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 The CDC is mandating sterilizing vaccines to American children.  It clearly has close CIA ties which means the Rockefellers.  The Rockefellers were half owners of IG Farben, the Nazi pharmaceutical and chemical giant that ran the concentration camps and performed hideous experiments on unwilling human beings.  1600 Nazi doctors, researchers, technicians and engineers were brought to the US at the end of WWII by the CIA under Operation Paperclip.  The CDC was founded at just that time and filled with "distinguished scientists."  Since that time, the CDC has been killing black men, created a fake pandemic, killed huge numbers of fetuses with the swine flu vaccine, destroyed the minds of American children with the MMR, mandated vaccines that are contaminated and are known to sterilize, pushed through a clearly fascist pandemic law, and keeps more than one set of books on its data.
    In keeping more than one set of books, and in mandating the vaccine schedule (up to 69 vaccines from birth to 18), the CDC could actually know how many children have been maimed and killed by vaccines and be running one of the world's largest forced human experiment in history. It certainly could be that the CDC began with Operation Paperclip Nazis scientists and doctors.  It even seems likely since the CDC seems to be controlled by the CIA and the eugenicist Rockefellers.  This connection makes the hideousness of the Tuskegee Experiment and the MMR vaccine and all the other horrific things the CDC has been doing, suddenly entirely logical.[2014] CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship

"The CDC would be the last place in the world to go for information regarding health. The CDC is a government bureacracy funded by theft (taxation that has reached confiscatory levels) and run by white collar criminals who regularly misinform and misdirect the public while creating pandemonium in the marketplace (unnecessary destruction of livestock, recalls etc) and conspiring to incite public panic on an almost daily basis, in violation of the constitution of the United States."--Dr Duffy DC

Nearly 40 years ago that old warhorse for the protection of the American Public from spoiled and poisonous food and drugs (the late Dr. Harvey W. Wiley) had a fine law enacted for this purpose. But the Drug Trust got its hooks into the government bureau which was charged with enforcing the law soon after Dr. Wiley's death.
    This Bureau — now known as the Food & Drug Administration — is used primarily for the perversion of justice by "cracking down" on all who endanger the profits of the Drug Trust. The Bureau occasionally prosecutes, on its own initiative, smalltime opportunists who should be prosecuted. Thus in a few small cases the Bureau does good work.
    Its principal activities, however, are as servants of the Drug Trust. Not only does the F&DA wink at violations by the Drug Trust (such as the mass murders in the ginger jake and sulfathiozole cases) but it is very assiduous in putting out of business any and all vendors of therapeutic devices which increase the health incidence of the public and thus decrease the profit incidence of the Drug Trust.
    When the F&DA, whose officials all have to be acceptable to Rockefeller Center before they are appointed, receive orders to destroy an independent operator it goes all out to carry out these orders. The orders do not come from Standard Oil or a drug house director.
    The American Medical Association is the front for the Drug Trust. The AMA furnishes the quack doctors to "testify" that, while they often know nothing of the product involved, it is their opinion that it has no therapeutic value.
    Financed by the taxpayers, these Drug Trust persecutions leave no stone unturned to destroy the victim. If he is a small operator, the resulting attorney's fees and court costs put him out of business, which is just what the Drug Trust wants.
The Drug Story by Morris Bealle

“[T]here’s fame, fortune, and big budgets in sounding the ‘emerging infection’ alarm and warning of our terrible folly in being unprepared.”-------Michael Fumento, National Post, March 28, 2003 

"[The CDC's] disease-control mission was increasingly being regarded as obsolete, prompting serious discussions about abolishing the CDC altogether."----Duesberg's Inventing The AIDS Virus (1996) (Source:

"During a three-continents investigation of AidsVax, the first product to enter large-scale trials as a possible HIV vaccine, Deer uncovered disturbing evidence of private deals to combat widespread criticism of VaxGen's controversial technology. One revelation concerned CDC vaccine chief Dr William Heyward, who steered government cash and credibility to the California-based company while waiting on it to hire him. The Sunday Times Magazine October 3 1999."--Brian Deer

