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Oh yeah? ['Vaccines are Safe' lie]
"The conclusion time and time again is that the vaccine is safe."  Dr Elizabeth Miller Public Health Laboratory Service, 22 January, 2001
"This is a safe vaccine."-------Dr David Salisbury, Government immunisation programme

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[2017 June] A Botched Vaccine Campaign For Measles Killed 15 Children in South Sudan

[2014 June] Doctors Ignored MMR Vaccine Link to Febrile Seizures in Toddlers

[2014 May India] Negligence?: Measles vaccine claims yet another life in K-P

[2013 Feb] Six children fall ill after taking measles vaccines

[2013] Another rejection but parents maintain vaccine is linked to their son's death  1. The long legal discussion about whether or not Christopher met the “minimum 80% of disablement” test before his death needed for the case to go ahead. This discussion involved the two legal teams but not Christopher’s parents. 2.  The audio recording equipment was not working and no stenographer was present. The official record was therefore taken in handwritten notes by the judge.  3. The video link with the Coulters’ expert witness in America was of poor quality with audio and time delay problems.  4. Late evidence from one of the government’s expert witnesses was accepted just two working days before the hearing. This enabled him to attend an act as an additional expert witness at very short notice and gave little time for the Coulters to read and respond to his report.  5. The two experts who gave evidence on the government’s behalf have strong links with the government’s vaccination programme. Dr Baxter did not declare this to the panel in advance.

[2012 Aug] Panel rules MMR jab made girl deaf - but not enough for payout  A woman has won her fight to prove she was left deaf by the MMR jab – only the second time it has been linked to disability. But a medical assessment panel ruled Katie Stephen, 21, will not receive compensation because she is not considered disabled enough.

[2011 June] State sued over measles vaccination  The High Court has been told that the State has an obligation to compensate those who are injured as a result of being vaccinated in a public health vaccination scheme....Lawyers for Alan O'Leary from Ballyphehane in Cork say he suffered serious brain injury from the vaccine which should not have been administered to him.

[2011 March] Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review  She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.

[2010 Aug] Family win 18 year fight over MMR damage to son: £90,000 payout is first since concerns over vaccine surfaced

[2010 Jan] Tylenol Linked to Increased Risk of Autism  News media has not reported this: at least one study published in the May 2008 issue of the journal Autism has associated the use of Tylenol in tandem with the administration of the MMR vaccine drastically increased risk of autism.

[2009 may India MMR] Youth falls ill after vaccination drive

[2009 April] FARNINGHAM: Mum attends autistic rally Mrs Butler’s 19-year-old son, Matthew, was diagnosed with the condition when he was just 18 months old.  Matthew developed autism after having an MMR jab.

MMR death (George Fisher)

[2008] Did your child suffer a severe side effect from a vaccine? Garry and Rachel Williams will receive $250,000 from the government for the death of their daughter. The Williams claimed the Mumps, Measles, Rubella Vaccine or MMR killed their daughter.

[2009 Jan ] Medics baffled as illness leaves Leeds girl like a baby  Melody started showing symptoms a few days after having her joint measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination in July.

[2008] US Court Rules In Favour Of Family In MMR Vaccine Case Ben Zeller Jr  Benjamin Zeller that as a result of the MMR vaccination received on 17 November 2004, Benjamin, suffered persistent, intractable seizures, encephalopathy, and developmental delay.

[2008 Dec] Baby died ten days after being given MMR jab 'because of failure to warn of possible complications'

[2008 Oct MMR] 35,000 Euro compensation after child loses hearing after being vaccinated

[2008 Oct MMR autism] Fighting for Cole’s future  “After he turned 1 and got his measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations he started running in circles and didn’t interact much.”....The diagnosis was autism.

