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'The plank of their argument is that they are safe and effective. You now know, as a matter of fact,  they're not safe and effective--and that's just for one vaccine, the MMR.' --  Dr. Andrew Wakefield

[FB: Intro MMR.  To see the complete fallacy of MMR vaccination look at Measles, Mumps & Rubella.  To see the true nature of the vaccine quacks, see the story on the last MMR vaccine (also Merck MMR mumps component fraud).  Plus the fact they have suppressed the Vitamin C cure for infections, over 70 years now, exposing the fact it's all about money, mostly in generating customers for life with vaccine induced disease such as Autism. This long racket can only survives by keeping the lid on these facts, by cutting MMR legal funding, ignoring thousands of parents observations, persecuting Dr. Andy Wakefield, and producing fraudulent studies to order, while the Media Mafia Greek Chorus sing from the Corporate hymn sheet.  This is our crypto-medical Fascism system in action.  The consequences of vaccines such as MMR and the mercury ones being the main cause of autism would be devastating to the drug industry (we have 500,000 people with Autistic spectrum disorders in the UK alone), and could cause the collapse of the pharmaceutical industry which is just a house of cards anyway.  As Dr Fletcher points out: "There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of MMR and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves."  And they sure have, see Psychopathy.]

See: Glaxo lying on Avandia

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[2010 jan] Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story
[2009] Silenced Witnesses 1: The Parents' Story

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NB: MMR diseases (Lawyer list many years ago, UK).  Legal aid was withdrawn, see MMR legal funding
Autism (287), Crohn’s disease and other serious chronic stomach problems (136), Epilepsy (132), Other forms of brain damage (induding meningitis, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, encephalitis etc.) (77), Hearing and vision problems (81), Arthritis (50), Behavioural and learning problems (in older children) (110), Chronic fatigue syndrome (41), Diabetes (15), Guillain-Barre syndrome (9), Idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura (and other purpuras) (6), Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) (3), Wegener’s Granulamatosis (2), Leukaemia (1), Multiple sclerosis (1), Death (18). (Dawbarns fact sheet.)

[2016 Sept]  Vitamin C Prevents Side Effects from the MMR Vaccine

[2016 June] Japanese Government Continues to Ban the MMR Vaccine

[2016 March] Former science chief: 'MMR fears coming true'  "Yet there has been a tenfold increase in autism and related forms of brain damage over the past 15 years, roughly coinciding with MMR's introduction, and an extremely worrying increase in childhood inflammatory bowel diseases and immune disorders such as diabetes, and no one in authority will even admit it's happening, let alone try to investigate the causes."  He said there was "no way" the tenfold leap in autistic children could be the result of better recognition and definitional changes, as claimed by health authorities.   "It is highly likely that at least part of this increase is a vaccine related problem." he said. "But whatever it is, why isn't the Government taking this massive public health problem more seriously?"
    He said he had decided to speak out because of his deep concern at the lack of treatment for autistic children with bowel disease, as revealed in The Mail on Sunday two weeks ago.  He called the sudden termination of legal aid to parents of allegedly vaccine-damaged children in late 2003 "a monstrous injustice". After agreeing to be a witness for the parents, he received thousands of documents relating to the case.  "Now, it seems, unless the parents force the Government to restore legal aid, much of this revealing evidence may never come out," he said.

[vid] The Legacy of Vaccine Injury - Dr. Andrew Wakefield  39 min--how Merck fiddled a vaccine test to get their useless mumps vaccine on the market

[2012 May] Italian Court of Rimini MMR autism case

[2011 June] Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination 

[2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words
[2010 Jan] Read
Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story