"AIDS and SARS are ways for epidemiologists (e.g., the CDC, WHO, etc.) to secure their jobs and continued funding for their agencies.  No new emerging epidemics, maybe no CDC, no WHO, so we've got an infrastructure that REQUIRES the "discovery" of new, threatening epidemics.   And the media pick a new one every year.  This year, it's SARS.  For the past couple of years, it's been West Nile Virus.  Next year it'll be something else."---- Dr Dan Duffy DC

Agent Orange [Agent Orange]
''In researching Thorsen's involvement with the CDC, Grundvig came across other instances of malfeasance. In 1984, Coleen Boyle was a principal investigator for the CDC, charged with investigating the effects of Agent Orange. Today, Boyle is the director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD), an arm of the CDC. 
    In the 1980s, the CDC was given extensive information from the army on Operation Ranch Hand about the flight patterns of Agent Orange. The information was archived in Pennsylvania, but the CDC refused to go to the archives and look at it. Doing so meant they'd have to face the truth about the contamination of U.S. troops — about half a million American veterans who suffer from cancers and other diseases caused by Agent Orange.
    The CDC basically gave up on the Agent Orange studies saying they "couldn't figure it out," when in fact they could have, had they simply gone to Pennsylvania. In so doing, they forfeited $21 million in research money, which in and of itself raises questions about motives. Apparently they deemed the loss of $21 million to be preferable to what they might find by doing the research.
"The 101st Congress came out [with a report in 1990 and called it [the] "Agent Orange cover up" to basically skewer the CDC. Unfortunately, nothing happened. They didn't fire the people in charge. They didn't clean house in the CDC. Once those people at the top were able to get away with this, they felt emboldened. They also had a template for future issues like Ebola and Zika," 
Grundvig says.
With Boyle, the CDC demonstrated they are really masterful at covering up issues that are directly related to the public health, or issues that could have a negative impact on people's perception of a certain exposure.'' [2016 Dec] Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC

Epidemic Intelligence Service [Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS)]
"The Centers for Disease Control has had three major programs through which it can make diseases appear infectious and make everyone step in line to agree. One is that in the early 1950s they formed a special unit, an elite, semi-secret unit, that is now almost fully secret, called the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). New graduates of medical schools, or biological graduate schools, or perhaps dental schools, or a few other things, public health departments, are recruited upon graduation to take a several-week course, and then dispatched on two-year active assignment, paid by the CDC, in various local and state health departments to become the eyes and ears of the CDC—an invisible intelligence network that watches for the tiniest clusters of disease, and, when the CDC deems appropriate, turns them into national emergencies. We saw this kind of cynical manipulation in the 1957 Asian flu epidemic. We saw it in the 1960s with clusters of leukemia, which they tried to make appear infectious. We saw that with the swine flu epidemic that never materialized, in 1976, and with the Legionnaire's epidemic that same year. And we've seen it more recently with Lyme disease, with Hantavirus pneumonia, and just one thing after another.
    Even after those two years, every member of the EIS becomes part of a permanent reserve officer corps for the CDC that could be called up in case of national emergency or time of war, to serve as officers of their respective ranks, with actual emergency powers. Today many of these people, by sitting in foundations, major companies, the new media, Surgeon General's office, and other key positions politically, act as silent advocates for the CDC, echoing the CDC's viewpoint whenever it needs support. So of course that's a very influential network, and I might add that as of about one year ago, because of too many outside requests for the membership directory of the EIS, the CDC has recently suppressed the availability of this directory. They no longer want people knowing what the membership is."-----
[1994] INTERVIEW BRYAN ELLISON Rethinking AIDS March/April 1994