[March 2008] MMR campaigner to protest at GMC

[March 2007 MMR] Mum’s horror as tot ‘dies’ twice after jab

[March 2007] Early fears about MMR in secret papers
[Feb 2007] Prosecutors target Russian clinic testing British firm's MMR vaccine

[2006 Dec] Scientists fear MMR link to autism

[Media July 2006] Legal aid victory for paralysed MMR boy
[Media July 7, 2006 MMR] Boy awarded $43.1 million. The 7-year-old’s settlement comes under a national vaccine compensation program.
[Media June 2006] We won't allow MMR cover-up say parents of tragic toddlers

[2006] Paralysed children's legal fight over MMR  Shane Lambert and Fadi Khawaja both developed transverse myelitis - an incurable disease of the spine - after being given the injection.   Shane, now 11, received the MMR jab at 13 months old, and is now doubly incontinent and wheelchair bound.  Fadi, now 22, was given the vaccine when he was 10. He can now only walk small distances using crutches and suffers a range of debilitating health problems. "Fadi was perfectly healthy and running around until he had the vaccine," his mother said.....Mario Arturo Rodriguez, from Washington, developed transverse myelitis after he had the jab at one year old. Now seven, he was given the money from the American government's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay for a lifetime of round-the-clock-care.
   James Merow, the senior judge in Mario's case, echoed these views when he concluded: "There is a wealth of persuasive support....for the proposition that the MMR vaccine can cause transverse myelitis.." But the Department of Health said there is "no established link" between the MMR vaccine and transverse myelitis

[Media May 2006 MMR vaccine] GSK says Priorix involvement in Vietnam death unconfirmed

[Media April 2005.  MMR-autism] Gut reaction
[Media March 2005] £85,000 for parents of MMR victim (Buxton)
[Daily Mail (UK) 18/5/04 ]MMR Killed My Daughter
[Media 2004--coma, bowel] MMR CASH FIGHT BLOW
[MMR litigation] A life sentence with no appeal; It's the final insult.
[Media 2003 MMR---autism and bowel problems] My beautiful boy's life has been blighted
[Media 2003 MMR] Will my coma girl ever recover from MMR jab?
[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR death] Govt, group ordered to pay in vaccine suit
[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR death & serious brain damage] Families win lawsuit over MMR vaccine
[Media UK, Jan 9, 2003, MMR arthritis] The MMR jab turned our healthy girl into a cripple Rebekah Boyd
[Media USA Jan 2003 DPT/MMR--autism] Family blames vaccine additive for son's autism (Jevyn Bernier)

[2002] US Government Asks Court to Seal Vaccine Records

[Media NZ Dec 2002 MMR---autism] `We've got our son back' (Daniel Everard)
[Media Nov 2002] Parents of autistic boy in fight for MMR damages (Michael Goodall)
[Media Private Eye 18-31 Oct 2002]  MMR death
[Media May 2002] MMR deaths awarded by VDPU but denied by UK government (Buxton, Dwyer)
[Media, July 2002] 'My child changed after jab' (Joshua Sutcliffe)
[Media June 2002] Will my coma girl ever recover from MMR jab? (Levi Ellis)
[Media May 2002] Why mother is immune to MMR claim (Shannen Turnbul)
[Media April 2002] Couple's MMR jab anguish Abbie Mae Howell
[Media 2002, MMR--GBS, ME] MMR jab ruined my life'
[Media 1/2002 MMR] 1,000 Families Seek Compensation For Alleged Vaccine Harm
[Media 1/2002 MMR deaths] Were all of these children killed by the triple MMR jab?


Parents Threaten to Quit Vaccine Inquiry

[Media 2001  MMR--autism] Human rights appeal over MMR jabs (McLellans)
[Media May 27 2001] Autism 'linked to mercury vaccine' (Melissa Wickens)
[Media UK, April 2001] Letter: A life ruined by a jab
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Mother Rejects official claim MMR is safe--campaigner draws analogy with BSE (Toby Henderson)

[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--epileptic fits, behavioural problems] Injection sparks mother's fears (Jamie HANSON)
[Media Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Little boy lost inside his own prison (Stephan Storey)
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Each of Mary Robinson's six babies were perfect when they were born (Robinson)
[Media UK, Feb 2001, MMR--idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)] New concern over MMR
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Family sue firm over triple jab (Lucy Launchbury, Oliver Krisson)
[Media UK Jan 2001. MMR--autism] Mother 's fears over vaccine (Jessica Fussell)
[Media, UK. 2001, MMR--autism] Mum’s fears over jabs (Joseph Anglesea-Barden)
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism and bowel disease] MMR debate: Mothers' stories (Alec McKelvey)
[Media UK, Jan 2001] MMR & leukemia (letter)
[Media UK, Jan 2001 MMR--autism] ‘Chicken pox' agony of Alex (Haydock)
[Media UK, Jan 2001.  MMR & meningitis C--autism, learning disabilities] ‘Perfect’ baby’s autism (Holly Lewis)
[Media UK, Jan 2001. MMR--bowel disease & autism] Fruity diet blamed for boy’s illness (Rory Adams)

