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[2008 Oct]
From One Prick to Another
[June 2006] Just A Little Prick by Peter and Hilary Butler

Healthy trial babies only

[vid] Infant Immunity Part III: Birth, placenta, breastmilk with Hilary Butler    "We are told it's just what you would produce yourself.  Actually it's made of mammal brains, and the manufacturers are allowed 16% impurities, and it doesn't tell us what those impurities are."  ~  Hilary Butler Oxytocin (synthetic)

[2010 Aug Press release] New Zealand Medical Authorities continue to ignore a potential cure for Swine Flu.

[2010 March] Brian Deer Blunders in British Medical Journal By John Stone

[Letters BMJ Becoming Ben Oct 2008]

Hilary Butler documenting HIB, then Prevnar now MRSA

MenZB Lies incorporated by Hilary Butler

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Chickenpox - Ignorance is not bliss.

Paracetamol should not be used for infectious fevers - revisited

[2012 Oct] When common becomes lethal by Hilary Butler

[2013] Measles: Misdiagnosis and Malpractice by Hilary Butler  What we are told, is that this man died because he wasn’t given the MMR vaccine:  FALSE.  This man died because the hospital system committed several preventable medical errors, and they know it.  And the hospital staff are too gutless to admit that.   What is astonishing is that in trying to blame the man’s parents for not vaccinating him, they fail to see that their own information has exposed their own systemic stupidity, which raises this question.  ”How many other ‘measles deaths’ result from hospital misdiagnoses?”

[2013 Jan] The problems with “hippies”, whose kid gets tetanus by Hilary Butler

[2012] Breastmilk Stem Cells: It’s not just food By Hilary Butler

[2012 Oct] Why Immediate cord clamping must cease by Hilary Butler

[2012 June] Former Merck Scientists File Suit Against Merck Under the False Claims Act

[2012 June] Pertussis : MOH changes the diagnosis criteria - 31 May, 2012 by Hilary Butler -

[2012 June] Whooping cough treatment by Hilary Butler

[2012 Feb] Breastfeeding - missing the bigger picture by Hilary Butler  The problem with saying that FORMULA feeding is a choice, is that actually, people who feed formula, aren't given a choice.....Breastfeeders are the tiny minority in this country, which is why formula is seen as "normal". ...The reason that most of the 2 - 5% of women, who physically cannot breastfeed, put formula in bottles in this country, is because they have no choice but to put formula in that bottle.  First, at the highest level of the paediatric community in this country there is NO COMMITMENT to educating parents of the necessity to breastfeed babies, or to cater for those who CANNOT.  (Note that word - CANNOT.  Not.... "won't")  High level commitment, could have had led to a smoothly operating, nation-wide breast milk bank  in New Zealand over a decade ago.  Parents should be provided with detailed information on WHY breastfeeding is vital.  Note that word: VITAL - not "optional".

[2011 Aug] More HPV vaccine lies by Hilary Butler  Volberding approved an untrue article about a vaccine, made by a company whose payroll he is on.  Hmmm........ Was the article deliberately approved, or approved without checking? Either way, the result is the publication of a lie. 

[2011 July] Paracetamol should not be used for infectious fevers - revisited by Hilary Butler   People should realise that normal therapeutic doses of paracetamol can cause liver damage, and that the use of paracetamol accounts for over 400 liver transplants a year in the USA. Furthermore, there are serious questions being raised about it, given that 65% of pregnant women use paracetamol regularly.

[2011 July] Does Nikki Turner live in Gaga land?

[2011 June] Part 2 of 3. Unanswered Questions about the Hepatitis B Vaccine by Hilary Butler

[2011 June] Influenza vaccines, KOPS, and the truth by Hilary Butler

[2011 May] Polio and lemmings by Hilary Butler

[2011 May] World's first Orwell "Truth Department" award goes to.... by Hilary Butler

[2011 May] It's all about money by Hilary Butler

[2011 April] Nikki Turner's Science Friction by Hilary Butler  Nikki Turner's unsubstantiated use of hypothetical measles cases and deaths as a scaremongering tactic, is the sort of selective use of information we have come to expect from the worlds' vaccine zealots

[2011 April] Paul Offit's Science Friction  by Hilary Butler  The problem is that Paul Offit's vision of compulsory control and compliance is based on a twisted figment of his imagination compiled from the views of similar zealots, not fact. 

[2011 April] Pneumovax 23 – an emperor with no clothes. by Hilary Butler  why does any government keep funding it, and persuading patients to use a vaccine that doesn't work?  for the same reason as they keep funding flu vaccines, and persuading patients to use a flu vaccine that doesn't work either....They recommend it, and fund it, because if you tell lies long enough, most people will believe you.  After all, you have to give big pharma every encouragement in hard times, don't you?   And you MUSTN'T.. mustn't point out to people, that the medical literature is jam packed with articles showing that it's not possible to get pneumonia, the flu or any respiratory infection ...  if you have a good diet with good levels of vitamin D and vitamin C, which enables your innate immune system to work properly....

