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I am convinced after suffering from partial hearing loss/Auditory Processing Disorder from one vaccine last year - the rubella vaccine. I actually now have a learning disability at 34 years old (my hearing was perfect before the vaccine). At the same time my infant went through his own nightmare from vaccine reactions. The extent of his injuries will not be known until the school years. My 14 yr oldís right eye was also damaged from one dose of Hep B. So, yes vaccines can cause Autism and a whole lot more! When they canít guarantee immunity are they worth it? *&%^, no! Give me any one of those diseases any day. Our lives have been turned upside down thanks to vaccines!
  1. Wyatt's Mom

    As an infant, my son avoided eye contact and did some self stimming but walked, talked and played appropriately on schedule. However within 5 days of receiving the MMR/DPT in one pediatrician office visit he lost his speech, had gut cramps/pain, started banging his head on anything hard and screaming. The usual divorce ensued, my health spiraled downhill and I lost a couple jobs due to childcare issues. I had to run up the credit cards for therapies and advocates because schools refused services, and ultimately had to sell my house before it became a foreclosure.

    I donít need studies funded by whomever to determine what happened for us. Thank you, you pharmaceutical bastards. Thank you, you doctors who blindly follow what the pharma reps dictate and lobbyists legislate. Thank you Autism Research Institute -honestly- for all you do.


May 2008