Janine Roberts on how they make the Measles vaccine, start at 5:00.  "I found a CDC paper called 'Isolation of the Measles virus.'  If we think a patient might have Measles get some fluid from that patient...and put in fridge.  Next, get a marmoset monkey, kill it, take it's cells and put cells in cell culture because they are 10,000 times more responsive to measles than our human cells.  The cell culture isn't ready yet to grow measles virus.  Next thing is to make the monkey cells cancerous by exposing to radiation.  Next give those monkey cells Epstein Barr virus, which is a horrific disease.  Next, add a toxin to the cell culture that is so dangerous the advice is to wear rubber gloves, don't let human skin touch it.  The CDC says at this point the cells are starting to fall off the sides of the vessel, in other words they are poisoned, they have cancer and EBV and they are falling over, they are ill.  Give them 2 days to recover and add nutrients.  Now get sample out of fridge and add to these diseased and cancerous cells.  Watch with microscope for 2 days.  If after this time 50% of the cells are distorted then you have an isolate of measles virus and you are instucted to put in fridge and keep to be used as vaccine.  At no point is measles virus seen, at no point is the measles virus proved to cause the illness in the cells.  We know they are poisoned, we know they have been given cancer & Epstein Barr syndrome.  That is now ready to be made into a vaccine to be put into our kids.  This noxious mixture is the basis that can be used in vaccines."

  The new vaccine is cultured on canine kidney cells instead of chick embryos making it suitable for those children allergic to eggs; however, the new wonder vaccine may not be suitable for those allergic to dogs.

[2012 March] Dr. Wakefield Comments After the GMC Recants; Will Dr. Andrew Wakefield Be Next?  a study performed by a team of doctors at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, involved 275 children that confirmed Dr. Wakefield’s findings regarding bowel disease and the measles virus.  Here are the results: 70 out of 82 children tested positive for the measles virus, but just not any ordinary measles virus.

[2012 March] MMR doctor John Walker-Smith wins High Court appeal

[2011 Nov] Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autism

[2011 Aug] Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems  In layman's terms, this is what's known as a "scientific circle jerk" where one group of bought-off scientists quotes another group of bought-off scientists as "authorities" even though they all parrot the same medical quackery of their masters -- the pharmaceutical companies.

[2011  Aug] Autism Figures – Existing Studies Shows Shocking Real Increase Since 1988

[2011 Feb] BMJ & Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership  Why did the BMJ fail to disclose its partnership agreement with Merck, major vaccine manufacturer--13 vaccines, including the controversial MMR vaccine ?  Is it just conceivably possible, that the BMJ's decision to commission and publish Brian Deer's series of articles attacking Dr. Andrew Wakefield's personal and scientific integrity--and lend its unwavering editorial endorsement--without giving him an opportunity to defend himself--might be influenced by a SIGNIFICANT financial conflict of interest?

[2011 May] Six Times More Measles Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reports Than Measles Cases in 2011  there have been 698 FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports related to MMR, MMRV (MMR plus varicella) and measles vaccines in 2011 ­ including 4 deaths and 280 emergency room visits.  698 VAERS reports are almost six times more than the number of measles cases

The only way lie

Treatment of vaccine victims

Points on measles vaccination

[2010 Aug] Vaccine Injury: The Fletchers and Cedillos – a Tale of Two Families By John Stone

[2010 Aug] Family win 18 year fight over MMR damage to son: £90,000 payout is first since concerns over vaccine surfaced

[2010 May] Hidden Government Papers on the Measles Vaccine Exposed by Christina England

[2010 April] Scientists fear MMR link to autism

[2010 April] Oxford West & Abingdon: Are your Patient Records Safe with Evan Harris MP? By John Stone

[2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield
[2010 April. Video transcripts] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

[2010 April] The GMC Hearings: Return to the House of Lies By Martin Walker

[2010 April] Statement from Dr. Andrew Wakefield Regarding GMC Hearing Sanctions

[2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

[2010 March] The GMC and the MMR case: 162-95 is the key By John Stone

[2010 March] Sebelius Asks Media to Censor Autism Debate by Katie Wright

[2010 March] God, Greed and the Apostles. Bill Welsh on Fallacies of The Lancet, GMC and MMR Reporting By Bill Welsh

[2010 March Letter] MMR Toxicity Explained by Michael D Innis  The truth is it is harming the children because as Wakefield and his colleagues have shown, some ingredient in the vaccine causes methymalonic acidaemia followed by cobalamine deficiency and consequently neurological lesions in genetically susceptible children. The government is blind to this and one way out of this dilemma it seems is for doctors to forgo the five pieces of silver and refuse to vaccinate children on the grounds that the oath they have sworn, "first do no harm" forbids such an action.