[2011 April] Who exactly is mad, Dr Holt?  The Gospel of Dr Holt decrees that homeopathy is madness!  It's just a placebo, is "harmless" but... it's unscientific, and doctors shouldn't use it.  The fact that in 2002, more than half of what conventional doctors used was also scientifically unproven

[2010 Nov] Secret documents show benzos cause brain damage by Hilary Butler 

[2010 Sept] I'm not that fussed about the hygiene issues.... by Hilary Butler

[2010 Sept] Pertussis epidemic? Or Media induced malady? by Hilary Butler

[2010 Sept] The hidebound Ostrich that is Auckland District Health Board by Hilary Butler

[2010 Sept] On the matter of Dr Anthony J Morris by Hilary Butler

[2010 Sept] Non-Evidence based medicine, Part 1 by Hilary Butler
[2010 Sept] Non-Evidence based medicine, Part 2 by Hilary Butler
[2010 Sept] Non-Evidence based medicine, Part 3 by Hilary Butler

[2010 Aug] What, and who, kills who? vitamin C? by Hilary Butler

[2010 Aug] A wake-up call: Why fighting for your family matters by Hilary Butler

[2010 Aug] H1N1 deaths: Auckland and Waikato ICU criminally negligent?

[2010 July] "Refusal" to vaccinate by Hilary Butler

[2010 June] Warfarin, the vitamin K killer by Hilary Butler

[2010 April] Little porkies and big porkies by Hilary Butler

[2010 Feb] On the matter of the Lancet retraction by Hilary Butler

[2010 Jan] When did WHO change the definition of pandemic?

[2001 Jan] Part Four Autopsy and Jasmine Renata

[2009 Oct Natalie Morton] A message to the gullible by Hilary Butler EVEN THOUGH it’s underlying conditions which are said to be the main problem, you can bet your next sunshiny day, that when the swine flu vaccine come out, we will all be told to have them.  You won't be told, "The vaccine is unnecessary because it’s ONLY the underlying health issues that are the problem." We will probably be told that everyone needs to have the vaccine, in order to protect all those with underlying conditions!!
....Consider the 17 deaths from swine flu in this country, who have died, supposedly because of underlying conditions
.....All these people ONLY died from Swine flu, because the swine flu virus produces a serious health condition AS A RESULT of an underlying condition
.......don’t you think it’s amazing that while over a million American kids land up in hospital with drug reactions and adverse side effects from drugs every year, everything that happens after vaccines, is always blamed on the parent, or the person, BUT..... never the vaccine?

[2009 Sept] Science without principles  Ever since my eyes were opened to this issue 28 years ago, the mantra has always been, "When it comes to vaccines, a serious reaction is always something that would have happened anyway, and can't have anything to do with the vaccine." 
....Drugs however? ... That's another matter.  They can be honest about drugs, after all.. patents come and go, new drugs supercede old one, and not everyone takes every drug, so "drugs" are not the money spinner that vaccines are.
....How is it that a million or so children, every year, are admitted to suffer from reactions from drugs etc, yet when it comes to the 4.4 million USA babies who are vaccinated every year, most reactions are listed as coincidental?

[2009 July] Why anyone, with any flu, would be an idiot to take Paracetamol

[2009 June] More Swine flu porkies by Hilary Butler

[2009 April] When Swine Flu isn't swine flu by Hilary Butler

What was the real 19th century grim reaper? by Hilary Butler

[2008 Oct] Whooping cough lies, ad infinitum by Hilary Butler

[2008 Nov] Fleas, the good, the bad and the very ugly by Hilary Butler

[Aug 2008] Australian parents on the run by Hilary Butler

[Aug 2008] Flu jab doesn't work in healthy elderly--Hilary Butler  Obviously the flu vaccine is a dud, so can we toss it out now?....Life is certainly not boring when you are an influenza vaccine expert, trying to justify your existence.

[July 2008] The ethics of Cord clamping and stem cell collection by Hilary Butler

Thoughts on breastmilk and vitamin contents by Hilary Butler

Hepatitis b vaccine

[pdf WAVES SPRING/5UMMER2OO2] The incidence of each of eleven chronic childhood conditions in vaccinated and unvaccinated children expressed as actual incidence and as a percentage of the total vaccinated and unvaccinated children surveyed.

[pdf WAVES SPRING/5UMMER2OO2] Unvaccinated Children are Healthier

[June 2006] Just A Little Prick by Peter and Hilary Butler