Treatment of vaccine victims

[Psychopaths will do that if they can get away with it.]

The British Government refuse to compensate health workers who become ill after conditional vaccines

by Christina England

January 11, 2010

Yesterday a story broke in Great Britain where hundreds of front line workers had had routine vaccines as a condition of employment and had become vaccine damaged as a result. These workers, which included doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, forensic scientists and binmen received vaccinations as a condition of employment and have since become ill. Once ill and leaving them effectively unable to perform the job the had trained for and loved they have been abandoned by the ever so caring British Government.

Lucy Johnson -Fury at Vaccine Scandal from the Express took up their story.

"Up to 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police officers, forensic scientists and binmen say they have developed serious physical and mental health problems after injections essential for their work over the past 10 years. All have given up their jobs and some are up to 60 per cent disabled."

The British Government should hang their heads in shame. Although these workers were not forced to have these vaccinations they did face losing their jobs if they didn't receive them. These men and women put their lives in danger to keep Great Britain safe, they make life and death decisions and face some of the most dangerous situations known to man. This is how their Government treats them.

Lucy writes;-

"Frontline health workers, social workers. prison officers and binmen have to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B as a condition of their employment.

This is to protect them from contracting potentially fatal conditions from infected blood through needle injuries and physical assaults.

Although they are not legally forced to have the vaccinations, without them they are not allowed to work."

This sounds like they are forced to me.

The conditions that these workers now have as a result of the vaccinations are reported to be , chronic fatigue, muscle pain and cognitive problems. These are problems that many experts say are associated with adverse reactions to vaccines.

Dr Charles Shepherd in his letter to the BMJ - Hepatitis B vaccination and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome says:-

"I wish to report some preliminary findings on a cohort of 91 CFS patients where the outset or a significant degree of relapse appears to have been associated with vaccination. Of particular interest is the fact that 50% (54/91) of these cases involve vaccination against hepatitis B"

His letter makes interesting reading especially the part that that states;-

"Of concern is the fact that (a) several health workers reported that they were persuaded to continue with their vaccination course despite the fact that they did not appear to be fully recovered from an adverse reaction (eg general malaise) following the first or second dose, (b) very few of these adverse reactions have been reported to the Committee on Safety of Medicines and (c) the manufacturers acknowledge that individual adverse reactions can include fatigue, myalgia, arthralgia, headache, insomnia and lymphadenopathy but refuse to accept that any causal link has been established with a combination of the above (ie CFS)."

He is not alone in his findings.

Dr Byron Hyde - testimony before the Quebec College of Physicians Medical Board

Hepatitis B vaccination and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"We looked at hep B immunisation in Quebec province because one nurse phoned us saying she had CFS after having hep B immunization.....About a month later the same nurse called again, she now had 5 other nurses in the area who had fallen ill with CFS-like symptoms after the vaccine, all were unable to return to work. I told her to phone the maker, Merck. She told me she did and they said the 6 nurses were the only persons in the whole world that had ever had a serious side effect and therefore there couldn't possibly be a link. And, they told her that she was the only person who had ever phoned....she said that when her doctor phoned, he too was told he was the only person in the world that had ever called, and when each of the doctors of the other nurses called in, each was told the same thing"

One nurse explains how the Hep B vaccine she was required to have stole two years of her life in her response to an article in the BMJ.

Hep B vaccine stole two years of my life

Dawn C Etchell,

occupational health adviser

imperial Buildings Rotherham,

S60 1PA

"I was working as a dialysis nurse and attended for my first ever Hepatitis B vaccine without any worries. The following day I felt unusually tired. The tiredness gradually became totally out of charcter for me and gathered momentum over the following week. I even fell asleep during a routine filling at the dentist. Finally, I had a seizure one morning in the shower and had to call out my General Practitioner. I was unable to get out of bed for the next two weeks and slept for around 18 hours of every day for the next four weeks. If I tried to 'come round' my legs would give way and the feeling of pressure in my spine and head were frightening. My vision was constantly blurred and hard to understand. My thyroid was painful and swollen and I had palpitations that were disabling. Electric like shocks in my arms and legs were acute and came without warning. My brain was 'foggy' and Ifelt was living in a dreamlike state most of the time. I had difficulty finding words and my speech was slurred. I was referred to a neurologist - brain scan normal - blood tests normal except for raised Anti-Nuclear Antibodies initially - EEG normal - TSH 0.5 - T4 15 (3 months later TSH 0.46) Diagnosis - reactive seizure. All of my symptoms were pointing to a tentative diagnosis of Myalgic Encapelopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This I rejected after some six months and am now under annual review for thyroid blood tests. My health suffered greatly and it has taken two years to return to 80% of my previous health status. I never did receive a definite diagnosis and have had to resign myself to the fact that 'this is as good as it gets'. I, of course, never returned for the full course of hep B vaccines and decided to leave dialysis and return to Occupational health - with a totally different view of administering such 'preventative' vaccines! I refused the lumbar puncture as this was offered at a time when I could feel some improvement in my general health and I did not want any further decline at this point. This vaccine should come with a very strict warning and anyone who administers the Hep B vaccine should have ALL the facts at their disposal. I was totally unaware of the dangers before I had the vaccine but found hundreds of cases similar and worse than my own after the event.

Competing interests: None declared"

Around the world Governments are putting the very people they rely on in a crisis in danger, by using emotional blackmail to force them to have vaccines. The very least they can do is when these people suffer adverse reactions is to compensate them for their injuries. After all they keep saying the vaccines are safe, perhaps they are worried that compensation may prove that they are not.