Glaxo SmithKline
(Glaxo Wellcome & SmithKline Beecham) history

Drivers coming into London have to endure the sight of the Glazo building, the standard bearer for injuring children around the world.[Satanic is the only word that does justice to this outfit (see Lucifer symbol over Wellcome building, below), one example:  After their Trivirex MMR vaccine was withdrawn as dangerous in Canada, in 1988, they managed to get it on the UK market with a government indemnity, under another name: Pluserix (see MMR timeline).   When that had to be withdrawn they then sold it to the third world (causing an outbreak of meningitis in Brazil), while they have done their best to suppress the fact it caused autism and bowel disease, along with the present MMR vaccines. Sir Nigel Davis, who dismissed the appeal over the removal of funding for the MMR litigation by the Legal Services Commission, was the brother of Lancet proprietor Crispin Davis who at the time had also recently become a non-executive director of Glaxo SmithKline. The Times group (whose CEO is James Murdoch, appointed in 2009 a non executive director with GlaxoSmithKline) through it's journalist Deer, is leading the attack on Dr Wakefield that culminated in the GMC Kangaroo court.
   Of course the big poison in their history is
AZT which they are still trying to kill Africans with.  Recently caught suppressing adverse effects with Avandia.  One psychiatric poison is Paxil/Seroxat.  God willing, this one is going to crash and burn on its way down to hell . Sell your shares now.Wink]


Eolarix, 1994 MR
Evans Medical 1994 (DT)
Havrix (Hep A)
Infanrix   (DTaP) AUS
Mencevax ACWY (meningococcal)
Priorix (MMR)
Trivax Hib (1996) (DTPH)
TwinrixAdult (Hep A & B)

Withdrawn vaccines:
Lymerix (lyme disease)
Pluserix (MMR)  1992
Trivirex (MMR Canada)

Psychiatric drugs

[2010] Seroxat Scandal by Bob Fiddaman

Other drugs:
[Media April 05, 2004] Orphans used for (Glaxo) HIV trials
[Media March 2002] SmithKline hit by inquiry into bribes
[Media--drugs] RELENZA: Official Asks If One Day Less of Flu Is Worth It (Glaxo)
[Media--drugs] RAXAR:Warning on Label Omits Deaths (Glaxo Wellcome)
[Media--drugs] LOTRONEX: Officer Foresaw Deadly Effects (Glaxo Wellcome)
[Media Feb 2001--Drugs] Coroner’s alert on Zyban GlaxoSmithKline

See: Liam Scheff

Human Guinea Pigs
COMPASS vaccine trial program (Argentina. 2007 and 2008)

[2003/4 AIDS drugs] Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) (New York’s Washington Heights )

[2010 April] Andrew Wakefield Interview by Dr Mercola

[2010 April. Video transcripts] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words
Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story

Mercury is safe flacks
Larson, Heidi

[2015] GlaxoSmithKline faces hundreds of lawsuits after pushing birth defect-causing drug on pregnant women

[2015 April] Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company  Autism is listed in this chart as a nervous system and mental impairment disorder associated with receiving GSK's Infanrix hexa vaccine.

[2014 April] GlaxoSmithKline settles charges it unlawfully promoted Advair and other popular drugs  “GlaxoSmithKline put its business interests ahead of what was best for vulnerable patients,”

Clinical Trials Involving Babies And Children In Institutional Settings, 1960/61, 1970 and 1973  211 children had been administered vaccines during three separate vaccine trials conducted on behalf of a drugs company, The Wellcome Foundation. More than 123 of these infants and toddlers were residents in children's homes in Dublin, Cork and the midlands when the trials took place in the 1960s and 1970s. Trial one involved 58 children in five children's homes in Dublin, Cork, Westmeath and Meath. The trial investigated what would happen if four vaccines -- diphtheria, pertussis (also known as whooping cough), tetanus and polio -- were combined in one overall four-in-one shot. The trial was published in the 'British Medical Journal' in 1962. The final paragraph of it read: "We are indebted to the medical officers in charge of the children's homes. . . for permission to carry out this investigation on infants under their care."   Trial two, which was conducted during the summer of 1970, saw 35 children administered with the intra-nasal rubella vaccine.