Partnership program:
"The other program that the CDC has is called a partnership program. Basically they give grants to private organizations—even creating private organizations in some cases—supposedly to spread education, meaning the CDC party line. But in effect by spreading around this money the CDC creates and buys influence with organizations that do not appear to be connected to the CDC, at least officially. So for example, the CDC has thrown this money around to medical groups such as the American Red Cross, to hemophilia organizations, to gay rights and AIDS activist groups
    ......There are enormous lists, and I'm only just beginning to uncover many of the organizations that are funded under this partnership program with what they call community-based organizations. See, the idea is—the CDC puts it in slightly different language. They say, well, these organizations can reach their constituencies more effectively than we can. That's code language, of course, for saying that it's more believable when it seems to come from private organizations without a conflict of interest
    ......I haven't yet been able to prove ACT-UP. I can document the connection with several AIDS activist groups. I don't want to name more until I can prove them.........On the AIDS activist, gay rights side of the AIDS debate, as it has been publicly constituted, they have funded the National Association for People with AIDS. It is a militantly pro-gay rights organization, but coordinates a good deal of the AIDS activist movement
    ........... They simultaneously fund Americans for a Sound AIDS Policy, which has advised the religious right, and was the primary advising group to William Dannemeyer, Congressman. So the CDC was financing both groups at the same time, and the fact is that while the two sides debated on red-herring issues, so to speak, they agreed on one thing, and that is that we needed stronger public health measures, and that the CDC were good guys. This is an example of the sort of thing they fund. The funds could range anywhere from, I gather, a few thousand or a few tens of thousands of dollars, all the way up to millions of dollars, as in the case of the Red Cross. It depends on what level of money is required to buy off a group. Some of these groups were created entirely by CDC funding
    ........For example, Americans for a Sound AIDS Policy. So the CDC, with its EIS officers, and with its partnership program, has created circles of influence far beyond its own immediate existence, where much of its influence is not recognized as coming from the CDC. Thus we have what appears to be a groundswell of support for any CDC position, which is in reality orchestrated by the Public Health Service and particularly by the CDC.
To illustrate how they use this in AIDS, quite simply the EIS network was heavily involved in identifying the first AIDS cases, which were not even a cluster. The first five AIDS cases did not know each other. They had no connection to each other. They hadn't even been connected sexually through anonymous sexual encounters or anything that we know of. But they found all five and defined it as a cluster arbitrarily. From there they went on to redefine diseases that existed in hemophiliacs, in intravenous drug users, in Haitians, in Africans, wherever they could go, for the purpose of making the AIDS epidemic appear to be infectious. The dominant view among those few scientists looking at AIDS from the very beginning was that it must be caused by drugs, particularly by poppers, which were wildly popular in the homosexual community. This was the view they were fighting, and they had to make AIDS look infectious. They did it through these kinds of cluster studies, by redefining diseases in other groups. The EIS was instrumental in that, and the partnership program, since 1984, when it began for the AIDS project, has been instrumental in creating what appears to be a spontaneous support for the public health activist viewpoint of AIDS, and for blaming it on a virus, from all sectors.
I must also say that this why the virus hunters paid attention to AIDS—because the CDC brought it to their attention and made it look infectious, and meanwhile the virus hunters, who dominated the NIH and the universities funded by the NIH, jumped on it and picked their own favorite virus, a retrovirus, on which to blame AIDS.
It is this Public Health Service, which spends many billions of our taxpayer dollars, that has in one sense or another created this HIV hypothesis, and which defends it to the last drop of blood. I think the only way we're going to ever deal with this and really to break the hold of the HIV hypothesis, and prevent future calamities like this, which will be inevitable, is to start cutting back the Public Health Service radically, perhaps abolishing some agencies."---------Bryan Ellison Interview

'Let’s face it. The word “scandal” doesn’t begin to describe what’s been happening at the CDC all these years. RICO crime is a bit more apt. The CDC is a mafia, whose objective is to protect the pharmaceutical industry, while it stands by and watches, with depraved indifference, as untold numbers of children suffer brain damage from the injection of vaccines.'---Jon Rappoport

[2016 Sept FB.  Shows connection to Insurance Hoax.] ''My insurance knows now I don't vaccinate. They had called and somehow it got brought up. I believe they asked. Anyways. Now suddenly the cdc is sending me letters and calling asking me to do a vaccination survey. I know its because of the insurance because that is the only people that have my parents house number instead of my cell phone. I told them the day before yesterday that I wasn't interested in doing a survey and the lady had the audacity to ask me why. Uhm because I don't want to. Ugh. Well they called again today and now my dad has received a letter. Do I do the survey or what? I feel like they are begining to go too far and almost to the point of harassing because I've already firmly told them I'm not interested. My parents told me to do the survey. -.-Oh and they even sent a $1 bill in the letter and says they will send $10 more. 😂 wtf?''

