Dr. Buchwald testimony before the Quebec College of Physicians Medical Board:

Dr. Gerhard Buchwald takes the stand

A physician from Germany, Dr. Buchwald testifies through an interpreter. Dr. Lanctot tables his credentials as well as a copy of his book entitled "Vaccination: Business Based on Fear". He is recognized as an expert on vaccination by the Committee.

Dr. Buchwald testifies that his experience includes being a medical counselor to an association of parents whose children have been injured or killed by vaccinations. He adds that he is aware of a thousand vaccination related injury cases and has had personal contact with 350 cases. In 150 of these cases, he wrote the medical opinion and acted as an advisor during the legal proceedings.

Dr Lanctot (L).: If you take this stand in your country, have you been reprimanded by the medical authorities?

B.: I wrote a paper entitled, "Vaccinations: A Crime Against our Children". I received written reprimands from the College of Physicians... In Germany, we have a law called "Kronegesetz" in the Civil Code, which stipulates that everyone has the right to freely voice his or her opinion. When I was fed up with this nonsense with the College, I drew their attention to the fact that their responses were actually a breach of those sections of the law. German judges, who deal with these issues, are very touchy on this issue... It is impossible to suppress the free speech of a physician in a free country which is why the College knew that it would lose. They also knew that the press would really have a field day. Since then I’ve heard nothing more...

L.: You mentioned earlier that the first criterion in medicine is to do no harm... And you referred to these ethics in

He continues with a brief history of his experiences in general and describes how he got interested in the whole question of immunization. He recalls that after graduating from medical school, he was a supporter of vaccination policies, as was everyone else he knew. Then he relates to the Committee the story of the eldest of his three children, born in 1957, who at eighteen months received a smallpox vaccination and who, eight days later was no longer able to stand up in his crib. Until then, his son’s development had been absolutely normal:

"He fell sick with a post-vaccination encephalitis, and ever since, I have a completely destroyed human being at home."

It was at that time that someone approached him to become a member of a protective association in Germany. It was through this group that he got to know other vaccination damage cases.

"Back then, I was working in one of the oldest lung illness treatment centers in Germany, and just by chance, I looked at the files of those people who had fallen ill during the first German epidemic of smallpox, in 1947. Up to 1974, starting after the WW II, we had eleven smallpox epidemic events in Germany. We had always been told that the smallpox vaccination would protect against smallpox. And now, I could verify, thanks to the files and papers, that all of those who had fallen ill had been vaccinated. This was very upsetting for me..."

Dr. Buchwald draws the Committee’s attention to a series of about 50 graphs in his book which show that vaccinations have no effect on the decline of infectious diseases.

L.: If vaccines didn’t have any effect on the decline of infectious diseases, what then caused this decline?

B.: A British professor of social medicine, Thomas McKeown, showed that the decline in infectious diseases in developed countries had nothing to do with vaccinations, but with the decline in poverty and hunger....

L.: Why do you refer to vaccination as a business?

B.: You know, one vaccine against smallpox costs about 600 DM, and the proclaimed target or goal is to vaccinate three billion people in this world. So if this is not business... The vaccination against hepatitis costs 250 DM and you need three of them... Vaccination is a huge business for the pharmaceutical industry.

L: If you take this stand in your country, have you been reprimanded by the medical authorities?

B.: I wrote a paper entitled, "Vaccinations: A Crime Against our Children". I received written reprimands from the College of Physicians... In Germany, we have a law called "Kronegesetz" in the Civil Code, which stipulates that everyone has the right to freely voice his or her opinion. When I was fed up with this nonsense with the College, I drew their attention to the fact that their responses were actually a breach of those sections of the law. German judges, who deal with these issues, are very touchy on this issue... It is impossible to suppress the free speech of a physician in a free country, which is why the College knew that it would lose. They also knew that the press would really have a field day. Since then I’ve heard nothing more...

L: You mentioned earlier that the first criterion in medicine is to do no harm... And you referred to these ethics in your book: do no harm,

your book: do no harm, be helpful, the well-being of the patient is the supreme rule, the will of the patient is the supreme rule... Does vaccination respond to those rules?

B. No, and I cannot understand it. Those rules are always being stressed by our physicians and by the medical community except when it comes to vaccination...

L.: Are vaccination campaigns waged out of fear? Are they made to scare people?

B.: I have lectured all over the world... I have always had a special interest in newspapers. All of them have one thing in common, there is always some reference made to some epidemic in some part of the world. For instance, two years ago, one paper referred to a polio epidemic in Holland. For the past three years, our newspapers have commented on the diphtheria epidemic in Russia. By these means, the population is constantly threatened with epidemics, they have been made to fear them, and the reports always conclude: "Go and get vaccinated".

