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[Jan 2007] Smoke and Mirrors from Stanley Plotkin by Edward Hooper

The Death of Professor Paul M. Osterrieth - and its Significance for the Origins of AIDS debate
Following the death of Paul Osterrieth, Ed Hooper examines his role in the origins of AIDS debate

[April 2003] Aids and the Polio Vaccine---Edward Hooper finds new evidence
AIDS & polio vaccine connection--Hooper
[Media 14 jan 2001] Quest for the Origin of AIDS
[Media Jan 2001] Did Modern Medicine Spread an Epidemic

In 1999 I wrote a book, The River, which proposed the hypothesis that AIDS might be iatrogenic (caused by physicians), and that scientists might have unwittingly started the pandemic through an experimental oral polio vaccine (OPV) administered in central Africa in the 1950s. That book touched more buttons than I had anticipated, for it sparked a major cover-up among those who had been involved with making the vaccine, and among powerful interest groups within the medical community.  The attempted whitewash persuaded me to continue my researches. I have now been exclusively researching AIDS for 20 years, and its origins for 16. And whereas I was 95% persuaded of the merits of the vaccine theory when The River was published in 1999, I am now (in 2006) 99.9% persuaded that this is how AIDS began.----Edward Hooper