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[2016 March] Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?

[pdf] Child Abuse or Rickets? A Special Interview with Dr. David Ayoub By Dr. Joseph Mercola  

When David Ayoub MD critically examined Fombonne’s Thimerosal claims and discovered the above facts (and many more), he reported them in a letter to the editor of PEDIATRICS. In return, he received a “form” e-mail stating that his letter could not be published because of lack of space. Later, a friend who inquired was told that that Dr. Ayoub’s letter was not published because “Dr. Fombonne did not wish to answer it.” [Sept 2008] The Unconvincing Thimerosal Epidemiological Studies: How and Why They Were Produced, Published and Protected by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

[2008] Dr Ayoub Speech at rally The AAP leadership knows very well that vaccines cause autism. We need not waste anymore efforts in trying to educating them, we need to indict them. They may me morally bankrupt, but they are not stupid.  They have lied to legislators, they have lied to journalists, they have lied to Pediatricians, and worse of all, they have lied to you and your children.....One thing is abundantly clear, the don't give a damn about scientific truth and they don't give a damn about you or your children. I hope the autism community continues to move forward and expose all those involved who have put millions of children in harm's way.

At the National Autism Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia November 8-11, 2007, Dr. David Ayoub gave a rousing presentation on the link between the accumulation of aluminum in the body and the development of autism spectrum disorders. He provided stunning documentation from diagnostic tests done on autistic children showing very high aluminum levels along with known symptoms of aluminum poisoning. He also brought up the Alzheimers/aluminum connection.  Aluminum Toxicity: A misdiagnosed epidemic (Part 1) By Ingri Cassel

[2008] Speech at rally

[jan 2007] Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism By Evelyn Pringle
Ayoub was asked why government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, are working so hard to keep the truth about the mercury-autism link hidden. He says it is a long story, but the main reason is because if they admitted guilt, it would mean the government agencies, drug companies and medical organizations, “have taken part in the largest iatrogenic epidemic known to man.”
      The fallout over admission of causality would be unprecedented, Ayoub adds. The lost confidence in American medicine would likely cause people to turn to alternative methods of medicine, and a rise in deeper investigation might reveal the truth about other suppressions related to cancer therapy, hypertension Rx, or Atherosclerosis.

[2006] The Battle Of The States: What Happened In Illinois? By F. Edward Yazbak, MD and David M. Ayoub, MD

[2006 pdf] "Influenza Vaccination: Review of Effectiveness of the U.S. Immunization Program, and Policy Considerations," by David A. Geier, Paul G. King, and Mark R. Geier. J Am Phys SurgJ Am Phys Surg, Fall 2006.

[Letter July 2006]

[July 9, 2006 Blog/letter] Discovering the causes, treatment of autism ----David Ayoub, MD

[Media June 2006] Researcher studies connection between autism, vaccines

[Media 2005] Mercury falling

[2005] David Ayoub - Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism


I am no longer "trying to dig up evidence to prove" vaccines cause autism. There is already abundant evidence, the same conclusion made by a 2003 U.S. Congressional Committee. This debate is not scientific but is political. I am trying to encourage physicians who have been badly misled by nothing less than spin and propaganda to review the extensive scientific evidence for themselves showing the vaccine-autism link, even though "experts" disagree.. --- [July 9, 2006 Blog/letter] Discovering the causes, treatment of autism ----David Ayoub, MD

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda by  David Ayoub, M.D.