Wakefield  MMR/MR  Lies

God, Greed and the Apostles. Bill Welsh on Fallacies of The Lancet, GMC and MMR Reporting.

By Bill Welsh

March 16, 2010


I was reminded recently of the old joke, Question: What is the difference between God and a doctor?

Answer: God does not think he is a doctor!

This reverie occurred during a lull in a Radio Scotland broadcast where I had been invited to spar with a medical practitioner re (1) the recent GMC verdict in the ‘trial’ of Dr Wakefield, and (2) the MMR/bowel disease/autism controversy. My medical practitioner combatant was a particularly contrary and obstinate soul whom I suspect was a reluctant participant probably having been corralled into attending the live transmission at the last minute. He arrived at the studio with the usual bucketful of ill-informed assumptions plus half-truths gleaned lazily from pharma-backed medical journals and the tabloid press.

The broadcast followed the normal pattern with first the doctor’s reading of the situation countered by mine. None of this would I suspect make riveting listening to your casual mid-morning radio attendee but it fills space for the broadcaster and gives campaigners like me the opportunity to challenge the orthodox view. What did surprise me however was how my blustering antagonist continued to voice opinions and views that have been answered and countered repeatedly over time. It is as if there is a determination by the medical profession to re-position misinformation and downright lies into folk-lore. Was it Mark Twain who said “A lie can be half-way round the world before the truth has got its boots on”? Well current medical/pharma philosophy appears to be ‘If we keep saying the lie often enough, it will become truth’.
Here are just four examples from the radio programme:

1)“The Lancet study was too small, there were only 12 children”.
Not true. The report in the Lancet was on the FIRST 12 children. The addendum to the paper says:
''Up to Jan 28, a further 40 patients have been assessed; 39 with the syndrome'.
(Hundreds more followed of course.)
2) “The GMC concluded MMR was safe and unconnected to bowel disease and autism”
Not true. The GMC chairman stated: “The panel wish to make it clear that this case is not concerned with whether there is or might be any link between the MMR vaccination and autism”.

3) “Dr Wakefield showed a ‘callous disregard for the safety of the children’ when he carried out colonoscopies”

Not true. Dr Wakefield did not carry out colonoscopies. The ‘callous disregard’ quote from the GMC chairman was referring to the birthday party episode.

4) “It is only in the UK that there is concern about MMR vaccine safety”
Not true: This is especially galling for those of us who have many friends worldwide who are equally involved and concerned about MMR. Perhaps the medicos will next try to somehow dis-invent the internet?

I checked Dr Jacquelyn McCandless’s wonderful on-line petition initiative in support of Dr Wakefield and counted the countries that posted from outside the UK and the USA (I think every US state had subscribers).

I will list the countries:

Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Federated States of Micronesia, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Israel. Japan, Korea, Macedonia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Think about that. Think about the number of countries. Think about the number of children. Think about your own experience. Think about the distress, the pain, the family breakdown, the disruption, the sleepless nights, the misery, the tears, the unforgiving and unforgivable damage that has been done to God knows how many kids worldwide, and is continuing to be done as you read this article; All in the name of what?--child health, herd immunity? Don’t you believe it, this is done in the name of greed.

These innocent children (our innocent children) are caught in a labyrinthine trap guarded by three minatory creatures. Firstly the vaccine manufacturers; who cannot go backwards, only forward, driven by their profit motive; you can be certain that there will be even more greed in even more countries to follow, and even more damaged children; there is no reverse gear in a capitalist juggernaut.

Next, the second creature, those who administer the vaccines, (the medical profession), the very soul of that profession has been auctioned to the greed machine: holidays in exotic locations, flimsily invented but fully funded conferences around the world (“would your wife like to accompany you”? You bet), bonuses and incentives for administering a product that has not only not been adequately tested but is downright dangerous; injecting it directly into a child’s bloodstream and then turning and walking away from that child when he/she screams in pain and falls ill.
Last but not least, minatory politicians, the cowards in the pack; shamefully ignoring the overwhelming and compelling evidence of parents in favour of the greed machine and its apostles: Cowering in publicly funded mansions avoiding contact with the challenging truth of their constituent’s concerns and experience for fear it may disrupt the funding system or alienate the greed machine which has itself insinuated its way into positions of influence in the highest reaches of government.

Parents have arrived at an important juncture in the MMR debate. We can either pack up and go home to nurse our damaged children in the knowledge that the people responsible for visiting this grievous blow on our families will carry on in their pursuit of personal wealth and recognition at the expense of more innocent children worldwide -- or we can decide here and now that enough is enough.
Bill Welsh
Autism Treatment Trust