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Daily Mail - Why are so many women getting MS? - 30 April 2007

30 Apr 2007

Note the attached graphs ..  
Measles Mortality USA 1912-1975
All measles deaths by population 1901-1995

Measles deaths would have petered out to nothing in the UK by this year regardless of MMR vaccination. 

In the US measles deaths would have petered out by 2010 regardless.

The US graph is from this paper - I have added the forward looking trend line:-
Measles Mortality in the United States 1971-75  - American Journal of Public Health

Dear Daniel, daniel.martin@dailymail.co.uk

The answer to your question is below in the unreported press release at the end of this email.

We know what causes MS from France. The information comes from the French Court appointed expert, Dr Marc Girard, in the continuing French criminal investigation into the now abandoned French "experiment" in universal Hepatitis B vaccination programme. That programme saw the first children in France coming through with multiple sclerosis. So many people were killed and injured that the programme was abandoned and a judge was appointed to conduct a criminal investigation.

The US has a universal Hep B vaccine programme for infants and the BMA proposes we introduce one into the UK - hence the 2005 press release.

Hep B vaccine is not the only vaccine to cause auto-immune problems like this. We are seeing these problems across the board in children and young adults with massive increases in asthma and allergies. Life threatening food allergies in particular were reported in the Sunday Times and Observer last year 2nd & 16th April as having increased massively and the Observer reported this could be attributable to vaccines.

There has been an explosion in cases of autism - as now being officially recognised in the US (but not here, yet - no one is counting) - and the US Centers for Disease Control refuse to admit it has anything to do with the vaccines they promote - a picture we see across the board from regulatory authorities - not admitting to their "mistakes".

Conditions such a diabetes - also massively increased in children - are also considered to caused by adverse effects of vaccines.

For autoimmune problems it is not unusual for one sex to be disproportionately affected. Four times as many boys as girls develop autism, for example.

Regrettably, the press and other media are failing to expose these problems - folding to pressure from the DoH with regrettable and provably false claims that "children will die" and other non science.

The attached graph is from official ONS mortality statistics - it shows that measles mortality would have fallen to zero by this year of its own accord - regardless of whether the MMR or any other vaccine was used.

And yet we have horrific figures of 1500 people each year dying just from asthma, whilst companies like Glaxo make one third of their 17 billion in sales from vaccines and asthma drugs combined. And tens of thousands annually are debilitated by chronic asthma. The cost to the NHS is nearing 1 billion per annum.

This will carry on as long as our media fail to report the real issues and problems. And it is not as if we were without alternatives.


Clifford Miller





Multiple Sclerosis Risk to British Babies
- Newly Revealed By Previously Concealed Evidence

London, England & Versailles, France [27] September 2005/Romeike/

Strong scientific evidence confirms British infants will be exposed to an unacceptably high risk of complications, including multiple sclerosis, if the British Medical Association's (BMA's) recent universal infant hepatitis B vaccine recommendation goes ahead.

Whilst other evidence is embargoed, Dr. Marc Girard, a specialist in the side effects of drugs and commissioned as a medical expert by French courts, has been able to publish a scientific review of the unembargoed evidence of the vaccine's hazards (Autoimmun Rev 2005; 4: 96-100). Dr Girard shows that French health authorities suppress studies demonstrating serious risks. France was the first country to implement universal hepatitis B vaccination in 1994.

Legal and ethical concerns also arise over the BMA's recommendation because those at high risk from the hepatitis B virus are not infants but promiscuous adults engaging in unsafe sex and intravenous drug abusers. There is no clear individual clinical benefit of universal hepatitis B vaccination. The duration of any protective effect is uncertain whereas the vaccination carries with it risks of numerous chronic auto-immune disorders, including Guillain-Barre syndrome, lupus, rheumatism, blood disorders and chronic fatigue. In contrast, the BMA's 10th May 2005 press release stated children were at risk of hepatitis B infection from:

* biting and shared toys

* shared toothbrushes and razors

* mother to child transmission during birth

Dr Girard said:

"The BMA's recommendation is a surprising and unexpected change of heart given the scathing public scepticism in the British Medical Journal in 1996 to a pharmaceutical company promotion advocating universal infant hepatitis B vaccination (BMJ 1996; 313: 825). It is all the more surprising because whilst the risk factors for babies have changed little, there is now impressive evidence that for a preventive measure, hepatitis B vaccine is remarkable for the frequency, variety and severity of complications from its use. The toxicity of this vaccine is so unusual that, even if crucial data are regrettably concealed or covered by Court order, scientific evidence is already far higher than normally needed to justify severe restrictive measures."