[2010 March] Brian Deer Blunders in British Medical Journal By John Stone

[2010 March] Coalition for Vaccine Safety Explains the Autism Omnibus Proceeding

[2010 March] FDA "Corruption" Letter Authenticated: Lawyers, Start Your Engines!

[2010 March] The Fallacy of Thimerosal Removal & Autism Increase: A Failure of Science, A Bigger Failure to Children Worldwide By Jake Crosby  What is truly sad is that this big hungry lie continues to be repeated in order to justify the population-wide poisoning of countless infants and fetuses.

[2010 March] First Fraud: Dr. Poul Thorsen and the original “Danish Study” By J.B. Handley  It’s hard to put into words how dishonest and outrageous a study this is, and I knew after reading it that we were in for a long fight: if scientists will lie this explicitly and call it a study and if Pediatrics will publish something this dishonest, they are playing to win at all costs.

[2010 Feb Letter] Did retracting the paper matter? by F. Edward Yazbak

[2010 March] Brian Deer Hired to "Find Something Big" on MMR By John Stone

[2010 March] Silenced Witnesses: UK Autism Parents Speak Out

[2010 March] Joan Cranmer’s Fateful Decisions and the Suppression of Autism Science By Mark Blaxill

[2010 Feb] Dr Wakefield's Inquisitioners Have Their Day By  Dr Sherri Tenpenny   I have a friend in Maine who is a nephrologist. She consults on patients who need dialysis. Just by asking the question, "When was your last vaccine?” she has found nine patients – most with previously normal kidney function – who developed acute renal failure within two to 28 days of the shot. All but one needed kidney dialysis.
    Wakefield's observation, finding vaccine-strain measles in the gut of *some* autistic children, has been replicated by other researchers.
   > Japanese study: Detection and Sequencing of Measles Virus from Peripheral Mononuclear Cells from Patients with Inflammatory Bowel  Disease and Autism 
   > NJ Medical School: Dysregulated Innate Immune Responses in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Their Relationship to Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Dietary Intervention

[2003 pdf] Mark R. Geier, MD, PhD; David A Geier.  Pediatric MMR Vaccination Safety

[2010 Jan] Tylenol Linked to Increased Risk of Autism  News media has not reported this: at least one study published in the May 2008 issue of the journal Autism has associated the use of Tylenol in tandem with the administration of the MMR vaccine drastically increased risk of autism.

[2010 Jan] The Launch of Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The UK GMC Hearings by Martin Walker  "Anyone could see clearly that if they had a genuine case, to show that the children were not ill and that they were subjected to aggressive procedures without ethical approval and without parental consent, they were bound to call the parents to give evidence. They didn't because the parents would have told the hearing that most of the children suffered the most terrible bowel disease followed by regressive autism. So had the prosecution called the parents from day one the GMC case would have collapsed." 
....Dr Wakefield, attending the launch with his wife Carmel, gave an impromptu and modest speech in which he repeated a number of times, the fact that whatever the verdict of the GMC, this battle was not about him but about science and the terrible plight of the parents and their children. Everyone was, however, aware that this is only half true, without Andrew Wakefield, the science, the data, the information about MMR, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and regressive autism, would have been buried by governments and drug companies, perhaps for ever.

[2010 jan] Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story

[2009] Silenced Witnesses 1: The Parents' Story

[2009 Nov] Scientific Link To Autism Identified
[pdf press release] Scientific Link to Autism Identified

[2009 Nov] Federal Health Agencies Continue to Deceive Americans: Congressional Report on a Vaccine Mercury-Autism Link Ignored for Six Years by Richard Gale and Gary Null, Ph.D “study after study of spurious and flawed research that would likely never pass a graduate school examination, scientist after scientist affiliated or with financial ties to the vaccine industry now dominating our academies and health agencies, have determined that there really is no safety risk with thimerosal.”