L.: That’s the sales pitch.

B.: Yes.

After yet another round of objections, Dr. Lanctot asks Dr. Buchwald about his position on hepatitis B vaccine?

B.: First there was a simple hepatitis infection, then we were able to distinguish between hepatitis A, B, non-A, non-B, and today, we call still another hepatitis C. In 1981, we saw the introduction of vaccinations for all medical personnel. All the other forms of hepatitis we didn’t vaccinate against were in decline. But hepatitis B stayed at the same level, even after the introduction of the vaccine. It was then believed in Germany that we made a mistake, it’s not being passed through the blood but by sexual contact. We expected the response to be to vaccinate everyone where the event of sexual intercourse would be a factor... However, the response was to vaccinate everyone. And this is where you can see that it all revolves around money.

L.: What is your position regarding measles vaccination?

B.: Once again I have a graph... As of 1962... there was a decline in cases of measles and deaths due to measles,

there were virtually no deaths... In 1976. vaccinations began... there were about ten deaths related to measles. It stayed like that for years, until it finally declined even further. Now, you can count the number of deaths on one hand... Vaccinating against measles is not just useless, but harmful. In the past, infants would not get measles. They would get the protection through their mothers, who used to have measles themselves. Mothers who were vaccinated against measles cannot pass on the protection to their infants, so infants now get measles.

L.: Because mothers have been vaccinated against measles as children they now cannot pass on the protection, but if they have not been vaccinated they can?

B.: Exactly... Our grandparents knew exactly how important it was for kids to go through measles. My grandmother, for instance, would have said: "This boy is six ears old. He is going to be in school pretty soon and he has not had the measles yet." He would be sent to visit a child with measles in order to catch it. I got measles...

L.: Does the protection conferred by the disease protect for life?

B.: It’s deemed to, and I think so too.

L.: Why do we have to repeat measles vaccination then?

B.: Because it’s an opportunity to make money.

L.: What’s your position about MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella), the three vaccines given together?

B.: Maybe I could give you one example from Switzerland... There is a large group of physicians, pediatricians, and experts on children’s diseases. They are opposed to the vaccination campaign against measles, which according to the World Health Organization (WHO), was to include all Swiss children... It has not been decided to go ahead, yet... But this is not what lies at the heart of the whole issue.., it’s a question of money.

L.: How can you say it is for money?

B.: Who’s paying the WHO? Where do they get their funds? What are the links from the WHO to all the huge pharmaceutical Companies? Just look at that. We physicians are the modern slaves of the pharmaceutical industry... We depend on their pre-fabricated medications... They are the real overlords...

Dr. Lanctot again has to respond to a series of objections arguing that what Dr. Buchwald was saying was identical to what appeared in her book, and for which she was brought up before this Disciplinary Committee: "We are at least two people in the world saying the same thing. There may be others. It’s the WHO which makes the decisions to vaccinate in our countries. Your child may be vaccinated tomorrow, and it won’t be your decision, nor your doctor’s, nor your government’s, but that of the WHO. That’s what he’s saying."

But the exchange doesn’t end there. She notes that Dr. Buchwald’s testimony is pertinent given the fact she had referred to the medical establishment and WHO in her book:

see the dangers because they’re obvious. We heard this morning that Merck organized a scientific meeting which they financed, but they didn’t invite Dr. Hyde because he says there are problems. However, others were invited and then the government puts out a bulletin stating that everything is all right... What more will it take before we begin to ask ourselves how such things happen?"

As the arguing drags on, a frustrated Dr. Lanctot makes the following proposal: "I will make a deal with you. Tell me that medicine is dogmatic, that it is a sect, with no room for thinking, which has to be blindly obeyed, and I’ll tender my resignation - here and now. Tell me and it’s all over!"

But no one does. And so the bickering continues between the now infamous three protagonists. When the dust again settles, Dr. Lanctot resumes her questioning.

L.: You mentioned that a group of Swiss physicians have banded together to oppose the WHO-imposed mandatory vaccination plan. Can you tell us what their arguments are?

B.:They are afraid that the dangers far outweigh the benefits... The Swiss physicians are concerned about what has occurred in the United States. There is a report that deaths have risen ten-fold (since the introduction of mandatory vaccinations) and that this situation has mystified American physicians.

B.: The cause of tetanus is a bacillus and the vaccine against it is one of the few vaccines that contains neither virus nor bacilli... What has been hidden away is the fact that it is possible to treat tetanus...

