Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 3:50 pm    Post subject: MEADOW WORKING ON ADVERSE REACTIONS TO VACCINES FROM 1987

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This is for the disbelievers here! Well you did want proof.

"Well, well, well, what a surprise, here is our Great Professor Sir Roy Meadow with his colleagues in meetings entitled "Adverse Reactions to Vaccinations and Immunisations" openly discussing adverse reactions to vaccines, and running vaccine trials on 5000 British kids. Where was the ethical approval? Were the parents told?

Read the discussions about dead babies, dying after vaccines, about convulsions, about neurological impairments, about anaphylaxis etc etc etc .

Read how they talk about "100%" certainty that the adverse reactions they were looking at were caused by vaccines.

It is utterly unconscionable that with the high adverse event rates (including with the Urabe strain mumps virus - withdrawn around the world) they are discussing, that these people (are they people? ) would wave a hand over all this to carry on using the vaccines and brain damage millions of children worldwide.

"Presumably the idea to use MSbP to cover up the vaccine damage began when the epidemic started -after the accelerated programme in the eighties when masses of Mercury hit younger children with lowered immune systems. It was then when they started to give the DTP with Mercury containing Thiomersal in it to younger and younger children and they gave it more frequently.


These meetings about the trials they were engaged in occurred in the mid to late eighties. The MMR landed on top of the accelerated DTP shots and for those children who reacted to the DTP and then developed allergies and a compromised immune system, the MMR with its 3 live viruses might have been the final nail for them. Thats when many children reacted to MMR and developed autism and gut problems. These gut problems make kids more vulnerable to cancer, never mind the hell on earth suffering with the problems themselves for the children and the family throughout their childhood.

Look also at who else is in these meetings - Dr Elizabeth Miller, still head of the UK Immunization Dept who has helpfully created drug company funded research epidemiology that trashes the idea that there were reactions to vaccines, and Dr Salisbury still in charge of all this at the Dept of Health.

Its all rather too obvious now - MSBP and the dodgy drug company funded research were all designed to cover up for an epidemic of terrible, terrible vaccine damage.

There must be a special kind of hell for these people.

I will put minutes up in order please notice that Professor Roy Meadow appears from 1987

Discussions about baby deaths, anaphyliaxis etc appear in various Minutes

Jenny Fawcett

I find it all quite revealing, particularly the discussion involving how to deal with adverse reaction reporting. If you look at section 7 of the minutes of the 8 March '88 meeting, (
you will see there is a section on "how the monitoring system for vaccine reactions would cope with any vaccination related adverse publicity." Always a thorny issue for the medical authorities....we can't have the herds of sheep...sorry the general public....getting ideas into their little heads about vaccine reactions now, can we? Not good for business.

Especially with the past experience of the "loss of public confidence in the pertussis vaccination" which lead to the "public becoming far more critical of all vaccines". Yikes - not a happy scenario - pharma shares sliding down the pan, paediatricians with egg on their faces, public health bigwigs looking silly. Besides, what would happen to all those jobs? No, no that can't happen.

So - collective scratching of heads - what shall we do to, you know, put the public in their place and silence any criticism of our precious holy cow (the entire childhood vaccination policy and especially the forthcoming jewel in the crown - the MMR). Ah! Lightbulb goes on!! We must "consider a report system for vaccine reactions that would cope with any vaccine related adverse publicity."

Yes, that's it, we have to learn from the pertussis experience...but what do we mean by "cope". Well, you know, really play on the public's fear of infectious diseases and also - this bit will work a treat - exaggerate their dangers!! Yes, it's looking good. Make out that measles is a "deadly" disease even though we didn't used to think so. Also, really work on the guilt principle - if you don't vaccinate your child you are threatening the entire universe with outbreaks of killer diseases... Yes, that's it.

And - if any annoying maverick scientist or doctor pops up with some negative research, pharma will pull the plug on the research grants and the medical mafia will do the rest - the climate in Australia is very good you know, a bit dusty okay, but there are lots of aborigines who you can experiment on...

But what about the patients - how do we shut up the parents when their child is adversely affected or dies following a vaccination? Of course no-one listens to the parents and just because something bad happens right after a vaccination doesn't mean a thing, does it, but still, we have to have a strategy to shut them up. Ah we've got it - discourage "patient generated data involving event reports, and "endorse the need for doctor generated reporting..." Because, to be honest, we all know that half the time the doctor or nurse can't be bothered to report an adverse incident. ..too much hassle, and, in any case, it might end up leading to incriminating evidence against the vaccination. Christ, we can't have that, too many share options down the drain!

Ho, hum, hum... just how much is the drug industry worth, and how much should the public be paid for being guinea pigs, do you think????

As I see it, a nice stage has been set for a total cover-up of any kind of adverse reactions to drugs/vaccinations/medically-induced illness etc in order to "restore public confidence". This gathered momentum prior to the introduction of the beloved MMR which ore health authorities are so pathetically wedded to.

All of this paves the way very nicely for the REAL maverick doctors (Meadow, Southall but there are loads more obviously in such a lovely fertile breeding-ground) to promote their own theories - msbp being a prime example - and it doesn't even have any research to back it up. It's great what you can get away with in a "cover-up" culture.