 Another shocking case involving the CDC is that of Dr. Poul Thorsen, who, after being found to have falsified documents, was indicted on fraud, money laundering and tax evasion after stealing somewhere between $1-2 million in research grant money from the CDC.
Here you might wonder why I'm faulting the CDC, as the organization was the victim of fraud. The reason I fault them is because they hired Dr. Thorsen to debunk the link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism—which he did to their satisfaction. However, CDC officials may have played a significant role in "guiding" this research to their desired end, and now that Thorsen has been exposed as a fraud, the agency still upholds his research as being of high caliber.....
Dr. Thorsen's studies are frequently quoted in rebuttals to the claim that vaccines may play a role in the disorder. The studies in question were riddled with flaws, yet despite the fact that Thorsen's studies may actually be a complete sham, the CDC has not officially declared them invalid. In fact, they're still listed on the CDC website as part of the scientific backing of their stance on autism and vaccine safety. [2011 Oct] CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality By Dr. Mercola

In a newly released FOIA document obtained by a scientist, you can read correspondence between Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) and Damian Braga, President of Aventis Pasteur. An orderly "phase down" of thimerosal (mercury preservative) still in pediatric flu shots was supposed to begin in 2004, but based on the correspondence, Dr. Julie Gerbeding indicates no interest in providing U.S. children with pediatric thimerosal-free flu shots. Almost ten years later, the U.S. is still allowing thimerosal-containing flu shots to be used in infants, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

[2012 Feb] Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research  CDC: It has at least three major COls that could hamper its ability to provide objective research about vaccines. It is also charged with controlling disabilities. If the research it sponsors were to identify vaccines as being hazardous and if the vaccination schedule it recommends is associated with autism, it would be forced to concede that its policies did not support its goals and actually promoted disabilities. Since the CDC is charged with promoting vaccination programs as well as assessing vaccine risks, it might be reluctant to sponsor research that uncovers risks it may have created.

"We filed a request for two pieces of information. We wanted all the safety data the CDC had in its possession prior to recommending the hepatitis B vaccine for new babies at birth. Moreover, we wanted the statistical model they used to prove safety and justify this policy decision. To my surprise, the CDC refused to respond to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We made our request more than 10 years ago and we are still waiting for this information today."-----01/10/11 – Michael Belkin

I was the first to announce the "autism epidemic", in 1995, and I pointed out in that article that excessive vaccines were a plausible cause of the epidemic.  As you know, an enormous amount of clinical laboratory research (as opposed to epidemiological research), has been accumulated since that time, supporting my position. (I did not know then that the vaccines contained mercury, although I had been collecting data since 1967 from the mothers of autistic children, on any dental work they may have had during their pregnancy.)  The evidence is now overwhelming, despite the misinformation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine. The (Pretending to) Combat Autism Act  By Bernard Rimland

We have no faith in the integrity of the CDC and the FDA. They are doing all they can to protect themselves and Big Pharma from the truth; that the autism epidemic is caused by Big Pharma's greed and the failure of the CDC and the FDA to do their jobs.  Big Pharma must not be allowed to evade its financial liability for the damage their vaccines have caused. Like the tobacco companies in the last century, which kept denying the cigarette-lung cancer link, the drug companies are lying, with the help of the CDC and FDA, about the role of vaccines in causing the autism's epidemic. When the lung cancer cases finally got to court, the truth came out. We parents insist on our right to hold the drug companies liable, in court, for the harm they have caused. The matter must be decided fairly in the legal system, and not by loophole riders exonerating the drug companies that have been added to appropriation bills in the dark of night. The drug companies caused the autism epidemic and they, not the parents nor the public, must pay the costs. They are guilty, they are very profitable and can and should be held accountable.[3/2006] A message from Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.