In addition, just days ago (20 Sept, 2005) the European Medicines Agency EMEA) announced the withdrawal of hepatitis B containing Hexavac vaccine, claiming concerns over efficacy. Hexavac had 4 months earlier been associated with sudden infant deaths (Zinka et al. Vaccine 2005 May 18). Hexavac combines hepatitis B vaccine virus with other routine vaccine components. The EMEA's reasons for withdrawal are questionable. Efficacy trials are normally performed before vaccines are licensed.

Other research supporting Dr Girard's findings includes research on UK data showing a 3.1 increase in the relative risk of multiple sclerosis after hepatitis B vaccination (Neurology 2004; 63:838-42).

Clifford Miller, British lawyer, graduate physicist, co-author of a recent peer reviewed critique of flawed medical evidential practice and former university lecturer said:-

"British Doctors administering hepatitis B vaccine to infants could face criminal prosecution if fully informed consent is not obtained. Civil prosecution for damages is possible over 21 years later if the injured survive as adults."

"English and European law requires the application of the precautionary principle. With such strong scientific evidence of harm it is unclear why the BMA's recommendation was made, nor why universal infant hepatitis B vaccination is reportedly being considered by the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation."

"This is not the first time the BMA has executed a spectacular `U' turn. Up to 1987 they consistently recommended against mumps vaccination. In 1988 that conflicted with new government policy and the objection was quietly dropped. The BMA's links with the pharmaceutical industry are also a concern. The next government proposal in the pipeline is to vaccinate against chickenpox, the mildest known of all routine childhood diseases and for which the UK Department of Health has ready prepared stories claiming it is a killer."

"The British public should be concerned their children's safety rests with independent researchers from overseas who can face harassment, obstruction and official vilification for their work."

In his new paper now in press and available on line (Med Hypotheses, doi 10.1016/j.mehy.2005.08.012), Dr Girard and co-author Y. Comenge review the various mechanisms likely to account for the biological plausibility of auto-immune disorders such as demyelinating diseases and other hazards of this vaccine.

Because of the significance and scope of these observations and related cross- correlations, Dr. Girard suggests that even in high-endemic countries, the risk/benefit ratio of this unusually toxic vaccine must be carefully re-assessed. Regarding the health situation in the UK, the conclusion not to vaccinate is obvious.


About Dr Marc Girard:-

Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant: Glaxo, Aventis & others Court Appointed Expert: Includes Bayer/Baycol cholesterol drug litigation

Medical Doctor: Qualified 1983, trained: Hopital des Enfants Malades, Paris, France

Masters in Mathematics 1976: Universite d'Orsay, Paris, France

References Used in Press Release:-

"Multiple sclerosis and hepatitis B vaccination: Adding the credibility of molecular biology to an unusual level of clinical and epidemiological evidence" Comenge Y; Girard M (Med Hypotheses, doi 10.1016/j.mehy.2005.08.012) (Text available in electronic form on request.)

"Autoimmune hazards of hepatitis B vaccine" Girard M (Autoimmun Rev 2005; 4:96-100) (Text available in electronic form on request.)

"BMA calls for universal childhood vaccination against hepatitis B" Press Release (10 May 2005): http://tinyurl.com/7ca6j

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"Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and the risk of multiple sclerosis - A prospective study" Hernan MA, Jick SS, Olek MJ, Jick H(Neurology 2004; 63:838-42).

"Flawed Evidence Denies Drug Victims Justice" - Press Release, Romeike/PA

"On Evidence, Medical and Legal" Dr D W Miller, Clifford Miller: - 10; 03- 70. J AmPhys Surg -

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