[2009 Aug] MMR Road Show Parents Demonstration

[2006] Paralysed children's legal fight over MMR

[2009 July] Sunday Times Ordered ‘Remove Wakefield MMR “Data Fixing” Story’

Rebecca Coombes - BMJ Propaganda For MMR Vaccine Dr Dick van Steenis, MBBS

[2009 June] Dr. Andrew Wakefield on The Poisoning of Young Minds

[2009 June Letter] Support for MMR dissenters by Dr Dick van Steenis

A re-run of the MMR vaccination - eightfold autism risk by Nick Anderson.

MMR dangers - eight tests before having an MMR vaccination by Nick Anderson.

[2009 April] British Minister Misled Parliament Over US MMR Autism Case - [EK]

[2009 April] Government Risks Male Sterility As Mumps Vaccine Fails

[6th May 2009] a formal complaint  filed with the General Medical Council of the UK against four senior doctors

MMR Implicated in Rocketing Childhood Diabetes Rates
Posted on April 5, 2009 by childhealthsafety

[2009 May FILM] Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC.

US Court Rules In Favour Of Family In MMR Vaccine Case Ben Zeller The US Court ruled [July 2008] in favour of this little boy Benjamin Zeller that as a result of the MMR vaccination received on 17 November 2004, Benjamin, suffered persistent, intractable seizures, encephalopathy, and developmental delay, and also this news footage

[2009 may] GCSE pupils 'brainwashed to support the MMR vaccine'
[2009 may India MMR] Youth falls ill after vaccination drive
[2009 April] British Government Minister in Idiotic Deception Over MMR by John Stone

[2009 April] Fourteen Studies? Only if you never read them by  J.B. Handley  Of all the remarkable frauds that will one day surround the autism epidemic, perhaps one of the most galling is the simple statement that the “science has spoken” and “vaccines don’t cause autism.” Anytime a public health official or other talking head states this, you can be assured that one of two things is true: they have never read the studies they are talking about, or they are lying through their teeth.

[2009 April] FARNINGHAM: Mum attends autistic rally Mrs Butler’s 19-year-old son, Matthew, was diagnosed with the condition when he was just 18 months old.  Matthew developed autism after having an MMR jab.

Lora Wright MMR/DTap/IPV Vaccine Case Won 2008

[2009 Feb] Vaccine Court: Autism Debate Continues By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & David Kirby

Sunday Times’ Boss, Glaxo, & US MMR Vaccine Court Cases

[2009 Feb] THE MMR VACCINE IS NOT HOLY WATER by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Sunday Times’ London Editor Must Quit Over False “Wakefield MMR Data Fixing” Story

UK Government Hides Yet More MMR Document

Sunday Times - Sinks To New Low With Yet More MMR Junk Journalism

[2009 Jan] Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action

[2008 Oct MMR autism] Fighting for Cole’s future 

[2008 Oct] Dr Andrew Wakefield On MMR Vaccine In Sunday Express

[Aug 2007] The anti-MMR mothers who are putting us all in danger
Hannah Poling
[Aug 2008] Dumb And Dumber by Bill Welsh, President, Autism Treatment Trust
Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD
[June 2008] CDC Has Lost Control of the Autism Argument by David Kirby
[2008 MMR] Silenced Witnesses The Parents' Story
[April 2008] MMR: Major mumps outbreak proves the vaccine doesn’t work
[5th February 2008].Baird G. et al. Measles vaccination and antibody response in autism spectrum disorders. Archives of Disease in Childhood. Published
[Monday October 8th to Friday October 19th] Grub Street Medicine by Martin J Walker
[March 2007] Vaccine officials knew about MMR risks
Wakefield GMC Hearing 2007
[The GMC Hearing July 30th to August 6th] Prosecuting For The Defence by Martin J Walker
[GMC Wakefield Aug 2007] The Hearing Trundles On by Martin J Walker
Transcripts were freely available through week one, when allegations were being read out without rebuttal. After cross examination began it was decided not to make

