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By Dr Wakefield

"The Mumps vaccine was introduced for commercial reasons not for the benefit of children."  ~ Dr Andy Wakefield

"Erasure from the medical register is a small price to pay for the privilege of working with affected families."  ~  Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD

"In Rutter's opinion, a possible serious adverse vaccine reaction in a child did not merit clinical investigation."  ~  Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD

Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield  "There will be over 100,000 children diagnosed with autism in this year alone in this country and the average cost estimated to raise one of those children, to look after them for their natural life, is $3.2 million [from a conservative figure by Harvard researcher Michael Ganz a decade ago.] By 2025, autism will cost this country a trillion dollars a year.  This is going to bankrupt the country. ...Most of the country is still asleep. They don't know and they don't care.  Autism is everyone's problem."...During the Q and A Wakefield was asked about the schedule, and he talked about delaying and spacing out vaccines.  He also made the personal admission that if he had young children today, "I would not vaccinate them.  And that's the only honest answer I can give you.  That is not advice to anyone else, it's simply from my own experience and the more I look into this, the more concerned I become. ..."

The truth is that the Wakefield article’s main theme was that they found bowel inflammation (colitis) in a small number of children vaccinated with the live measles vaccine and that the inflammation was caused by the measles virus from the vaccine itself. He only proposed, almost in passing, that there might be a link between such bowel inflammation and autism, which is perfectly reasonable, ethical, and supported by other neuroscience research. I can cite hundreds of reputable articles in the medical literature that make similar proposals about less-controversial issues and are never questioned because they do not endanger pharmaceutical company profits.
    The truth is that the case against the present vaccine schedule is very powerful and built on the findings of some of the most prestigious researchers in the world. The problem is the media and academia are so controlled by the pharmaceutical giants that the general public has no idea that this research even exists.
    It is now known in the research world that questioning vaccine safety is a career killer. Researchers who dare to do so have been fired, denied research grants, their articles are rejected by the more “prestigious” science journals, and they are no longer invited to speak at national meetings. The atmosphere of fear is pervasive — all generated by the pharmaceutical giants and their minions.
    By destroying reputations and stopping further research, pharmaceutical-controlled vaccine proponents hope to have a national law mandating all people receive every vaccine recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is under the absolute control of the vaccine manufacturers.
    The data demonstrates that millions of people are seriously injured and thousands die as a result of vaccine complications every year. In many cases the damage caused by the vaccines exceed the risk of the disease being vaccinated against — such as is the case with the chickenpox, tetanus, measles, mumps, hepatitis B, and HPV vaccines.
    The United States is the most over-vaccinated country in the world and evidence is growing that we are trading an “illusion of protection” by vaccines for a massive increase in vaccine-related chronic diseases.
    The entire vaccine program is based on massive fraud. The so-called H1N1 “pandemic” is a case in point. Even the World Health Organization declared there was a “huge amount” of uncertainty in the seriousness of the “pandemic,” which turned out to be far less deadly than initially feared.
    The WHO admitted it mishandled the so-called pandemic and failed to convey its uncertainty to the public. Yet the CDC, the media, medical academia, and the pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers all participated in this deception. It is time to wake up and call for some accountability; otherwise the vaccine program will never be safe. [2011 Jan] Big Pharma Vilified Researcher for Threatening Vaccine Program By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

[2015 May] Moms In Charge Presents Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CDC Whistleblower  "Mainstream media has sold out.  It sold out. ...I sat once with Sharyl Attkisson, one of this country's greatest journalists, working for CBS.  And she said to me, 'Andy, when we finish this interview, . . . I will get a call from the top floor, from the money men, and they will say, that interview does not go out, because I've had a call from our pharmaceutical industry sponsors, and if it goes out, then they are going to pull their sponsorship.' And that is why she left [CBS]." ......"I was sitting with [NBC Today Show's] Matt Lauer in an interview and he said, 'Dr. Wakefield, isn't this just conspiracy theory?'  The press loves that!  They love that, don't they?  Conspiracy theory. Like that's it.  A panacea for your madness.  Conspiracy theory. I said, 'Well Matt,' because we were on really good term at that stage, I said, 'Matt, it's really interesting that you should say that because in the courts, in Australia, just this week, in the Vioxx trials against Merck, where they killed thousands of patients with Vioxx, knowingly.  There were a series of disclosures about internal emails at Merck about how they would deal with doctors who dissented from the safety of Vioxx.  And they said, we'll isolate them and we'll discredit them, and the final one, in court, said, 'We may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.'   So I said, 'Matt, you know it's less a question of conspiracy theory and more a question of corporate policy, don't you think?'  And that did not make it off the cutting room floor, as you can imagine." 