[2003/4 AIDS drugs] Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) (New York’s Washington Heights )

[2014 May] GlaxoSmithKline to be investigated by UK fraud body

VRM: The Confidenti​al Case-files of GlaxoSmith​Kline – Cover-up, Deferral & Denial of Vaccine-re​lated Premature Deaths  The following confidential case-files pertaining to the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine, Infanrix hexa™, were recently uncovered; a glaring exposť into Vaccine Industry malfeasance, which reveal the systemic cover-up, deferral & denial of responsibility for vaccine-related premature deaths (among infants) by vaccine manufacturing giant GlaxoSmithKline. Bare in mind, this startling evidence only represents the tip of the iceberg, given the fact that a mere 5-10% of vaccine related adverse reports are ever submitted by families – what is termed ‘underreporting’.  GlaxoSmith​Kline (GSK) Confidential to regulatory agencies file:

[2013 Jan] Infanrix Kills and Maims, but GSK Hid It from Doctors & Parents  GSK wanted to keep the public from knowing about the adverse effects of their Infanrix vaccine. The secret report slipped out, and it’s revealing. It validates the recent study showing that multiple vaccine doses increase the death rate by 50%—but there’s no real change to the safety advice.

[2012 July] Big Pharma criminality no longer a conspiracy theory: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now a matter of public record

GSK Fined US$3 BILLION – largest health fraud settlement in U.S. history

[2012 Dec] Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine By Christina England  within a two-year period, a total of 36 infants died after receiving the 6-in-1 vaccine, Infanrix Hexa.

[2012 May] Olympic Vaccination Frenzy As Athletes Urged To Get Their Shots By Christina England   With GlaxoSmithKline (2) being the number one sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games, it makes sense that vaccinations are high on the agenda. GSK must have been in seventh heaven when they landed the Olympic contract for drugs testing. They announced in January that they had signed a contract with London 2012 to become an official supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

[2012 Jan] Premature Babies Used As Lab Rats In Manipulated Vaccine Trials By Christina England  To use these small vulnerable babies as little more than lab rats is bad enough but to then falsify the results to get the vaccines sanctioned to give to all premature babies is positively criminal.  Not only that, but this was a trial of a GlaxoSmithKline product, funded by GlaxoSmithKline with the majority of the researchers researching the product actually having financial ties to GlaxoSmithKline. Unbelievable!!!!

[2012] Victim reveals horror of vaccine trials' secret legacy  Hundreds of children are feared to have been subjected to the experimental trials while in the care of the Catholic Church.  Now the victims' cases could be reopened, as calls for the Government to deal with the scandal intensifies.  Legal action is being planned against GlaxoSmithKline and the Sacred Heart Order, which allowed the tests at the Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork.

[2012 Jan] GSK lab fined over vaccine tests that killed 14 babies   GlaxoSmithKline Argentina Laboratories company was fined 400,000 pesos..... for the killing of 14 babies during illegal lab vaccine trials conducted between 2007 and 2008.......“These doctors took advantage of many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials.”    “Laboratories can't experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries."

[2011 June] GlaxoSmithKline Schemes with GAVI to Offer Rotavirus Vaccine at Reduced Costs to Third World By Christina England  All very noble of them considering that Rotarix vaccine was suspended around the world last year because it contained the DNA from pigs in it. What GlaxoSmithKline are actually offering, are vaccines at a reduced price to the third world because the take up has been so low in the Western world due to reduced confidence in the vaccine.....What these people need from the governments around the world is massive injections of cash, better education and nutrition, not left over vaccines that the Western world have lost confidence in. This is no goodwill gesture but merely a cheap publicity stunt to make GlaxoSmithKline look altruistic.

[2011 Jan] Controversy over vaccine trial files  PARTICIPANTS in controversial vaccine trials in mother-and-baby homes have been told by the Department of Health that it can’t give them their medical files or any trial documentation as it is legally bound to return the files to the drugs company. ....Up to 211 children were given the test vaccines in Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s. Now adults, the participants say the drugs were given without parental consent and they have spent years trying to access their medical files and pharmaceutical information from that time. ...The committee wrote to Glaxo SmithKline seeking information on the trials. The company said the documentation contained sensitive personal information and they wouldn’t hand it over without judicial order.

[2010 Nov] Ties Between Big Pharma and THL Draw Complaints

[2010 Nov] GlaxoSmithKline Influences Experts To Boost HPV Vaccine Sales By Christina England  In my opinion the UK’s media should began to find the real experts to turn to for advice, rather than look to researchers who appear to be little more than GSK lapdogs. I believe that my evidence proves that GSK is financially influencing experts in attempts to change current medical practices and diagnostics in the early detection of cervical cancer. It’s clear they are carving a niche for themselves to sell their vaccines! By financing cancer research experts and support groups they can manipulate the market to benefit themselves.

[2010 Nov] Glaxo Smith Kline Brainwashed Doctors About HPV Vaccine By Christina England

[2010 Oct] GlaxoSmithKline To Pay $750 Million To Settle Sale Of Bad Products GlaxoSmithKline, the British drug giant, has agreed to pay $750 million to settle criminal and civil complaints that the company for years knowingly sold contaminated baby ointment and an ineffective antidepressant.

[2010] Swine flu vaccine Pandemrix  The medicine authorities of Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare say that Finland buys Pandermix vaccine, because there aren't available any other vaccine. This is not true! Glaxo SmithKline is the manufacturer of Pandemrix vaccine. Glaxo SmithKline support financially at many millions euros the vaccine research process of Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare. It is obvious that Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare chose Glaxo SmithKline Pandemrix vaccine, because Glaxo SmithKline support financially Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare.

[2010 Aug] 'I was used as a guinea pig in child vaccine scandal'

[2010 Aug] Ireland's hidden scandal: child vaccine trials

[2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

[pdf] Here is the senate record of the corruption instigated by Glaxo with regard to covering up the deaths and injuries from Avandia.

[2010 March] Santa Clara County sues Glaxo over diabetes drug

[2010 Feb] Glaxo Knew Avandia Caused Heart Risk, Report Says (Update1)

Diabetes drug linked to liver troubles

[2009 Dec Denmark] WHO ADVISER CONCEALS A DONATION OF MILLIONS FROM A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY    A Finnish member of the WHO board, an advisor on vaccines, has received 46 million crowns (6 million euros) for his research centre from the vaccine manufactures, GlaxoSmithKline. ...Another  ‘WHO’ vaccine advisor is withholding information concerning financial support from the pharmaceutical industry. ...Professor Juhani Eskola is the director of the Finnish research vaccine programme (THL) and a new member of the WHO group, ‘Strategic Advisory Group of Experts’ (SAGE), which gives advice to the WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan. ‘SAGE’ also recommend which vaccines - and how many - member countries should purchase for the pandemic.

[2009 July 29] Government virus expert paid £116k by swine flu vaccine manufacturers  Professor Sir Roy Anderson sits on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), a 20-strong task force drawing up the action plan for the virus. Yet he also holds a £116,000-a-year post on the board of GlaxoSmithKline, the company selling swine flu vaccines and anti-virals to the NHS.

[2008] 12 Babies die during vaccine trials in Argentina

[2008] GlaxoSmithKline Petitions the FDA

[April 2007] GSK at centre of Russian vaccine scandal

[2005] QUESTIONS ASKED OVER LABOUR'S `SECRET’ MEETINGS WITH BIG BUSINESS LEADERS  Details of high-level meetings between the prime Minister and top executives of Britain's most powerful companies will remain secret, the government has ruled, despite widespread concern about big business' privileged access to senior politicians.....The documents released reveal that Blair has met with the MCG every year since he was elected in 1997. Participants at the last meeting, in October 2004, included top executives from HSBC, Vodafone, Unilever, BP, the drinks giant Diageo, cigarette manufacturer British American Tobacco, and mining company Rio Tinto.
.....Last year, The Guardian newspaper revealed that the head of one of the world's largest tobacco companies, British American Tobacco, used an MCG meeting in March 2000 to put private pressure on the Prime Minister and the then trade secretary Stephen Byers.
    BAT stood accused of facilitating large-scale tobacco smuggling, costing UK taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds, and faced a possible public inquiry by the Department for Trade and Industry. But after the MCG meeting with Tony Blair and a second private meeting with Byers, plans for the inquiry were dropped and a DTI investigation was conducted in secret instead. The findings of that investigation have never been published, and the government turned down a second FOIA request from The Big Issue in the North for its release.

[Media June 30, 2002] UK babies given toxic vaccines, admits Glaxo

Worldwide Vaccines - Vaccine health site


[Nov 2007] Senate Report Alleges GSK Intimidation Over Avandia Concerns
GSK tried to intimidate and silence university professor John Buse after he raised concerns about Avandia’s (rosiglitazone maleate) link to cardiovascular events,

[2016 Sept] Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed by Anthony Samsel