Offit Lies

October 26, 2009


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David Taylor
J.B.: Well done. Stick a fork in Offit's socially deviant ass. He's done. I was one of the original 125 RA's in 2005. Still am today. Throughout the time, your never-say-die courage and in-your-face style have kept me and Kristi revved.

Our son has recovered, thanks to you and heroes like you. Offit will truly get what's coming, have no doubt or fear.

Great work JB...

The vaccine industry makes the "too big to fail" banking industry look almost honest...

We are up against pharma, the news media, and the government, that are "way too big to provide the truth about anything..."

Yes! You can hear all your favorite tunes on one CD.

Just sing along to some of Offit's classics.. like..

Offit you know its true,
ooh ooh oooh you are through...


Blame it on Siedel,
She was falling falling,
Blame on Siedel with her laughable website..

and who can forget this one..

Ba, ba, ba, baba, ba, ba, baba, Baby,
Don't forget my number. (100,000)

The list of your favorite tunes just keeps going on and on. And just like Offit you can have yours for just one low price of $5,000 and your choice of charity.

Get it NOW!!!!

Casey Ohlsson
Thanks for the lawsuit JB, I really can't explain how good it feels to know the truth is being spread. I really think we are making headway... I am a teacher and random other teachers are now coming up to me asking if they should vaccinate their babies. Obviously, we are making an impact.
Keep up the good work! Wait, the AWE INSPIRING work.
How much would it cost to flood every pediatrician's office with Dr Jepson's "Changing the Course of Autism" book?
That picture of Offit holding the baby makes me sick.
curt linderman sr
way to go J.B.! I certainly hope he takes you up on that offer!
Angela S.
Way to kick some Offit butt JD!! I wonder how Offit's sheep will spin this one?
Oops - sorry! Scratch that donation suggestion. Just re-read the last paragraph. Well, maybe next Offit libel suit settlement...
Thanks again. You have made my day. Paul Offit, "Thank you for smoking" man. I love that scene when aaron ekhart has his body covered in nicotine patches and hope paul will take the cash for the 200 shots.
My best to your family JB--
WaHooo! Just can't thank you enough! I met Offit when he pulled me into a hospital examination room, demanded to know why I had not vaccinated my child, told me it was Mothers like me who were killing babies, and then three years later when my son suffered a vaccine injury resulting in years of therapy, and leaving him with lifelong issues, I just want to say THANK YOU JB!! Justice is coming for all of us. Please keep the conversation going!
Janet Sheehan
Years ago, after my perfectly normal son regressed into autism after his MMR (he also has mercury poisoning), I went through a flurry of making phone calls. Dr. Offit and Kathleen were two of those calls. When I explained to them that I didn't need any scientific study to explain what I witnessed before my very eyes, I was met with a very long and very uncomfortable silence. I had hoped that I might have planted seeds of thought in them- as I did not speak angrily with them, but rather as a concerned, and heartbroken mom. I hope that somewhere behind the facade, they have a soul and a conscience. But maybe they don't.
From a librarian: How to get good books on autism and on vaccines into your local libraries--
1) Request the books you need via interlibrary loan. One or two or three requests for a certain category of book will wake up the collection development staff to a gap in the collection.

2) Go in with a list of books you think the library should have. If two or three people can go in together, even better. Make an appointment so you are sure you are talking to the right person, the one who makes book purchasing decisions.

3) Donate good books that you are done with and explain why the library needs to have these books in the collection. Ask them to pass along books they can't use to other parents in the community. This happened in my library and I was able to pass along about 20 books and add 4 excellent titles to our collection. We frequently fulfill interlibrary loan requests to other small libraries (and occasionally big ones) in my state.

Thanks J.B.. Never thought I'd see this in print.
Only this morning our private (neuro) school teacher gave a leave of absence. Wanna guess the reason? She's pregnant and can't find a vaccine without adjunctives.
This ain't Kansas is it?



I entered this fight almost the exact same time you did. You keep the fight in me fresh. Thank you so much my friend.

J.B. Handley --YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for all that you do for our kiddos and our community!
JB - did Offit already make his donations to Jenny's charities? Isn't Thoughtful House a non-profit that receives donations?...
Lisa Clark
JB, I think I love you!!! Thanks for providing the truth.
Two points:

1. At my local (small town) library, the vaccination section has two books, both by Offit, surely donated by Merck. Can Generation Rescue or some other bio-med organization start a campaign to get Jenny's, Bock's, Kirby's, etcs. books on the shelves of the small towns which desperately need this information? I'd be thrilled to volunteer to help with this effort.

2. This is the letter I wrote to Philadelphia Magazine after reading the 'advertorial' about Paul Offit:

To the Editor:

It seems that the only research done by Jason Fagone on the article about Paul Offit, MD ( in the June 2009 issue) was to read Offit's own book. One merely needs to read the inserts included with the vaccines to realize the extent of the damage that they can do to children. The insert on Merck's RotaTeq vaccine, invented by Dr. Offit, states, "In post-marketing experience, the following adverse events have been reported in infants who have received RotaTeq: Gastrointestinal disorders: Intussusception (including death); Hematochezia Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: Urticaria; Infections and infestations: Kawasaki disease. Of course RotaTeq's precursor, RotaSheild, developed by Wyeth, was recalled due to causing infants to suffer from intussususception, twisting of the intestines.

Mr. Fagone's disparagement notwithstanding, critiques of the current vaccination schedule such as Jenny McCarthy and Robert Kennedy are doing parents a great service by encouraging them to not blindly adhere to the American Acadmeny of Pediatriacs schedule of 50 vaccinations by the time the child is six years old. They remind parents not to allow children who are ill to be vaccinated and not to play 'catch up,' by giving numerous vaccines at once, as occured with Hannah Poling, the child who became gravely ill after receiving her shots as conceded by the government in the Court of Federal Claims.

Had Mr. Fagone read other works about vaccination, ie, "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby, Dr. Stephanie Cave's "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" or even "The Vaccination Book" by Dr. Robert Sears, the answer to the question in the title of the article, "Will This Doctor Hurt Your Baby?" would have been an unequivocal YES.

moon batchelder
a poem about big pharma's lobbies and lies...and autism...

there's something wrong!

logistical coincidence
so they'd have us believe
ridiculous to common sense
no matter what we grieve
they are immune nor bear the blame
and legally we have no claim
they are immune
they are immune
would they were not immune to shame

logistical coincidence
our children falling prey
still these proclaiming innocense
lest profits fall one day
this they hold dear, their bottom line
to rake in millions, their design
this they hold dear
this they hold dear
would conscience did their wealth define.

logistical coincidence
we know what we have seen
despite the rise in prevalence
autisms numbers mean
there's something wrong it gives us pause
whatever proves to be the cause
there's something wrong
there's something wrong
big pharma's lobbies making laws