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[Sat on the  Department of Health sub-committee on adverse reactions to vaccines, yet told the Sally Cark jury that he could not think of any natural explanation for her children's deaths, even though they died shortly after vaccination, and the DPT vaccine has a long history of causing severe brain damage and death.  Go figure.  Also sat on Committee that approved MMR Urabe after it was withdrawn in Canada!]

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 These latest revelations further prove without doubt that Lisa Blakemore-Brown was right all along to suspect that Meadow and Southall were heavily involved in vaccination adverse reactions and then used their power and influence to lock up innocent parents accusing them of abusing their children.

[2011 May] UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination By Christina England  Professionals like Southall and Meadow stand up in court and categorically deny that vaccines can cause death whilst knowing that they can. They choose instead to imprison innocent mothers and send their children into overcrowded care systems. They believe that evidence of past studies and attendance at meetings cannot be found by members of the general public and that they are safe to carry on accusing more parents of abusing their children after a vaccine injury has occurred. They are perfectly happy to destroy the lives of the professionals who come close to finding out the truth, so that they can just carry on demanding a fortune for the reports that they write to damn parents whilst backed, no doubt, by governments and pharmaceutical industries. Why can’t our documentaries tell the truth? The evidence is there to be found after all. Why is it governments protect so called professionals like Southall and Meadow, even praising them for their wonderful work and yet they do nothing to protect the parents who they falsely accuse?


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[May 2007] What killed Sally Clark’s child? by Neville Hodgkinson
Clearly, Professor Meadow is much respected and has made a distinguished contribution to medicine. But was it really such an innocent mistake? Or was the professor — in common with his paediatric colleagues — avoiding facing up to a reality, unpleasant for professionals who have for years defended a controversial vaccine: that when a tiny baby dies five hours after being injected, a link between the two events might be more probable than that the mother was a murderer?

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The person who commissioned Deer was Paul Nuki, Sunday Times' sometime Head of Newsroom investigations and "Focus" editor. Paul Nuki is son of Professor George Nuki. Professor George Nuki in 1987 sat on the Committee on Safety of Medicines when the CSM was considering Glaxo company Smith Kline & French Laboratories' Pluserix MMR vaccine for safety approval. ......sitting on the CSM with Professor George Nuki was Professor Sir Roy Meadow and Professor Sir David was Professor Sir David Hull in 1998 who, as chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, started the attacks on Wakefield's work 
s Chairman of the JCVI, Professor Sir David Hull could have taken action to deal with the issues over the MMR and protect British children
    In 1998 Professor Sir David Hull wrote (on home headed notepaper) to Dean Zuckerman of The Royal Free, suggesting the Royal Free Hospital's work was unethical research without clinical justification (wrongfully, as the public would have learnt if The Observer had been reporting the current GMC hearings into the Wakefield case)
    Despite his attacks on Wakefield's work, two years later in 2000, it was Professor Sir David Hull who rewrote the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health ethical guidelines to permit research on children where there was no clinical benefit (albeit in The Royal Free's case all the investigations were clinically justified)  [April 2008] MMR/AUTISM & THE TAMING OF THE BRITISH MEDIA--Clifford Miller

JCVI & CSM Meetings [JCVI  CSM]
[17 Sept 1990 Salisbury, McDevitt Meadow, Miller   

CSM 26 Jan 89  Nuki, Professor George   Rotblat

CSM 30 March 89  Nuki, Professor George   Rotblat

CSM 28 Sept 89  Rotblat

[6 Oct 1989]  Salisbury, Meadow, Miller  Rotblat

CSM 22-23 september 1988  Nuki, Professor George  Rotblat

CSM 17 Nov 88   Nuki, Professor George  Rotblat

[8 March 1988] [copy 2] Salisbury, McDevitt, HULL, Meadow, Miller, Rotblat,

CSM/JCVI 2 Oct 1987  Rotblat

CSM-JCVI AND ARVI 6-July-87 Rotblat

[6 July 1987]    Salisbury, Meadow, Miller  Rotblat
[2 Oct 1987]
    Salisbury,  Meadow, Miller