Mrs Vivienne Parry
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"The first question on people's lips when the spectre of pandemic flu looms large is often: ďIs there a vaccine and where can I get it?Ē

[Vivienne Parry is the lay member of the JCVI.  A vaccinator as you would expect, see her Times article.  Works for main government propaganda outlets--the BBC and Times, see her own profile here. Don't miss her great propaganda piece on flu and the Swine flu vaccine 1976: There's no such thing as a simple flu jab  Competing with the annual flu fearmongers like John Oxford. No wonder she is on the JCVI.]

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Articles by Parry
[2009 April]
There's no such thing as a simple flu jab

[2009] Donít blame factory farming for pandemics

Quotes re Parry
One of its members closely linked to the sinister government lobbying groups such as Sense About Science, the Science Media Centre and the infamous psychiatrist Professor Simon Wessely, is the ubiquitous rent-a-mouth Vivienne Parry. Parry is notorious to many of our readers due to her offensive and unethical behaviour over the risible PRIME Project on 'CFS/ME' funded by Great Universal Stores (GUS). [DOC] THE ONE CLICK GROUP

Quotes by Parry
What really spooked the CDC was its similarity to the strain that killed more than 40 million people worldwide in 1918." There's no such thing as a simple flu jab

"A study by the respected US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention." [2009] Donít blame factory farming for pandemics

LOL!  Respected!  See: The Bandits know as the CDC

"The point is not that mass vaccination is wrong. Far from it. But vaccination has to be carefully considered. The risks have to be clearly balanced against the benefits, decisions have to be taken on the science not the politics and frequently re-evaluated. For the one thing that will never change is flu's capacity to surprise us."

LOL. No doubt she spent many hours weighing the MMR-autism risk!  The one thing that will never change is the flu fearmongers ability to surprise us, more like. See: Vaccine autism proven