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POLIO IS NOT CONTAGIOUS During a widespread epidemic of 1949, the New York State Health Department tried to establish the theory of Poliomyelitis spreading person-to-person and failed. In their studies, the United States Public Health Services also failed to prove the theory. Tests were also conducted on animals and humans (prisoners and orphans). They were exposed by having their throat and nasal passages swabbed with “matter” from the supposedly infected. No polio was reported to have been produced by this method. The only reported effects were loss of taste and smell do to the effects of poisons in the serum used on the swabs. Thus learning that POLIO IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.

"And polio is NOT even contagious or infectious (never proven to be)
No family member ever caught it from another family member
No doctor or nurse ever caught it from a patient
Look to toxic exposure to pesticides for one reason why there is a such a thing labeled poliomyelitis."---Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA

There is NO proof Polio is caused by a virus. There is NO evidence that anyone caught polio from another person in the family. There is NO evidence that any nurse or doctor caught polio from a patient. Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA