Myocarditis and vaccination
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 [June 22, 2006] Myocarditis death in soldier may have been caused by vaccines--DOD press release
Meryl Nass, MD: Please note that CDC found a much higher rate of myocarditis in  smallpox vaccine recipients than did DOD: 1 in 1,725, according to  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report put out by CDC.  In a vaccine  trial of smallpox vaccines conducted by Acambis the rate of myocarditis  was 1 in 973.  A 1978 study in Finnish military recruits found a much  higher rate using looser criteria (1 in 29).
    If DOD had cases occurring at the same rate, they should have had 580  cases in 1 million vaccine recipients, not 120.  However, DOD likely  had even more cases of myocarditis than 580, since it is believed that  people who have never before received the vaccine are at higher risk of  complications than those previously vaccinated.  Nearly all those who  were vaccinated through CDC had been vaccinated in childhood.   Relatively few military servicemembers have been previously vaccinated.
    Claiming that no previous smallpox recipients died with myocarditis is  also blatantly untrue.  Twenty-two year old Rachel Lacy died in early  2003, one month after receiving five vaccines in one day (including  smallpox and anthrax) and her autopsy demonstrated myocarditis.  Two  panels asked to evaluate her death for DOD agreed her death was  probably vaccine-related.  I wrote something about earlier inaccurate DOD statements about  smallpox vaccine-related myocarditis and death in 2003:

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The risk of the flu shot cannot be overstated...the risk is death. This is Kaylynne Matten from Barton, VT. She was a delightful and healthy 7 year old girl who got a flu shot on December 2, 2011. She immediately fell ill with viral symptoms. She died on December 6, 2011 from is a horrible way to die. Myocardits and pneumonia are typical flu shot deaths. When you talk to a mom and she tells you how her child suffered and died in her arms, it is an account that never leaves you. Kaylynne is not the only one