Mother’s regret over son who still suffers
Mail on Sunday, June 11, 2000
By Lorraine Fraser

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JULIET Parsons still finds it difficult to talk abut the time her son developed meningitis after he was given the Urabe jab nine years ago.

She said Matthew continues to suffer side effects. He has learning difficulties, still has fits and regularly gets ill due to a weak immune system.

Matthew, who was 14 months old when immunised, reacted almost immediately, recalled Mrs Parsons, 35. He developed a temperature, a rash and became very drowsy. The following day he got worse. "He went stiff and strange then he started having fits," she said.

As Mrs Parsons, of York, waited for a doctor to arrive, Matthew stopped breathing and went limp. Eventually he was rushed to hospital, having fits on the way, "My husband and I were beside ourselves. We thought he’d die," said his mother.

Matthew was resuscitated several times and miraculously pulled through. Mercifully, he was not brain damaged. Doctors confirmed he had viral meningitis which may have been caused by the jab.

"If I could turn back the clock I would never have risked Matthew’s life in that way," said Mrs Parsons who is now taking legal action.

Two other babies died, however, soon after being given the Urabe MMR jab.

Joanne Ogden, 15 months, became ill a week after immunisation and died in hospital 17 days later from a viral infection of a heart muscle.

Jade Scrimger, 17 months, of Sunderland, died within three days of her jab after developing meningitis.

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