Part H - Various Experiences Elsewhere

58. Measles Outbreak In The Republic of Ireland

It has been reported by the UK DoH that there has been an epidemic of measles in the Dublin area, and that two children have died:

Autism is reported as rising sharply in Ireland. A survey of Cork found 33 cases in a population of just 13,000 (source: Ms. Miriam Twomey, Chairwoman of the Hope Project, Cork). The children had generally become autistic before the age of two years, and following vaccination.

59. MMR In Japan

The DoH has asserted that Japan doesn’t use MMR and the consequence has been 69 deaths from measles. The UK Channel 4 News and the UK Daily Mail checked out the facts, on 29/01/01 and 7/2/01 respectively:

60. Autism In Finland

(See also Patja et al study)

Part J - Political Initiatives

MMR and Late-Onset Autism -(Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower