Sir Nigel Davis & Sir Crispin Davis
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[Sir Nigel Davis: Judge (brother of  Sir Crispin Davis: non-executive director of GSK) cut off MMR legal funding.  Similar GSK connections with Murdoch (2009 James Murdoch was appointed a non executive director with Glaxo SmithKline the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine), the main newspaper (Times) attacking Dr. Andy Wakefield.]

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[Oct 2007 Looks to be lying, surely not!] MMR LEGAL AID the high court judge states categorically that he was not aware at the time that his brother, Sir Crispin Davis, was a non-executive director of GSK, one of three defendant drug companies in the MMR controversy.  But when the Eye and others asked his office about a potential conflict five months ago, a statement was issued on his behalf which said: "In 2003, Mr Justice Davis's brother was appointed as a non-executive director of GSK. At the date of the hearing before Mr Justice (February 2004), the possibility of any conflict of interest arising from his brother's position was not raised with him and did not occur to him. If he was wrong, any possible remedy must be sought in the court of appeal."

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[2008] Reed Elsevier makes its final farewell to arms  Reed Elsevier has finally stopped organising arms trade fairs - five months later than it promised shareholders and staff.

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[May 2007]

[2007] The CIA-Media War Against "Conspiracy Theorists": Who Owns NEW SCIENTIST? by Alex Constantine  Reed Elsevier's science and medicine division, Elsevier, publishes 500 handbooks and journals, including The Lancet, while its subsidiary, Reed Exhibitions, hosts arms fairs around the world....."We find ourselves in a situation where our parent company is filling an absolutely critical part in the arms trade. We're horrified and embarrassed and we want them to stop," says Horton, adding that The Lancet has had "endless" conversations with Reed Elsevier about the conflict.....In March, 59 of The Lancet's 83 editorial consultants sent a letter to Reed Elsevier's CEO, Sir Crispin Davis (above), giving him 3 weeks to respond to a series of questions concerning the company's involvement in arms fairs. Photo by: Courtesy of Reed Elsevier....."Our defence shows are quality businesses which have performed well in recent years," said chief executive Sir Crispin Davis....."We have listened closely to these concerns and this has led us to conclude that the defence shows are no longer compatible with Reed Elsevier's position as a leading publisher of scientific, medical, legal and business content."

Sir Crispin Davis: non-executive director of GSK.

 Sir Nigel Davis: Judge