CDC officials, who maintain autism is a genetic disorder and irreversible, cannot tolerate the existence of children whose autistic behaviors have disappeared after chelation therapy removes vaccine-related mercury and other toxins from their bodies.[NVIC 3/2006] Chelation for autism

"Asking the CDC to look into vaccine safety is like asking the fox to guard the chicken coop."--Dr Bernard Rimland

"     Goldman also reports that shortly after communicating on authorship issues with health officials associated with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concerning the shingles data and analysis, he was threatened with legal action if he published the manuscript in the medical literature. He said, "Whenever research data and information concerning potential adverse effects associated with a vaccine used in a human population are suppressed and/or misrepresented by health authorities, not only is this most disturbing, it goes against all accepted scientific norms and dangerously compromises professional ethics."" ATA REVEALS THREAT OF SHINGLES EPIDEMIC FROM VACCINE USE Health Officials Threaten Legal Action Against Researcher 

"When your article (danish MMR study) was published I was contacted by outraged vaccine victims from around the world. They pointed out that  your study was financed by the CDC (ardent pro-vaccinators) and the NAAR (who receive funding from vaccine manufacturers). I was told that your study was blatant fraud and an attempt to write an alibi for yourselves and your colleagues now that autism has reached epidemic proportions. "--Alan Rees

"During a three-continents investigation of AidsVax, the first product to enter large-scale trials as a possible HIV vaccine, Deer uncovered disturbing evidence of private deals to combat widespread criticism of VaxGen's controversial technology. One revelation concerned CDC vaccine chief Dr William Heyward, who steered government cash and credibility to the California-based company while waiting on it to hire him. The Sunday Times Magazine October 3 1999."--Brian Deer

"When I look at it," Fisher says, "what I see is allopathic medicine at war with the other modalities. Homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic are perceived as challenging the basic premise of allopathic medicine, which is that germs are the ultimate cause of illness and must be destroyed--in this case, by vaccines.....Both Fisher and Coulter agree that not only are vaccines the sacred cow of the public health system, they have also become the golden calf. What that means is money. Fisher points out that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), with an annual budget of around $360 billion, is the most powerful and wealthiest federal agency in the country.
In the United States there are two main vaccine policy-making groups, the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under HHS. ACIP makes recommendations for vaccine policy. Fisher says these recommendations turn into mandates "because state health officials automatically turn them into state law. In most states," she says, "[when it comes to public health] you no longer even have a vote by the legislature. All the state health departments have to do is issue a regulation, and it automatically becomes a law."
        Fisher says: "For 16 years I have sat in rooms with these officials, both at scientific conferences and government meetings. I was appointed to the Vaccine Advisory Committee for four years under HHS. I was the token consumer representative." What she observed was lack of oversight of this huge enterprise. "You have the highly funded HHS. You have the federal health infrastructure that funds the state public-health infrastructure. Together they have decided they are going to use vaccines to eradicate disease-causing microorganisms from Earth. Then there are the drug companies that manufacture the vaccines; they have a very profitable relationship with FDA and CDC. Everyone is committed to the same premise. What we are trying to make the public realize is that no money whatsoever has been portioned to independent researchers who work outside this very profitable, self-reinforcing loop."---Franklin Cameron

"In the case of vaccines, they have this particular panel called the ACIP [Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices]. I've sat through their meetings and know pretty much what goes on there. Basically, they rubber-stamp whatever the drug companies put in front of them.  But this committee comes up with language saying, such and such a person should get this vaccine at such and such a date. Then the drug company lobbyists take that recommendation from the ACIP and they go around to all the state legislatures and state health departments saying, "Did you see what the CDC says to do?" And the American Academy of Pediatrics, of course, jumps in. There are huge donations flowing back and forth between all these people. It's a huge conflict of interest."--Michael Belkin

"Did you know that the CDC committee which sets national vaccine policy, the Advisory Committee on Immunizatrion Practices (ACIP), (until 1997) operated for more than 20 years without making verbatim transcripts of its meetings available to the public?"--Ingri Cassel

"In addition, the U.S. Office of Technology, one of the few semi-reliable agencies of the U.S. government, says there is no current system utilized by the CDC to determine if the vaccines do work or how dangerous they really are."--Dr Douglass M.D.

