Ashleigh Cave
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[Here is a classic: Dr Andrew Curran, a consultant paediatrician at the hospital, said yesterday: 'I can say with complete certainty that she is demonstrating no pathological reaction to her vaccination.'  Basic propaganda is to appear confident in your own bullshit.  Hardly likely an Allopath is going to ruin his career and point a finger at the Holy Water of Allopathy, now is it.  Brings to mind the infamous Dr Southall.  Another is: A spokesman for the MHRA said: 'Guillain-Barr syndrome naturally occurs in the population. There is no good evidence to suggest that the Cervarix vaccine can cause it.' see Guillain-Barre syndrome to dispel that bullshit, and from Gardasil no less.
    Here is free media vaccine propaganda:
It guards against infection by the sexually transmitted disease HPV, which causes 70 per cent of all cases of cervical cancer. Mass vaccination will save around 700 lives a year, experts say. See: Experts.
'They will not mention her illness and the vaccine in the same sentence.'  Usual 200 year old story.  Now they are getting at her with the 'at risk' register.]

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[2009 Sept] Social workers to place paralysed cancer jab girl on "at-risk" register  Cheryl has been told that doctors believe Ashleigh's condition is "psychosomatic" and they have refused to carry out further tests, despite providing her with seven painkillers daily.

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