Vaccine litigation: Deaths
Litigation  Deaths and vaccination

Vaccine Court Judgements for Flu Shot Injuries by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny DO   This is a partial list of cases that were awarded damages by the US Government via the “Vaccine Court”, which is a federal court of claims for the FLU VACCINE. Note the number of deaths, in just 2012.
[2009 Jan] HepB Vaccine Causes MS Then Death - Vaccine Court Ruling Entitlement; Hep B vaccine; two months later, Devic’s Disease (a variant of MS) then deathPetitioner has prevailed on the issue of entitlement. The medical records during decedent's final hospitalization reflect that she died from demyelinating disease. Not only did decedent have a vaccine injury, but also her death was vaccine-related.

[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR death] Govt, group ordered to pay in vaccine suit
[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR death & serious brain damage] Families win lawsuit over MMR vaccine

Jason Lucas Anderson 1997 [DPT 1991--hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode (HHE), death]On August 30, 1991, Ms. Robinson took Jason to Dr. Donlan's office for his two-month well-baby check-up. During that check-up, Jason received his first DPT, oral polio, and hemophilus influenza type b (HIB) vaccinations....Jason's death certificate lists sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) as the cause of death........ It occurred approximately 28 hours after he received routine immunizations.....Court denies the petitioners' Motion 

LAUREN BROWN 2000 [DPt, HIB, OPV 1996--hemolytic anemia, causing her death]
JUSTIN BOSCH 1997 [DPT 1993--anaphylaxis, death]

Phillip Bobby Camery 1998 [DPT, 1949--post-immunization encephalopathy, seizures, mentally retarded, death]
Nina Cohn,  [DPT, 1960--seizures, blindness, lupus, death]

GARRETT JOSEPH GILES 1997 [DPT 1992--anaphylaxis, an encephalopathy and hypotonic-hyporesponsive collapse, death]

CURTIS GURR 1997 [DPT 1988--encephalopathy, death] On August 18, 1988, Curtis received his first diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus ("DPT") vaccination. Petitioners alleged that within 72 hours of the administration of the DPT vaccine, Curtis suffered an encephalopathy, which ultimately resulted in his death on August 29, 1988.........The emergency room report stated that Curtis was healthy prior to his death, that there was no evidence of recent trauma or related symptoms, and that sudden infant death syndrome ("SIDS") was the cause of Curtis' death. An autopsy report concluded that Curtis' death was consistent with SIDS.......Thus, on June 24, 1996, the special master affirmed via dismissal order his bench ruling that petitioners had not proven a table injury within 72 hours of DPT vaccination followed within 11 days by death as a sequela.... 

Devin Johnson 1997 DPT--brain damage, shaken baby syndrome (Devin was born on January 8, 1993. He appeared to be a generally healthy baby for his first four months of life. On May 19, 1993, Devin received a "DPT' inoculation at the offices of his pediatrician in Maplewood, Minnesota. Four days later, on May 23, 1993, his mother took Devin to an "urgent care" facility, where she reported that he had been cranky and fussy since the 19th, with intermittent vomiting and a slight fever. A physician examined Devin and determined that he had an infection of both ears. On the evening of the following day, May 24, Devin's parents rushed him to a hospital emergency room. Devin's father, who had been caring for the infant over the previous several hours, reported that Devin had suddenly became rigid and unresponsive minutes beforehand. (Ex. 9, pp. 34-37.) At the hospital, Devin was determined to have suffered seizures and a very significant, life-threatening brain injury. Devin's father, Jeffrey Lee Johnson, was criminally charged with assault and malicious punishment of the infant. After a nonjury trial, the judge acquitted Jeffrey Johnson.) Denied

Justin Isom 1998 [DPT, HIB, 1991--Justin's Evans Syndrome and eventual death]

HAYLEY NICOLE LAGRAND 1998 [DPT 1996--seizures, death]
ISAIAH D. JONES 1998 [DPT 1996--death]
He received his first DPT vaccination on April 8, 1996...Isaiah died on April 9, 1996.  However, a supplementary medical certification dated May 6, 1996 reflects that the cause of death was SIDS..... The autopsy, which was performed on April 9, 1996, also diagnosed SIDS....This petition is dismissed with prejudice.
CHRISTINA KAMINSKI 1997 [DPT 1971--Crib Death]
Tina received a second DPT vaccine on the morning of April 24, 1971. On the evening of April 25, 1971.........she found her early the next morning, face down and not breathing..........Respondent, in turn, relied on the expert testimony of Dr. Raoul Wientzen.  Dr. Wientzen took into account the following considerations: (i) shock reactions almost always occur (if at all) within ten to twelve hours of a DPT shot........cause of death listed on the death certificate was "Crib Death." 

Jennifer Lawson (DPT, 1977---mentally retarded, death)
Gabriel Lucas (Riggs) 1998 [DPT 1993---encephalopathy, death] awarded

MONTEZ PITTMAN 1998 [DPT 1977--encephalopathy, death]

Aaron Raley 1998 [DPT, 1979--encephalopathy, death]

Gabriel Lucas (Riggs) 1998 [DPT 1993---encephalopathy, death] awarded
  Approximately 72 hours had elapsed between Gabriel's vaccination and his death on Monday, April 19, 1993. Gabriel had spent roughly 60 of those hours asleep. ...........Respondent maintains that the cause of Gabriel's death was SIDS......Dr. Russell D. Snyder, a neurologist, and Dr. Virginia M. Anderson, a pathologist, testified on behalf of respondent.........petitioner has sustained her burden under the Act of demonstrating by a preponderance of the evidence that Gabriel suffered an encephalopathy before his death. Since respondent has not demonstrated that this encephalopathy and death were attributable to causes other than the vaccine, petitioner is entitled to compensation.

BRENDA SCOTT-SHEPPARD 2000 [TT vaccination 1995--demyelinating disorder, death]

NATALIE NICHOL SWORD 1998 [DPT 1975--encephalopathy, death]
Cheyenne Michael Shyface, 1999 (DPT 1993--encephalopathy, death)