Generation Rescue - June 26, 2007 Autism Higher in Vaccinated Boys
[June 2007 Private Eye] MMR Conflict of Interest Zone
[May 2007] MMR judge faces probe over brother's link to vaccine firm
[May 2007] GMC Challenged On MMR Inquiry Chief's Vaccine Firm Links
[May 2007]
[March 2007 MMR] Mum’s horror as tot ‘dies’ twice after jab
[March 2007] Early fears about MMR in secret papers
[Feb 2007] Prosecutors target Russian clinic testing British firm's MMR vaccine
Dr Jane Donegan, "Witch Hunt"
The victimisation of Lisa Blakemore-Brown

permanent severe brain injury from MMR vaccine
[jan 2007] Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism By Evelyn Pringle
Ayoub was asked why government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, are working so hard to keep the truth about the mercury-autism link hidden. He says it is a long story, but the main reason is because if they admitted guilt, it would mean the government agencies, drug companies and medical organizations, “have taken part in the largest iatrogenic epidemic known to man.”
      The fallout over admission of causality would be unprecedented, Ayoub adds. The lost confidence in American medicine would likely cause people to turn to alternative methods of medicine, and a rise in deeper investigation might reveal the truth about other suppressions related to cancer therapy, hypertension Rx, or Atherosclerosis.

[JABS Jan 2007] Brian Deer: Questions for the Sunday Times --John Stone
[JABS Dec 2006 Wakefield persecution] The latest from Deer re Wakefield expert fees

[Dec 2006] Response by Dr Andy Wakefield to enquiries about expert fees.

[2006 Dec] Scientists fear MMR link to autism

[Media Dec 2006 Ireland] £2m payout over children disabled by vaccinations  "My requests for information about Christopher's death have been blocked at every turn by the Government," ...."It was terrible" no one expects to find their child dead, but the opposition we have faced from the Department of Health (DHSSPS) has been unbelievable. ....the pathologist has since admitted the vaccine issue should not have been excluded from his initial report...."In his letter to the coroner, the pathologist failed to say Christopher received a vaccine before he died, and then another pathologist visited and told us the vaccine wasn't responsible," he said.

