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[Jan 2008] Pichichero. Pediatrics. Babies excrete vaccine-mercury quicker than originally thought

[January 31, 2008] Mercury Study Released Early to Help AAP Bash ABC by Barbara Loe Fisher

[Jan 2008] Babies excrete vaccine-mercury quicker than originally thought

Dr. Boyd Haley's reply (and more)

"You will all be delighted to know that we were all a bunch of wallies in suggesting vaccine thiomersal could possible have anything to do with any health problem whatsoever.
    Funny though, there is a wee problem here.  Burbacher found that mercury was retained in the brain, and itís also retained in other parts of the body too.  The authors admit that they donít know where the mercury went to after it left the blood.  Also, the Yahoo article says that every child had blood taken twice beforehand, and once after varying from 12 hours to 30 days. So we donít know if the TOTAL amount excreted, was the same as the amount injected.  Exactly what does this study prove?  They say the levels are one-tenth of those predicted.  Who predicated it, and on what basis of calculation was the prediction done?
    Are they assuming that all 216 babies excreted thiomersal like clockwork, identically to each other.  Do they assume that results on 216 children can be extrapolated to a couple of billion?  If they are saying that, then if we took 500 children, vaccinated half, and didnít vaccinate the other half, and followed them for five years.. and if we found that there was more autism, asthma, allergies, ADD, ADHD etc, in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, do you think the medical world would then agree with us that vaccines were damaging childrenís health?
    We await the next episode of peyton place with bated breath."---
Hilary Butler