L.: It’s not necessary, but is it harmful?

B.: Guillain-Barre Syndrome carried by tetanus is one of the worst side-effects known. You may be paralyzed, beginning from the neck down, and this can last a whole year. We know that a muscle that is not used atrophies. What is lost of this muscle over that year is lost forever. In Germany, the head of vaccination services issued a number of opinions, but did not publish these in medical journals in order not to discredit vaccination as a whole. Physicians who vaccinate withhold certain medical information, proven medical knowledge, to the detriment of patients and the population at large. Wounds that bleed will never result in tetanus because the tetanus bacillus is anaerobic. It is absolutely silly to vaccinate boys who cut their knees. The only reason behind that is money.

L.: I would like to know your position on DPT shots.

B.: I was showing you the graph on diphtheria. It shows that vaccinations have no influence. That (on the graph) was where the vaccination was introduced, but despite that, there was an increase... In 1925 there was a vaccination campaign. We then had about 20,000 cases. During WW II, the number rose to 250,000 cases and then dropped significantly, even though during the War and during the post-War period, shortly thereafter, no vaccinations were carried out at all...

"The same situation for tuberculosis," Dr. Buchwald continues, "Every year, there was a decline in cases of tuberculosis in Germany. To such an extent, that there were less and less dangers from this disease. After the War we had 160,000 cases and 40,000 deaths, meaning that one out of four people with the illness died. In 1994, we had 13,000 cases with 1,000 deaths. This means one out of 13 died. You can see how this illness has come to be less and less dangerous over time. One hundred years ago, being diagnosed with tuberculosis was a death sentence. You can see (on his graph) that vaccinations had no influence at all.

The reason behind this decline is as I showed you earlier. Never before have both Germans and Canadians, for instance, enjoyed such a good life. The victory that has been won over epidemics is not due to physicians, but to farmers and social legislation... Better dwellings, better bathrooms, and more soap... Everything that we may refer to as general social ameliorations... As a small boy, three of us kids shared the same bed... Our general living conditions are responsible for our good health. This isn’t due to vaccinations at all, that’s just for the money."

DAY 9— MARCH 26, 1996

Dr. Buchwald’s testimony continues...

The day begins innocently enough, but will end with a bang when Dr. Lanctot takes issue with the President’s constant barrage of objections regarding the relevance of her questions and evidence. As during the previous days of hearings, most objections originate from the President, Mr. Prevost having from all appearances abdicated from this role. The President’s insistence this day will finally bring about a cry of foul from Dr. Lanctot when he holds up the testimony of another one of her witnesses, Dr. Martin, a recognized expert in the field of vaccines.

But first, Dr. Lanctot resumes her questioning of Dr. Buchwald on the subject of polio vaccinations.

Dr. Buchwald responds that prior to the introduction of polio vaccinations in Germany, anyone was counted as having polio, even if they only had the virus in their feces. It is known, he goes on, that there are people who are healthy but who evacuate polio viruses when they go to the bathroom. Based on this criteria, the number of cases was approximately 4,000 per year. After the introduction of the vaccine, statistics included only those polio cases of people who were paralyzed for at least six weeks.

L.: If I understand you correctly, before, everyone was counted, those with polio in their feces as well as those sick with polio, and that totaled 4,000. When they started the polio vaccination, they only counted those people who had been paralyzed for at least six weeks, is this right?

B.: Yes.

L.: So, this is how statistics improved from 4,000 to 400?

B.: Yes, exactly...

L.: Okay, that’s what I understood. When you say they changed the way the calculations were done, who were "they"? Was this a medical or a political decision?

B.: It is always the same group that decides... the World Health Organization (WHO).

L.: It always ends up at the WHO…..What is your opinion of polio vaccinations?

B.:Since 1978, there hasn’t been a single case of polio in Germany, but every year there are about 50 cases of paralysis caused by the vaccine. The German authorities... have indicated that they would have to reconsider their policy because it’s not logical to carry out a vaccination campaign which causes 50 people to become paralyzed when the illness itself hasn’t created a single case (of polio) in 20 years.

On the subject of flu vaccine, Dr. Buchwald notes: "There is no such thing as a flu vaccine. We have to distinguish between, on one side, a cold-like symptom for which there is no vaccination... The vaccine will only protect against influenza, but because it sounds good in terms of advertising, they still stick to the term "flu" in German because nobody would take any vaccine if it were called influenza vaccination."

