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Hi everyone
This is many years too late in some respects, but with so many professionals telling us that the MMR our son received could not be responsible for his regression and eventual profound learning disabilities (estimated 1 year) we gave up fighting and looking for a reason. Some years later we did try to discover which batch number he recieved, but this had been deleted from all of his files.
I wonder is there any other way now of discovering which batch number he could have received? Our son is now 22 years of age and I know what date he had his vaccine administered (from the details in his baby book) and at which doctor's surgery.
I simply need to know, if possible, if the vaccine did cause him damage. I still cannot comprehend how a baby can develop normally only to regress to this extent without accident or injury have incurred. The regression still continues today and with no explanation forthcoming as to what is happening, I believe this is thimerosal-mercury poisoning.

thank you for listening

J Telfer