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Nancy Babcock's album (213 vaccine deaths and injuries)

[2016] Over Two Decades And No Justice: Government Protecting Doctor, After Nurse Damages Baby Girl’s Brain With Vaccinations Against Parental Consent
[2016] Government Preventing Family From Seeking Damages for 23 Years for Illegally Injecting Their Child (Jodie Marchant)  This is an update on one of the most shocking and unique vaccine damage cases ever to exist in history, one that could pave the way for healthcare providers to give illegal and untested vaccines without consent, unless we help this family get their case into court....Jodie’s parents found out years later the doctor signed off for the nurse to inject Jodie with an MMR II + DPT + Oral Polio + Hib vaccine, all drawn up in one syringe! That is eight dangerous vaccines drawn up and administered through one needle!....

The Vaccine Issue – My Son’s Story

[2011 June] Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination 

Tanners Dad

Dear colonel and the others that will follow:

Why I did what I did – why I do what I do by Meryl Dorey

[08 Nov 2004] CDC Meeting

[Letter Nexus 2007] Liability for Vaccine Damage

[2006] Laura's Story By Christine Colebeck

Helen's Story by Rosemary Fox