Dr Lanctot the broaches the subject of meningitis, which Dr. Buchwald indicates, is not a problem in Germany. His answer so surprises one Committee member that he interrupts Dr. Buchwald and asks incredulously whether he meant that there were no cases of the disease or no vaccine. Dr. Buchwald’s replies that one form of the disease didn’t exist anymore, and that there is no vaccine for the other.

Dr. Lanctot then asks Dr. Buchwald to identify the sources he used to develop his charts. He tells her that under German law every case of an infectious disease has to be registered with the health services and these national statistics are accessible to everyone. As well, they are published in a number of journals: "Anyone can go and verify that this data is correct."

L: Are all vaccine damages or adverse effects reported?

B. No. The law prescribes the criteria according to which vaccine damage cases have to be reported. The fact that there such cases is not mentioned in Germany. Even physicians don’t know about it...

L. Who knows?

B:By word of mouth, and more recently because of the work of associations for persons damaged by vaccinations. For instance, there was one televised program concerning this topic that included a reference to my book. After the program, a number of physicians called the association in tears asking if the reported vaccine-caused damage cases were really true... Since I have the permission to give out the addresses of those children who are affected, that’s what I did, so that they could ask them directly. It was such a terrible revelation that the physicians simply didn’t want to believe it... damage caused by vaccinations means the complete destruction of a child, of an individual. Those kids can’t speak. They’re complete idiots, imbeciles. Often, they are spastically paralyzed, and frequently, they also suffer from muscular cramps... Sometimes whole families are destroyed...

L.: How is it that physicians are not aware of that? They see those children? Let’s say I’m a physician. If I inject one of my patients. I’m going to be aware of the complications. Where’s the problem?

B.: As I said earlier, a physician may only know that which he or she has learned... I will add, in their defense, they simply don’t know any better. They get their information from a book that says vaccinations are fine.

L.: How is it that you know?

B.: Because I delved into the subject. One major reason, of course, was my son’s history, which I described earlier.

L.: If your son had not been a victim of a vaccination, would you have become aware of this whole situation?

B.: No. After my final exams, I was a supporter of vaccinations, and I would be to this day...

L.: Those parent associations you have talked about, this association you went to when your child got sick, are they religious or esoteric associations?

B.: Not at all.

To yet another objection to her line of questioning by the President, Dr. Lancot retorts: "Dr. Buchwald is reporting exactly the same thing as did Dr. Hyde yesterday. It is relevant. Patients so affected are not heard. Everyone refuses to listen to them... Patients are sick as dogs, but nobody listens. Physicians are scared... Why is this not reported? Why is this hidden? Yesterday Dr. Hyde spoke of more than 100 such patients dying from hepatitis B vaccine... But there is no one to listen. What do we do?"

P.:This is not the appropriate forum to treat...

L.:When will it be an appropriate forum?

P. Surely not before us.

L.:So what are we doing here? What are we all doing here?

P.: I will tell you. We have a complaint before us, that’s what concerns us. Therefore, I will ask you to come back to the matter before us.

L. What I did (referring to the complaint) was to say exactly what these people have been saying...

Asked whether she had any other questions, as a way to get back to what the President considered to be the matter at hand, she asks Dr. Buchwald what he fears most from vaccinations.

"It’s a complicated question. The Austrian physician Aschner said the history of medicine is one of continuous errors... In 1901 a German physician by the name of Emil Behring made horses artificially fall ill with diphtheria. Ninety per cent of them died, the rest survived. He extracted their blood.., waited for it to settle and then used what had settled to the top to vaccinate children who had contracted diphtheria. Today,, he would be sued for cruelty to animals, but in 1901, he received the Nobel prize... Streets are named after him... Many of the children vaccinated back then died... If the children needed to be vaccinated again, a different animal was used. They took cows, goats, pigs, but the children still died...

We encounter the same problems with blood transfusions. As the number of operations rose, blood was needed and so animal blood was used. But patients died. It was only later that we learned that (such blood) contained a foreign protein... We then learned that we could only take human blood. Four different blood groups were identified. Nevertheless, people died during blood transfusions until we learned that there were subgroups, but even today, every eighth case of blood transfusion results in damage. The problem is the foreign protein that is introduced in the body. Protein is a very important element. We need it for life. It is transformed by the liver into basic components, amino acids, but the damage is done if a foreign protein is introduced without going through the system... it always results in damage. Every vaccination, whether bacteria or virus based, implies the introduction of a foreign protein..."

