UPDATED [July 2004] MMR and Acquired Autism (Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower

MMR and Late-Onset Autism -(Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower

March 2001


Part A - Introduction
1. Summary
2. Late-onset Autism/Autistic Enterocolitis
3. The New Syndrome

Part B - The Parents, The Children, The Costs
4. UK Parents Taking Legal Action
5. The Parents’ Reports
6. Financial Costs

Part C - UK Autism Numbers
7. Failure to Monitor UK Increases
8. "Now Almost Everyone Knows Someone......"
9. University of Cambridge Research
10. University of Sunderland Research
11. National Autistic Society Estimates
12. UK Department of Health Views
13. Fombonne Paper

Part D - The USA
14. Autism In The USA
15. California

Part E - Inconclusive "Evidence" Against There Being An MMR/Autism Link
16. Taylor, Miller North London study
17. UK Committee on Safety of Medicines study
18. Gillberg study
19. Patja (Peltola) study
20. Kaye et al paper
21. Stokes et al paper
22. Medical Research Council Ad-Hoc Review, 1998
23. Medical Research Council Sub-Committee Report, 2000

Part F - Evidence To Suggest That There Is A Link/Other Papers
24. Weibel et al paper
25. Delgiudice-Asch et al paper
26. Fudenberg paper
27. Singh paper
28. Further Singh paper
29. Singh, Warren et al paper
30. Weizman et al paper
31. Gupta et al paper
32. Oleske and Zecca paper
33. Binstock paper
34. Griffin paper
35. Auwaerter and Griffin paper
36. Martinez paper
37. Wakefield et al "Early Report" paper,
38. Sabra, Bellanti and Colon letter
39. Cook et al paper
40. Warren paper
41. Warren and Singh studies
42. Kulman paper
43. US Developmental Delay Registry
44. Other Researchers
45. Professor Spitzer statement
46. Wakefield & Montgomery "Through A Glass Darkly" MMR safety-studies paper
47. Wakefield/Watson/Shattock Rebuttals
48. UK Department of Health Rebuttals
49. UK Department of Health Re-Launch of MMR

Part G - Flawed UK Regulatory and Monitoring Systems
50. Fighting Measles, Missing Vaccine Damage?
51. How the Medicines Control Agency Missed the Syndrome?
52. Subculture of the Regulatory Establishment
53. Independence of the Committee on Safety of Medicines?
54. Independence of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation?
55. Lack of Public Scrutiny of CSM & JCVI
56. Monitoring of Medicines Control Agency and Public Health Laboratory Service
57. Monitoring of Department of Health

Part H - Various Experiences Elsewhere
58. Measles Outbreak, Republic of Ireland
59. MMR in Japan
60. Autism in Finland

Part J - Political Initiatives
61. UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism
62. Scottish Parliament
63. UK Liberal Democrats
64. UK Conservatives
65. US House of Representatives

Part K - Recent & Coming Events
66. Recent and Coming Events, UK
67. Ireland
68. USA
69. Just One More Question, Minister.........

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