likely to lose in court:

"And then the industry started buying up the experts," he contends, citing the example of James Cherry, a widely recognized pertussis expert who has served on both the ACIP and the AAP's vaccine advisory committee."----Congressional Quarterly Researcher

CASE No. 82-1232, Cossette Krause, vs F.K. Abbousy, MD et al (State of Ohio), transcipt of videotape deposition of Dr Edward Mortimer September 6, 1984..  On page 11 reads the following:

"Several years ago, because of the increasing amount of litigations over DTP, members of the so-called Red Book Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics agreed in a sense that we would sort of divide up the cases to try to help the manufacturers in these lawsuits, and therefore I and a number of my colleagues agreed to serve as expert witnesses."

Late evidence from one of the government’s expert witnesses was accepted just two working days before the hearing. This enabled him to attend an act as an additional expert witness at very short notice and gave little time for the Coulters to read and respond to his report.  5. The two experts who gave evidence on the government’s behalf have strong links with the government’s vaccination programme. Dr Baxter did not declare this to the panel in advance.[2013] Another rejection but parents maintain vaccine is linked to their son's death

f.  intimidate the experts

See 4 British vaccine critics: Donegan Fitness to practice hearing 2007  Smearing of Dr Wakefield  Lisa Blakemore-Brown, Dr Waney Squier

Dr. Derek Smith. A neurologist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, Smith had been retained to testify for people with transverse myelitis, a potentially paralyzing neurological disorder. Smith said he was "highly confident" that the tetanus vaccine could trigger the ailment in certain vulnerable individuals. Officials with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program strongly disagreed.  Then Smith quit.  According to court papers and interviews, Smith decided to bail out  after complaints were lodged with his superiors by three other experts with a long history of testifying for the government in vaccine court.....Early in 2002, Smith was informed (that he)  "was ruining his reputation by his testimony  in the vaccine program," ...Wary of antagonizing people who could affect his career, Smith decided to drop out after testifying in one last case, .....Smith was told  in so many words that he was jeopardizing his access to research funding. [Media, 29 Nov 2004] Witnesses for Petitioners Are Often Tough to Find

Another time, Justice Department lawyers persuaded an expert to switch sides, helping them defeat a string of claims. The cases involved children who suffered seizures and brain damage after diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, or DPT, vaccinations. But the children also had a congenital condition - tuberous sclerosis, or TS - that could trigger seizures by itself. The issue was whether the shot or only TS was to blame. 
    Petitioners won a couple of these cases in the early 1990s, thanks to testimony by Dr. Manuel Gomez of the Mayo Clinic, described in court rulings as "the world's expert in TS."
    Facing at least two dozen similar claims, the government mounted an aggressive counterattack. It retained three experts who then published three medical journal articles that supported the government's stand, according to program records.
    And without the knowledge of petitioners, government attorneys also contacted Gomez, briefed him on the work of their other experts and retained him as a defense expert.
    Gomez was "the guru of tuberous sclerosis," said Robert Moxley, a  Wyoming lawyer for petitioners. His defection "was completely pivotal." Like Chin-Caplan, Moxley described the government's actions as witness tampering.
    In September 1997, Special Master Laura Millman issued a lengthy ruling in the government's favor - basically finding that TS, not the vaccine, is usually responsible when TS infants suffer seizures. Gomez, Millman noted, had believed otherwise, "but in light of his more thorough education in the literature (courtesy of respondent) he has changed his mind."
    Her ruling led to the defeat of most TS claims. [Media, 29 Nov 2004] Witnesses for Petitioners Are Often Tough to Find

g.  Use junk/fraudulent science to further avoid paying out:

" The Taylor study is seriously flawed in many ways, as had been noted in a number of letters to the editor of The Lancet  and in a number of additional letters on the subject which have been posted on the internet.  It was subject to strong attack at a recent meeting of the British Statistical Society.  I have been a full-time researcher my entire professional life, for almost 50 years, and I respectfully asked Dr. Taylor for a copy of the data so that I could reanalyze them.  He refused this ordinary professional courtesy, and I have subsequently written to the editor of The Lancet  requesting that an impartial committee be asked to reexamine Dr. Taylor’s statistical methods.  If he refuses again, I urged The Lancet  to retract his paper."--Dr Rimland

Junk science quotes

h. Accuse you of child abuse or murdering your children, eg Sally Clark,  Alan Yurko, a tactic of Sir Roy Meadow [See: Munchausen's Shaken Baby Syndrome.]

[2009 Sept] Social workers to place paralysed cancer jab girl on "at-risk" register

[Media 2000] Parents 'risk losing children' over MMR complaints

i. Deny post mortem  Post mortem (deny)

[2012 Jan] March on Brussels for freedom of vaccination  The parents wanted to know, or prove, the real cause of her death, but were denied a post mortem.


Read what a parent of a MMR injured child has to go through on a daily basis, with no help from government, for 20 years in this instance: We need help for our son, Eric who has autism from MMR--Raymond Gallup

"Since 2002 to the present, our son, Eric, has had aggressive tantrums including biting, kicking, pulling hair, scratching, choking and head-butting. Eric is over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds and when he would have a tantrum at home, my wife, my 15 year old daughter and I would have to lock ourselves in our room. Since 2002 we had to call the Parsippany police many times and have Eric taken to St. Clare's Hospital emergency room. Eric has been suspended several times from the special school for autism because of his behaviours. On December 10, 2002, Congressman Dan Burton read my letter to the people at the Government Reform hearing mentioning the fact that Eric was kicking down doors and that we were living in hell and under siege because of Eric's behaviours."--Ray Gallup

"damage caused by vaccinations means the complete destruction of a child, of an individual. Those kids can’t speak. They’re complete idiots, imbeciles. Often, they are spastically paralyzed, and frequently, they also suffer from muscular cramps... Sometimes whole families are destroyed."---Dr Buchwald MD

Just think for a moment about the mind set of people who can treat vaccine victims with such contempt, and then ponder the fact that they are the very same people who claim MMR doesn't cause autism and that vaccines are safe.