"The statistic that is often quoted is that there are 25,000 kids infected with Hepatitis B.  After repeatedly asking the question as to how the CDC arrived at this number, Harold S. Margolis, MD, Chief of the Hepatitis Branch of the CDC finally admitted that 25,000 kids is simply an estimate.  They have no hard proof that there are definitely 25,000 kids with Hepatitis B."--Lisa F. Reiss

"The CDC did two studies, one study on diabetes and one on asthma.............The studies represent pure junk science that is primarily propaganda."--Bart Classen

"I began by investigating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDCs) official investigation reports on the case. And to make a long story short, I found the reports to be scientifically bogus. I later learned that the government had covered-up key evidence in the tragedy in an effort the maintain the case an unsolvable mystery."--Horowitz

"The CDC no longer permits members of its vaccine advisory committee to vote on issues involving any company with whom they have a financial relationship. But they can participate in discussions--which allows them to continue influencing policy. Minutes of a June 1995 CDC advisory committee meeting, at which members voted to delay recommending use of a safer polio vaccine, show that five of the nine members present had financial ties to vaccine manufacturers. (emphasis added)."--Money Magazine

"The CDC immunization policy is disgraceful from a scientific, medical, or public policy point of view. It is a scientific disgrace because vaccines only get short-term or epidemiological tests, and not controlled tests for long-term side effects........[The CDC] appoints members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)...The members are often nominated by the drug companies and have substantial financial ties to the drug companies....Members are forbidden to publicly discuss what happens during closed portions of the meetings. The precise scientific, medical, and political bases for the vaccine recommendations are never revealed. Thus the drug companies and CDC have strong incentives to expand immunization programs.""--Roger Schlafly, PhD

"They (CDC, ACIP and Merck) are passing off estimated, hypothetical numbers as actual cases. This is statistical fraud. In the financial world such mis-representation would lead to criminal charges. If a company inflated its earnings or revenues by 300% (as the CDC does hepatitis B disease statistics) and foisted those figures off as official data (and not some back-of-the-envelope guess-timate) - that company would be investigated by the SEC and sued by shareholders. Why doesn’t that happen in the medical world? There’s no regulator to keep the CDC honest. They do not say those figures are hypothetical estimates, they misrepresent the data. Go try to audit those 320,000 supposed new infections/yr. You will not find them. The whole exercise is designed to increase public hysteria about the risk of a low-risk disease so the CDC can extend it’s pervasive influence and Merck can increase it’s $900 million/year vaccine revenues."---Michael Belkin MICHAEL BELKIN'S WRITTEN TESTIMONY TO CONGRESS

"I have minutes from a CDC Study Group Meeting on the Hepatitis B vaccine held in March, 1997. The minutes of the meeting show that it would take at least a 60 day study to show the onset of MS. Clinical studies done by the two manufacturers were four and five days in length, respectively. It should be noted that the afternoon session of this meeting was chaired by Dr. Robert Sharrar of Merck. This group was to decide how to identify various types of adverse reactions such as MS and demylenating disease and to plan meaningful studies. When Dr. Sharrar appeared on ABC's 20/20 in January he said that he honestly believed that the Hepatitis B vaccine had not caused any problems. Can an employee of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine be objective in designing experiments to show fault in a product that generates close to a billion dollars in sales for his company?"---Betty Fluck

"Every year in the United States, on average.......approximately 36,000 people die from flu."  CDC October 6, 2004

Number of flu deaths 753 (2002) CDC

Every year, just prior to the impending "flu season," the CDC and their acquiescent media pawns terrorize the American public with false claims regarding annual flu deaths. The CDC boldly asserts that 36,000 people die every year from the flu. Such scare tactics are calculated to increase flu vaccine sales. However, according to the CDC's own official records documented in National Vital Statistics Reports, only a few hundred people die from influenza (flu) on an average year. And many of these deaths occur in people with preexisting conditions, weakened immune systems, and the elderly. Annual Flu Deaths: The Big Lie By Neil Z. Miller

