Helen's Story

a book by Rosemary Fox

“Helen’s Story Is the story of Rosemary Fox's campaign for justice for her daughter after a vaccination in 1962  changed her daughter forever. She was the first to challenge the UK Government's refusal of compensation. Her campaign evolved into The Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, spending over 30 years fighting for compensation for vaccine damaged children and succeeding. She takes a pragmatic look at the subject and demonstrates the difficulty parents face when they know their child has been injured by a vaccine. Rosemary Fox was told that she chose to vaccinate her daughter and should not blame the government for something she could not prove "scientifically", then she was criticised for damaging the vaccine programme and told to keep quiet. Fortunately for many she refused. If there is one book I would recommend to help understand the political nature of this controversial subject, and what parents and children are up against it is this." Sourced


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