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[2010 Jan] EMEA registers 38 cases of Guillian Barre and 11 cases of Multiple Scelorosis from swine flu jab

[2009 Dec] Gardasil linked to MS symptoms

[2009 Feb pdf] KARI HAWKINS Entitlement; hep B vaccine; onset one month or 75 days; ADEM or Marburg MS

[2009 Feb] Vaccine Court: Hepatitis B Shot Caused MS  By David Kirby
[2009 Jan] HepB Vaccine Causes MS Then Death - Vaccine Court Ruling Entitlement; Hep B vaccine; two months later, Devic’s Disease (a variant of MS) then deathPetitioner has prevailed on the issue of entitlement. The medical records during decedent's final hospitalization reflect that she died from demyelinating disease. Not only did decedent have a vaccine injury, but also her death was vaccine-related.

September 19, 2008 - CNS demyelination and quadrivalent HPV vaccination. - journal article (Multiple Sclerosis) - "We report five patients who presented with multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes within 21 days of immunization with the quadrivalent human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil((R)). Although the target population for vaccination, young females, has an inherently high risk for MS, the temporal association with demyelinating events in these cases may be explained by the potent immuno-stimulatory properties of HPV virus-like particles which comprise the vaccine."

[26 February 2008] Hepatitis B vaccination and the risk of multiple sclerosis in children Dr Marc Girard, MSc, MD why, in a period where the main change in environment was vaccination against hepatitis B, did the 90ties show a burst of pediatric MS, a disease extremely rare in that age group and whose overall epidemiology, anyway, is normally quite stable.
.......To be more precise, why, further to this vaccination campaign, the KIDMUS cohort showed a 25-fold increase in the frequency of pediatric MS as compared to previous records?2 A question strangely consistent with a more general one: why, as compared to the latest record prior to the vaccination campaign, the widely accepted estimations of MS frequency in the French population showed an increase from about 25,000 at baseline to 80,000-90,000 today?
       Needless to say: in the meantime, the French authority did not take the elementary precaution to withhold any incitation to vaccine pediatric subjects against such a “terrible” disease as hepatitis B – with a spontaneous resolution in 98-99% of cases and about which I recently compelled one “expert” to confess that no more than some 60 cases did occur in this age group in France, most of them in migrants

[Letter by Clifford Miller] Daily Mail - Why are so many women getting MS? - 30 April 2007

[BMJ Letter by Marc Girard re Hep B vaccine] Being or not being an idiot As compared to the UK, whose population is approximately the same as in France but with a higher prevalence of expected MS, and having regard to the failure of the “universal” campaign which failed to reach more than half of the French population, it can be hypothesized that a successful universal campaign in that country could, in the long term, account for a minimum of 60,000 vaccination-induced MS (to say nothing about the others hazards of this vaccination, such as lupus, myelitis, thyroid diseases, chronic fatigue, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, etc).

David A Geier, Mark R Geier MD PhD. Chronic adverse reactions associated with hepatitis B vaccination. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy: Vol. 36, No. 12, pp. 1970–1971.
In conclusion, our study demonstrates that adult HBV is statistically associated not only with acute neuropathy, neuritis, myelitis, vasculitis, thrombocytopenia, gastrointestinal disease, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis, but some of these patients go on to develop chronic adverse reactions that persist for at least 1 year following HBV. These types of chronic adverse reactions following adult HBV should be discussed with patients contemplating being immunized with HBV and should be included in the differential diagnosis of those who develop them following adult HBV.

[Web media Sept. 13, 2004] Hepatitis B Vaccination Increases Multiple Sclerosis Risk


[Media Dec 2002] More children diagnosed with MS

[Media 3 May 2001] "British Firm to Compensate Two French Multiple Sclerosis Victims"
Betty FLUCK [Hepatitis B-- Chronic inflammatory Demylenating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), Immune disorders, MS]
Sharyn BOYNTON [Hepatitis B--fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, possible MS]
Susan Cruz [Hep B--MS]

News: Hepatitis B Vaccination Should Be Avoided in Patients With Risk of CNS Disease

Hep B vaccine info---Dr Bonnie Dunbar 911/29/98)


Case studies of hepatitis B vaccine damage

Science has proven that the following conditions may all be caused by the aluminum-hydroxide in vaccines: Chronic fatigue, Multiple sclerosis , Lou Gehrig’s disease, Demyelinating central nervous system disorders, Plymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis, Motor delay, Hypotonia or diminished muscle tone, Failure to thrive, Apoptic neurons, which are self-destructing neurons in the lumbar spinal cord, Neuron loss in the lumbar spinal cord. I’ve known for over four years now that aluminum was bad for the body, but as usual, I just didn’t know how bad it is. However, there is plenty of scientific evidence, hidden in plain sight, proving the pervasiveness and toxic nature of aluminum in our world today. Aluminum-hydroxide in vaccines causes serious health problems By Tenna Merchant

"My involvement in the field of vaccine toxicity began in 1979 when I discovered that central nervous system demyelination (Multiple Sclerosis) had been caused, in some individuals, by the swine flu vaccine. My involvement was heightened when I found the same thing occurred after hepatitis B vaccination. These findings have been confirmed by many others and have been extended to include other untoward reaction to hepatitis B vaccine. Reactions include other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, optic neuritis, postvaccinal encephalomyelitis and possibly juvenile diabetes."--Dr Waisbren

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