[Media UK, March 2000, MMR--autism] A father's search for the truth (Oliver THROWER)
[Media UK, Oct 2000, MMR/DPT--severe brain damage] Marjorie praised as 'real trooper' (Heather PEEKE)
[Media UK, Oct 2000, MMR--autism] Parents to sue vaccine manufacturer (Georgia STEPHENSON)
[Media UK 2000, MMR--autism] Parents' Fury Over 'Betrayal' of Autistic Boy (Thomas HEWITT)
[Media UK, Jan 2000, MMR--autism] Vaccine made my son autistic (Sam Parry)
[Media-India, 2000. DPT, MMR--autism] Under-reporting of adverse vaccine reactions could jeopardise infants' safety (Seema)
[Media UK, March 2000, MMR--autism] Boy's parents sue drugs giant (Robert Damon)
[Media UK, June 2000, MMR--autism] NO CASH TO HELP UNLOCK HAYDEN'S SECRET WORLD (Hayden Depass)
[Media UK, Feb 2000, MMR--autism, leukemia] Phoenix risen from the ashes (Ollie Venables)
[Media UK, July 2000, MMR--autism] I SAW MY SON'S HEALTH SLUMP (Luke Pitts)
[Media UK, Aug 2000, MMR--autism] DAD TO SUE OVER JAB TRAGEDY OF SON (Shane Nokes)
Media UK, Dec 2000, MMR--autism] Parents sue over son's vaccine (Oliver Krisson)
[Media UK, Oct 2000--MMR-autism] Suing the drug companies: Isabella Thomas with Terry, six, and Michael, eight
[Media UK, June 2000, MMR & DPT--Autism & bowel disorder] Girl disabled by jabs is refused compensation (Jodie Marchant)
[Media UK, Oct 2000,  MMR--epileptic with severe learning difficulties] Parents in vaccine plea (Nicola Prentice)
[Media UK, 2000  MMR--brain damage] Needle Damage By Doug Donovan (Jeffrey Childers)
[Media USA, 2000] MMR & autism (Eric Gallop)
[Media UK,  2000 MMR--autism] Island's autism cases prove link say parents (Lewis Jamieson, Craig McDonald )
[Media UK, 2000 MMR-autism] What happened to my son? (Mark Enright)

[Media UK, Sept 1999, MMR--autism] Parents' worry over jab (Matthew Heal)
[Media UK, Oct 1999, MMR--autism, epilepsy] Mother sues for MMR jab (Matthew Turner)
[Media UK, Nov 1999, MMR--autism] Autism boy's legal battle (Steven Denning)
[Media UK, Aug 1999 MMR-autism] How MMR changed my boys, by triplets’ mother (Steell)
[Media UK, June 1999 MMR-bowel & developement problems] Vaccine row parents made to pay for son's diagnosis (Oliver Loch)
[Media March 2001] MMR: DOUBLE TROUBLE? (Oliver Loch)
[Media UK, March 1999] Our beautiful, healthy little girl had an MMR injection. Within hours, she was dying (Emma Gentle)

[Media UK, April 1998, MMR--cerebral palsy & paralysis] New pay-out hope for tragic Alison, 25 (Alison Bryant)
[Media UK, Dec 1998, MMR] Jab left Charlotte mentally and physically impaired. (Charlotte Rudge)
[Media UK, Nov 1998 MMR-autism, deafness] Families begin legal fight over MMR vaccine By Rajeev Syal (Adam Wilsher, Paul Sayers)
[Media UK, Jan 1998, MMR--death] Baby (Harriet Moore) dies after measles jab
[Media UK, Jan 1998 MMR-Autism] AUTISM from MMR (Matthew Poulter)

[Media UK, Aug 1997 MMR-autism &crohn's disease] Crying shame of the vaccination victims Sunday Times (William Kessick).
[Media UK,  97, MMR--epilepsy] Why play Russian roulette with your child's life?(Rachel Coote)


[Media Jan 1995 MMR-GBS] Measles jab puts Jason out of the running (Jason Lloyd)
[Denmark, March 1994 MMR-Autism] Letter
[Media Nov 1994] Measles jab girl blinded (Alison Doherty)

[Media USA, 1990, Measles vaccine--seizures] Obscure Program Becoming Known (Cassidy Watkins)

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