Question a doctor and lose your child
Parent Harassment

[2009 Sept] Question a doctor and lose your child

[2009 Sept] Social workers to place paralysed cancer jab girl on "at-risk" register  Cheryl has been told that doctors believe Ashleigh's condition is "psychosomatic" and they have refused to carry out further tests, despite providing her with seven painkillers daily.

[2000] Parents 'risk losing children' over MMR complaints  PARENTS who claim their children have developed autism as a result of being given the controversial MMR vaccine risk having them taken away by social workers, MSPs will be told next week. A leading autism expert said yesterday that an estimated 200 such families in the UK, including Scotland, had lost their children after being accused of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy. Dr Paul Shattock, director of the Autism Research Unit at Sunderland University, said the court orders had been carried out under cover of draconian gagging orders framed ostensibly to safeguard the identity of the children........."There have been cases where people say their children are autistic and blame the vaccine. Then social services come and say the child is not autistic, you have made him that way because of Munchausen's, and they take the children away," he said.

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