Medical people refusing or questioning swine flu vaccine
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[2009 Nov] Many Italian physicians reject swine flu vaccine  According to a recent survey conducted, six out of every ten Italian family physicians do not prescribe the A/H1N1 vaccine for their patients particularly those with heart diseases.

[2009 Nov] Polish Health Minister says NO to swine flu jab  "She said the secret contract that the Polish government was supposed to sign with pharmaceutical companies had more than 20 clauses which are against the law."

[2009 Nov] Doctors, Healthcare Workers And Patients Refusing Swine Flu Vaccine In Britain
Many GPs and practice staff are refusing to be vaccinated against swine flu, even in ‘hot-spot’ areas where rates of infection are rising fastest. At some practices no front line staff have agreed to have the vaccine, despite BMA and Government warnings that it is ‘crucial’ to the success of the campaign. GPs warned there were early signs that take-up among patients might also be disappointing, amid continued fears over vaccine safety. Dr Liz Miller, a locum GP in London, said she would not recommend the vaccine to her patients because of safety concerns: ‘I do not intend to be vaccinated, nor will I recommend it to patients. It is untested and unnecessary. It’s time doctors started thinking for themselves instead of mindlessly obeying the Department of Health because they are terrified of missing out on free money.’
Nigel Praities, PULSE

[2009 Nov] Kingston GPs refuse swine flu vaccine

[2009 oct] Switzerland forbids "swine flu" vaccine for pregnant women, young and old!

[2009 oct] Belgian doctors call for sack of government virologist in row over swine flu adjuvant advice  The Belgian association of doctors has called for the government's interministerial commissioner for the flu, the virologist Marc Van Ranst, to be fired after he said on Thursday that the Pandemrix swine flu jab with the adjuvant squalene was safe for pregnant women.

[2009 oct] German doctors refuse to be bullied by authorities into giving "swine flu" jab

[2009 Oct] Local pediatricians against H1N1 vaccine

[2009 Oct] Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers

[2009 Sept] Nurses File Lawsuit Over H1N1 Vaccine

[2009 Aug] One in two GPs 'will refuse swine flu vaccine'

[2009 Aug] 30% of nurses 'don't want' flu jab