Dr. Buchwald continues by describing a human being as having approximately eight billion brain cells> He notes that a bout with encephalopathy destroys from one to three million of these cells: "Today, there are about 150 vaccines being worked on, and within the next decade, we could have a flu vaccine for the left nostril and one for one right nostril. Mankind will be used as a pin cushion. For every vaccination, minimal encephalopathy destroys brain cells. As a result, in Germany, there are 1.2 million children who have contracted hyperkinetic syndrome who are then treated with Psychopharmeca (a drug similar to Ritalin) used to calm them down... We have hundreds of thousands of so-called minimal cerebral dysfunction cases and millions of neurodermatitis patients. In Germany, there are millions of people with allergies. We don’t just produce minimal encephalopathies in the brain, but we also produce modifications of the genetic code."

Despite another series of objections to Dr. Buchwald’s "history lesson", Dr. Lanctot persists and Dr. Buchwald continues...

In 1866, an English physician described a very strange illness. Children looked like Mongols. His name was Down. That’s why we call it Down’s Syndrome today... I should add that this syndrome is a result of the vaccinations carried throughout England by Jenner in 1796... It (Down’s Syndrome) is probably the first congenital disease caused by vaccinations. In Germany, the first child with evidence of Down’s Syndrome was reported in 1922. Today, one in every 700 newborns has it... But the most terrifying fact is still to come... We already know today of 4,000 illnesses caused by genes. Ten years ago, Germany had 3 million illiterate people. Today, it’s 4 million. America has three times the population, about 240 million, meaning they should have about 12 million illiterate people..."

The "history lesson" is again interrupted, and again Dr. Lanctot is not at a loss for words. She takes issue with the President, and, as has by now become a tradition at these hearings, engages him in a long exchange defending the relevance of Dr. Buchwald’s testimony and outlining her frustration with his constant interventions.

L.:Illiteracy is the direct result of vaccinations, that’s what (Dr. Buchwald) is telling us... We don’t understand it, and he’s here explaining it to us... With each vaccination, we create an encephalopathy which reduces the mental capacities of our children... which in turn explains the rise in illiteracy...

P.: We have to get back to the complaint at hand. The rest may be a nice subject for a conference elsewhere.

L.: If it’s not at here at the College, we have to change its vocation and stop this, and get back to protecting the public.

P.: Go to the College; here we’re with the Disciplinary Committee.

L.: Let’s not play at cat and mouse... I’m here because the College says it protects the public, and there are people who have come here to show us that’s not so...

P.: Now, listen, I’m telling you that what this witness is telling us is not relevant to the case. If he can’t keep his answer short, go to another question!

L.: The story of the mouse tails which keeps coming back... He’s telling us that vaccines to cause genetic changes and congenital deformities.

P.: If you have any other questions...

Dr. Lanctot asks Dr. Buchwald to continue with his description of the deformities related to vaccinations, despite the President’s "two minute" warning,

"Scientists from the University of Mainz, were startled to discover that 34% of German first graders tested were found to have speech impediments... What I wanted to show by that is that, slowly but surely, vaccines work to destroy the intelligence of future generations... What can you do with a population where the young generation cannot count to three? You might have heard about the Mormons or the Jehovah Witnesses, who believe the world will come to an end, that Jesus Christ will come down from heaven and everyone will be destroyed. Only they would be spared. That’s probably the way it’s going to be, however, not exactly the way they think. They’ll probably survive because they’re opposed to vaccines. I’m very, very troubled and concerned about the future of my country..."

On that note Dr. Buchwald’s testimony ends.

Dr Lanctot’s comments

Gerhard Buchwald knows that the medical and government systems are based on money and controlled by the WHO. The authorities hide the truth about the link between illnesses and vaccines. He knows and is not afraid to say it out loud. He knows all about vaccines. He has the data, the details. An encyclopedia of facts. He describes how every vaccine shot causes cerebral damage which goes un-noticed until it manifests itself in hyper-activity, and learning, behavioral disorders, as well as social violence. That is why illiteracy is on the rise despite the schooling of our populations: 4 million illiterate people in Germany and 27 million in the U.S.

The list of consequences resulting from vaccines is long: children with allergies, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, sudden infant death syndrome... He describes the devastation to families who have to deal with a handicapped child: the separations and social costs. At this point I break out in tears. The terrible stories which victims of vaccinations have told me come to mind. I let the tears flow.., then I continue my questioning. I’m not the only one affected. The interpreter gets out his handkerchief on a number of occasions. The audience is silent. Only the Committee is stoic in their indifference. The members are waiting for it to end. They treat him with a certain disdain. They are not able to refuse his testimony, after all he is a physician, but also a foreigner. It’s of no matter to them. They don’t believe him, and anyway, their mind was already made up before he even uttered a word.

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