Cover up of toxic effects of mercury in vaccines
The CDC through their own studies have shown a child is much more likely to develop a neurodevelopmental delay such as Autism, ADHD, Speech Delay if given mercury containing vaccines (Thimerosal), but then marked their own research as confidential and not to release.  They later altered their own data to show no link between mercury containing vaccines and these neurological disorders. Angela's Story  If a tobacco company sourced, funded, guided, and wrote scientific studies to prove cigarettes don't cause lung cancer, not a single American would give the studies any credibility.   Yet, our own Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a government agency responsible for administering our National Immunization Program, has done the very same thing by sourcing, funding, guiding, and writing research to try and prove that vaccines, and a mercury preservative used in vaccines, have not fueled an epidemic of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in our nation's children.   Why would the CDC do this? See for yourself, from more than two dozen secret documents and emails in the words of those responsible.  The longer the CDC denies the true cause of the autism epidemic, the less resources we can dedicate to treating our children today. It's time to put our childen first.

CDC Genocidal Measles Vaccine Experiments on Minority Children Turn Deadly
In an experiment to find out of they could give high-potency Edmonston Zagreb (EZ) measles vaccine to babies as young as four months old [completing disregarding developmental neurology and lack of myelinization in the nervous system of babies] in order to overwhelm their natural maternal antibodies and replace them with vaccine-induced antibodies, medical "researchers" at the CDC and Johns Hopkins University injected thousands of babies in the Third World with the experimental vaccine that reportedly caused chronic immune suppression and the deaths of an unknown number of babies. Also, in the United States, with the help of Kaiser Permanente, more than 1500 six-month old black and Hispanic babies in inner city Los Angeles were "enrolled" in the experiment starting in June 1990. [ During the administration of president and ex-CIA director George Bush.] The study was halted in October 1991, after more than one year of genocidal activity, after repeated reports from vaccine trial sites in Africa that girl babies were dying in higher than expected numbers six months to three years after injection. [ A less-than-admirable population control effort.]

"Has he (New York reporter) asked the FDA or CDC for the names or copies of the long term safety studies for the hepatitis B vaccine?  I have,  face-to-face. Surgeon General Satcher didn't know when I asked him on Aug 3, 1999 (after he testified for the Government Reform Committee), neither could Dr. Samuel Katz (couldn't give me an answer at the May 18th hearings, still no answer at the August hearings)  No one can give me the names of the safety studies that were reviewed before this vaccine was approved. Doesn't anyone find this strange? Has Mr. Specter actually checked to verify the 'epidemic' of hepatitis B that the CDC is claiming? I have--it's not happening and hasn't even come close. On Jan. 22, 1999 the CDC told ABC's 20/20 that 200,000 people will get hep B every year.  By May 1999, they told Fox News (Chicago) that 20,000 people will get hep B every year.  Gee, we lost a zero.  Check the CDC's own Mortality and Morbidity Weekly, it doesn't support any of their claims. The hep B vaccine was touted as a lifetime vaccine in the beginning, then 10 yr coverage, then some aren't covered after 5 yrs. Gosh, didn't their long-term studies show this to begin with?"--- Sherry Wied, David's Mom

An analysis of the CDC's own data demonstrates that the number of actual injuries from the rotavirus vaccine is 500 times the injuries reported to VAERS:


VAERS reported "11 developed intussusception within 1 week of receiving RRV-TV" out of 1.8 million doses administered, which is a rate of about 0.6 out of 100,000. Kaiser Permanente studied the rate for its patients and found that "Among children who had received RRV-TV during the previous week, the rate was 314 per 100,000 infant-years." Minnesota did a study in its state and found that "the observed rate of intussusception within 1 week of receipt of RRV-TV was 292 per 100,000 infant-years."   Hence the actual rate of this adverse effect from the rotavirus vaccine was about 300/0.6 = 500 times the rate reported through VAERS! From the CDC at "VAERS currently receives approximately 800-1000 reports each month." Based on the above data, the actual adverse effects following vaccines could easily be 500 times the reported effects, or 500,000 per month. (received via AVN mailing list)

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