[Video] Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda   David Ayoub, M.D. goes through the relations of Mercury to Autism as well its connections to “National Security Study Memorandum 200”; for population
[Nov 2005] The Seat of the Soul; The Origins of the Autism Epidemic by ANDREW WAKEFIELD, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath
[Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots
Blakemore-Brown, Lisa C
[NVIC Oct 2006] Covering Up MMR/Autism Link
[Oct 7, 2006] MMR - UPTAKE STILL DROPPING IN UK---Clifford G. Miller
[E mail Sept 6, 2006 Clifford Miller] First time we have hard scientific proof that autism spectrum disorder in British kids has increased 1200 percent since mid 1980s
The MMR 10
[Media July 2006] Legal aid victory for paralysed MMR boy
[JABS Press Release 10 July 2006] BBC withdraws allegation that Dr Andrew Wakefield was paid to conduct MMR investigation
[Media Letter 3 July, 2006]
Unequivocally, There is Strong Evidence Linking Thimerosal to Autism
[Media July 7, 2006 MMR] Boy awarded $43.1 million. The 7-year-old’s settlement comes under a national vaccine compensation program.
David Ayoub
Elliman Letter
[NVIC June 12, 2006] UK Docs Attack Wakefield
Vaccine deaths
Eric Fombonne
Media attacks on MMR critics
[Media June 2006] We won't allow MMR cover-up say parents of tragic toddlers
[may 2006
Dr. M. A. Afzal] No Evidence of Measles Virus in MMR-Vaccinated Autistic Children
[Media May 2006 MMR vaccine] GSK says Priorix involvement in Vietnam death unconfirmed
[pdf March 2006] MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Regressive or Late Onset Autism --David Thrower
[Media, May 11, 2006] Two doses of MMR 'may not protect from mumps'
[Schafer Autism Report--Pediatrics article May 2006] The Obfuscation of The Iatrogenic Autism Epidemic
[NVIC May 2006] Upper, Middle Class Families Shun MMR Vacine
[PROVE April 2006] Recent Mumps Cases and Air Travel
[Media March 2006] Chiron recalls MMR vaccine, revises 2005 earnings
[3/2006] A message from Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
[NVIC 3/2006] Chelation for autism
[Media Feb 2006] 'Why I am terrified of trusting MMR'
[Media Feb 2006] Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations
[Media Feb 2006] Former science chief: 'MMR fears coming true'
Chemist says mercury linked to autism spike by Rob Zaleski
The Age of Autism: The story so far By DAN OLMSTED
The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret' By Dan Olmsted
The Age of Autism: The Amish anomaly By Dan Olmsted
[Media Oct 2005 Autism expert] I'm being driven out says second expert to link autism and jabs
[Media Oct 2005] GP who gave MMR warning faces sack
[June 2005] Deadly Immunity By ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.
[BMJ Letter. 6 June 2005 C Miller] False Government Rubella Scare Stories - Reply to Professor Louis Z Cooper
[Letter BMJ. May 2005] False Government Rubella Scare Stories - Only 20,000 Percent Overstated---C. Miller
MUMPS, DO WE NEED TO WORRY? By Dr. Jayne Donegan
[Letter BMJ March 2005--MMR] Science can prove a negative---Clifford G Miller
[Letter BMJ March 2005--MMR] Simply a concerned parent--Ian S Barnett
[Media March 2005] £85,000 for parents of MMR victim
[11 March 2005] BMJ & BALANCE - AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EDITOR by Clifford G. Miller
[media March 2005] Nurses still 'suspicious' of MMR
[Letter BMJ March 2005 by Viera Scheibner on MMR autism in Japan]
[March 2005] MMR – Autism Epidemiological Studies: Just a distraction. By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP
Wakefield Responds To Japan Study
[March 2005 Letter BMJ by Hilary Butler re latest MMR study in Japan]
[Media Dec 2004] MMR parents win legal victory
MMR maker hid dangers of Vioxx for 3-4 years
[Media, Private Eye, Nov 2004]  MMR: OH DEER OH DEER
[Nov 2004] Issues Raised by the Sunday Times and the Channel 4 Dispatches Programme: A statement by Dr Andrew Wakefield
[Media Oct 2004] MMR report 'not denial of autism link'. Crucial child study missed many cases, claim US experts
[Sept 2004]
Dr. Wakefield Responds To British Study Clearing MMR Vaccines
MMR AND AUTISM:  The link really has been established (WDDTY Sept 2004)
[Media 29 August 2004] There IS a link between the MMR jab and autism, claims new research
False information in DeStefano/Rhodes response to M. Geier 24 March 2004
[Letter BMJ --MMR] Re: When will this pantomime end? 19 March 2004 --John Daniel Stone,
[Letter BMJ--SBS] Will anyone listen now? 26 March 2004 ---s m latta,

[Letter to BMJ] 'Not Really' From F. Edward Yazbak
Letter to BMJ - MMR/Wakefield  by Hilary Butler.
MMR Studies that Count, Studies that Don't - F.E. Yazbak, MD, FAAP
PRIVATE EYE 17 October - 30 October 2003

[Media UK, may 2003] Doctors' children avoid MMR
Autism Expert: Time Quote "MMR Doesn't Cause Autism" Misrepresents Him,  Issues (Jeff Bradstreet)
[Nov 2002] New England Journal of Medicine Study on Autism-MMR Vaccine in Denmark NOT Definitive
MMR (Private Eye 18-31 Oct 2002)
[Media May 2002] MMR deaths awarded by VDPU but denied by UK government (Buxton, Dwyer)
[Media Oct 2002] Revealed, most compelling evidence yet of MMR danger
[Media Aug 2002] MMR researcher paid by vaccine makers
[Media letter, MMR,  july, 2002] Start listening
[Media July 3,2002] Livingstone advises parents to shun MMR jabs
[Media UK, 16 June 2002] Revealed: more evidence to challenge the safety of MMR
[Media July 2, 2002] Parents refusing MMR jabs face ban
MMR vaccine horror story (feb 2002)
[Media dec 2001] Cherie health guru who believes MMR jab is unnecessary
Measles Vaccine Produces Immune Suppression
The Cure Autism Conspiracy of Parents and the M.I.N.D. Institute (Wakefield & Rollens interview)

Industry quotes re: the "safe" MMR