Gates Foundation whistleblower

This came to me on another list with permission to forward. It's
quite interesting to say the least. I'm going to attempt to listen
to it after DD wakes up from naping.


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Alex Jones did an incredible 2-hour interview Friday of a woman who was a high up immunologist with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and who also worked for the gov't and big Pharma. Some of what she says about  what is really going on in big pharma and at this purported humanitarian organization is stuff we already know to some extent, but some of it I wasn't aware of and is very disturbing.

Both she and a statistician recently left the Gates Foundation because they couldn't morally stomach what they were doing.

The very first thing she says when the interview opens is that she is not suicidal and has never been. This is due to the fact, I believe, that  many scientists in the biotech field are winding up dead and the official story is that they are suicides. As I understand it, these are people who "know too much". I assume her saying she's not suicidal at the outset of the interview also has to do with the fact that many whistleblowers end up "committing suicide", or so we're told.

The interview is in MP3 format and here's where you can get it:

Source 1: http://www.infowars.com / (right column "Today on the Alex Jones Show" - click on listen now. I think it's live streaming because it  doesn't
begin at the beginning. This may not be available for a long time if it gets bumped by a newer interview.)

Source 2: http://tinyurl.com/46ht89  (this is a seven part Google video. It probably cuts out some parts because each part appears to be 10 mins long and the interview was around two hours.)

Source 3: http://www.infowars.com/listen . html (subscribe to podcast  and download Friday's show. It will no longer be available after 7 or so tonight because it will be replaced with Sunday's podcast.)

Source 4: Email Suze Fischer for an MP3 of the entire Friday radio  show. It's 4 hours long. You can skip ahead to the interview which begins at the 70 minute point in the broadcast.

Here are some of the things this whistleblower reveals:

1. They were growing animal fetuses and possibly chimera fetuses alive in tanks of fluid in a lab in DC 15 years ago in order to harvest maturing eggs so that they could figure out how to grow humans in tanks, outside the womb.

The friend of a friend who worked with the Chinese doctor doing this said the fetuses were gulping fluid which freaked her out. Additionally, and that they also worked on Chinese human fetuses because in China they can get abortions up until delivery (or thereabouts) and they harvested the eggs from these fetuses in their research on how to grow humans outside the womb.

It was not clear whether the Chinese doctors in China who were  providing these fetuses were actually *harvesting* them for this research or whether these almost born fetuses were being aborted for other reasons. I don't think she said they were keeping them alive like the animal fetuses -although that part wasn't entirely clear to me. The friend of a friend got so freaked out about this she quit and went into real estate.

2. Big pharma uses third world women and children as guinea pigs to  test vaccines and drugs. They also now use human guinea pigs in Poland and Checkloslovakia. Some of these are vaccines that had only previously been tested on *worms* for instance.

3. They've had a lot of bad reactions to the new HPV vaccine -Gardasil -including seizures and death. This whistleblower, Cynthia (not her real name) recalls the case of a 12-yr-old girl who died from some blood abnormality from it for instance.

4. She has witnessed doctors falsifying data, such as eliminating a laundry list of reports of adverse events. The particular doc she was referring to in one instance got promoted after this.

5. They buy off third world villages with booze and free clinics and such in order to get their guinea pigs. In one instance, she mentions an event for local leaders where the booze tab was $12,000! Often the people being vaccinated don't understand what it is all about. They don't do long-termfollow-ups to see if there are adverse reactions. They just "show" to the FDA, this vaccine is working on Poland and such and such a place and  get much quicker approval.

6. There are weird proteins being used in the vaccines as growth mediums or something - I don't remember the exact reason they are in there. They don't really know how this might affect people getting the vaccines.

7. Vaccine manufacturers go to hospitals and get the foreskins of circumcised babies to grow the viruses on that will be in the vaccine.

8. One of her main points is that they are doing all kinds of things without sufficient data or long term studies to know what the results will be, ramming it through approval processes by testing on unknowing, impoverished third world villages, fudging the results, then brainwashing the US population to think they need this new vaccine.

9. She said "I am an immunologist and I would never get a flu shot!"  She said they are useless, which many of us already know. But this is  something you might want to pass on to friends and family members who are brainwashed by big Pharma and their doctors to think they need it.

10. They are replacing mercury in vaccines with *aluminum*.

These are only some of the points that stuck with me the most.  There's a lot more ground that she covers. Please forward this to any list or person you think should know what's really going on in Big Pharma and what is probably going on in other powerful purported humanitarian organizations such  as the Gates Foundation.

I think this will be of particular interest to vaccine-related email  lists, even dog and cat ones as some of the same manufacturers make both human and pet vaccines.

There was another interview on earlier last week with a Dartmouth professor about fluoride in drinking water and how it was originally used as a way to hide materials from the Manhattan Project and how it wasn't actually just fluoride but a larger molecule with all sorts of potentially toxic stuff in it and they just called it "fluoride". According to this prof, it's also been found that the damage from lead is much worse wherever the water is fluoridated.


I listened to her discourse on Alex Jones.  I came away from the
experience thinking that I had just been sold a bill of goods by a
pharmaceutical rep.

Go back and listen.  How many times did she say “you know”?  She
sounded like a teenager chewing gum and talking.

I think she is, was, and may be a pharmaceutical plant, a double
agent. She did not reveal one item or thing which we are not already
aware of.  She did not talk like a well educated technocrat.  She
sounded like a well schooled stooge.

What she did do is present statements that are blatently false.  AIDS
is not a real disease.  AIDS is a hoax.  Vaccines are not safe nor
effective.  The statement that set me off the most was when she
advocated “irradiating” our foods to kill deadly germs.

Consider also her statement that she used GMO yeast to brew her own
beer.  What scientist in their right mind would do that?  Give me a

I am prone to believe that she is a plant, a person groomed to deceive
and mislead the public, to infiltrate and spread the lies of the
medical monopoly that they want spread.

You cannot secure nor restore health with pus or poisons.