Auditory reactions to vaccination
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[One to think about when you hear the vax quacks go on about Measles induced deafness.]


Otitis Media

[2012 Aug] Panel rules MMR jab made girl deaf - but not enough for payout  A woman has won her fight to prove she was left deaf by the MMR jab – only the second time it has been linked to disability. But a medical assessment panel ruled Katie Stephen, 21, will not receive compensation because she is not considered disabled enough.

[2012 July] The Story of Lorrin Kain, a Deadly DPT "Hot Lot" and a Mother's Love By Anne Dachel   Karen's daughter Lorrin was born in 1994 and was a healthy, normally developing baby until at six weeks of age she received a DPT vaccine from a reported "hot lot" that injured 30 children.  (A surrounding lot was responsible for the death of 10 children.)  Lorrin was left with extensive brain damage and debilitating physical problems. She was blind and had only partial hearing. She had severe seizures. She was non-verbal and had spastic quadriplegia which left her totally dependent. She endured countless hospital stays, deep comas and months of life support. On December 22, 2009, Lorrin died at her home in the arms of her mother.

[pdf  2011 Dec] Baby Made Deaf by MMR is Refused Compensation for NOT Being Disabled ENOUGH! by Christina England  It has now been proven that the ‘Vaccine Damage Payments Unit’ (VDPU) not only cherry pick who they award compensation to, depending on the level of disability but also change their rules to suit their needs, as they go along.   Katie Stephen has been left permanently and profoundly deaf in her left ear as a result of receiving the now banned MMR vaccine, Pluserix. Despite her injury however, Katie has been refused compensation for her disability because the VDPU deems her to be less than 60% disabled.

how the VDPU or 'Vaccine Damage Payment Unit' let children like Katie Stephen the beautiful little girl on the front page down. Katie was severely vaccine damaged after the MMR vaccine
but has been repeatedly turned turned down for compensation because she has been deemed not disabled enough. The fight goes on.
By buying this magazine you will help Katie tell her story and support her and her brave mother fight on. To get a story this hard hitting regarding the MMR vaccination in UK media is a real breakthrough and Namaste need to be applauded for allowing this to be published. 

Katie Stephen has been left permanently and profoundly deaf in her left ear as a result of receiving the now banned MMR vaccine Pluserix.  Despite her injury however, Katie has been refused compensation for her disability because the VDPU deems her to be less than 60% disabled.

MMR hearing and eyesight loss

[2008 Oct MMR] 35,000 Euro compensation after child loses hearing after being vaccinated


[Testimony] measles jab & partial deafness

Partial hearing loss/Auditory Processing Disorder from the rubella vaccine.

MMR Urabe and deafness

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In April 1989 the MMR vaccination program had started, and until October, 1989, 630,000 children received vaccination. In is, however, well known that many children developed various complication including aseptic meningitis after vaccination, and the MMR vaccination program has discontinued. This report described a case of bilateral acute profound deafness most likely due to MMR vaccination. The cause of this deafness was presumed to be mumps vaccination. The bases of the presumption are as follows: the meningitis after MMR vaccination was elicited by PCR method to be caused by mumps vaccine, and the complication of CNS after measles vaccination occurs within 14 days after injection, while the onset of vomiting and gait disturbance of the case was 24 days after vaccination.

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"To give some idea of the (smallpox) vaccine's dangers, it was reported--in the late sixties--that annually, roughly 3,000 children were experiencing varying degrees of brain damage due to the smallpox vaccine; and according to G. Kiftel in 1967, smallpox vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children in West Germany, of which 71 became totally deaf.117."--R Obasawin MD  (117 James, W., Immunization, p. 18)