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Smallpox by Herbert Shelton

Smallpox death rate by Dr Shelton DC

[Ch 17 Fruitarianism and Vegetarianism] The Hygienic System, Vol. II, Orthotrophy by Herbert M. Shelton,

SYPHILIS: Is it a Mischievous Myth or a Malignant Monster By Herbert M. Shelton

Vaccines and Serum Evils by Herbert Shelton (c1940's)

Shelton, Herbert. Historical chronology. A brief and highly positive bio and historical bibliography of Shelton by an admirer and staunch follower, Virginia Bidwell.

Shelton, Herbert M. The Hygienic Care of Children. San Antonio, Texas: Dr, Shelton's Health School, 1931.
    Not reprinted by the American Natural Hygiene Society! Shelton at his most aggressive, a vigorous defence of innocent children. The book was very badly printed and lacked the copy-editor's polishing given Shelton's other manuscripts. Thus it contained many, many errors, mispellings and even mis-used words. Many of these have been corrected. Many others were missed. Don't miss the very last chapter wherein Shelton ruthlessly attacks the alleopathic medicos for their greed and willful killing of the young; don't miss his detailed condemnation of vaccination. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Shelton, Herbert M. The Hygienic System, Vol. II, Orthotrophy. San Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton's Health School, Sixth Edition, 1975. First published 1935.
   The question of what constitutes a proper and healthy diet has long been the matter of the greatest controversy among holistic healers. It is still a matter of great confusion among the public. Here is Shelton's thorough examination of eating and foodstuffs. Includes the complete data on food combining, feeding of infant and children, the digestive system, etc. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Shelton, Herbet M. The Hygienic System, Vol. III, Fasting and Sun Bathing. San Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton's Health School, Third Revised Edition, 1950. First Published 1934.
   In his exhaustive study of therepeutic fasting, Shelton claimed: " In more than thirty years of conducting fasts, I have conducted over twenty-five thousand fasts, ranging in duration from three days to more than two months. I have conducted about six fasts that have gone sixty or more days, the longest being sixty-eight days. I have had literally hundreds of fasts that have lasted from forty to fifty and more days." Despite Shelton's possible overstatement of "twenty-five thousand," likely no one else has ever equalled his experience with fasting for the purpose of healing disease. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Shelton, Herbert M. Natural Hygiene: Man's Pristine Way Of Life. San Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton's Health School, 1968.
    This rather long polemic painstakingly, passionately and rather aggressively examines certain key concepts of Shelton's version of Natural Hygiene: no one who reads this book carefully will ever think of the words cure and medicine as being compatible with Hygiene or healing or health. There is also an excellent history of the development of the Hygienic movement. PUBLIC DOMAIN.





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