'The plank of their argument is that they are safe and effective. You now know, as a matter of fact,  they're not safe and effective--and that's just for one vaccine, the MMR.' --  Dr. Andrew Wakefield

"Last summer, Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and someone working on the national immunization program came forward after 13 years and said, 'We have known for 13 years, MMR vaccine causes autism and we have concealed that fact.'  "He not only said it, he gave us all of the documents--all of the original emails, transcripts, data outputs, databases, draft papers, original analysis plans, exchanges with his colleagues where he had tried repeatedly to bring this to their attention. Right to the very top of the CDC.  Right to Julie Gerberding, who was director of the CDC before she left to join Merck as their director of immunizations.  "They all knew: Walter Orenstein, head of the National Immunization Program--they all knew.  He had told them all. They concealed it systematically, and eventually, he could no longer live with himself.  He came forward and has become a whistleblower........ "And that is what they concealed, and in doing so they put millions and millions of American children in harm's way, knowingly and willfully."  Dr. Andrew Wakefield

So the GMC has become an instrument of the public health apparatus for persecuting doctors in an effort to prevent them dissenting about vaccines and vaccine safety, and who knows what will happen next to Richard Hamilton, will he be next?  This is extraordinary to Americans, absolutely extraordinary because in America you have the first Amendment, you have freedom of speech, you want to say something, you say it, in this country, no way.  The idea of prosecuting a doctor because he has said something, given his opinion, offered his advice, said what he truly believes, it is absolute anathema to Americans.  They can't understand how this could possibly happen in a civilised world, and yet here we have it. [2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

I am dismayed by the way in which the media continuously, despite whatever you tell them, reiterate the same errors, the same mistakes, but of course the major problem is the way it was handled by the Sunday Times and Brian Deer, and that to my mind was just a big error from start to finish, and it is like having 5% of the documents and making a story out of those 5% when you haven't got the remaining 95% that tell the actual story.  Making it up, fixing that idea in mind, staying with that idea, irrespective of what anyone might say in mitigation and that's what happened. [2010 April. Video] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

"We are in the midst of an international epidemic. Those responsible for investigating and dealing with this epidemic have failed.   Among the reasons for this failure is the fact that they are faced with the prospect that they themselves may be responsible for the epidemic. Therefore, in their efforts to exonerate themselves they are an impediment to progress. I believe that public health officials know there is a problem; they are, however, willing to deny the problem and accept the loss of an unknown number of children on the basis that the success of public health policy - mandatory vaccination - by necessity involves sacrifice. Neither I, nor my colleagues subscribe to the belief that any child is expendable. History has encountered and dealt with such beliefs. You, the parent's and children, are the source of the inspiration and strength for our endeavours; our quest for truth through science - a science that is compassionate, uncompromising and uncompromised. I do not mean to stir you to mutiny, but be assured that armed with this science it is in your power to force this issue, in your pediatricians office, in Congress, in the Law Courts.  Keep faith with your instincts - they have served you well."---Andy Wakefield (April 22, 2002 "POWER of ONE - IDEA" Rally, Washington DC)

Professor Wakefield said: "Last week in our clinic we saw nine or 10 new children with exactly the same story, referred by jobbing paediatricians from around the country who said, 'This child developed normally, had a reaction to MMR and is now autistic'". ..........He said: "The department says that the safety of MMR has been proven. The argument is untenable. It cannot be substantiated by the science. That is not only my opinion but increasingly the view of healthcare professionals and the public.  "Tests have revealed time and time again that we are dealing with a new phenomenon. The Department of Health's contention that MMR has been proven to be safe by study after study after study just doesn't hold up. Frankly, it is not an honest appraisal of the science and it relegates the scientific issues to the bottom of the barrel in favour of winning a propaganda war."170 Cases of Autism Linked to Vaccine in UK

It has been very difficult for my colleagues to come to terms that there may be a genuine problem with inoculations, something that is suppose to be one of the great medical achievements of the 20th century; indeed something in this country which is mandated, and mandated in the absence of adequate safety studies. And there will be a price to pay for this. The Cure Autism Conspiracy of Parents and the M.I.N.D. Institute (Wakefield & Rollens interview)

ANDREW WAKEFIELD You do not combine three live viruses into one vaccine and assume that that is a benign process, that you can follow those children for 3, 4, 5 weeks and get away with it.  These are viruses that are live, they are capable of establishing long-term infection and they are capable of producing long-term adverse events. [2002] PANORAMA MMR Every Parent's Choice

Coming down to the issue of giving it (Hepatitis B) on day one of life, there are several issues that surround that. The first is when we did this primate study giving that hepatitis B vaccine on day one. We looked for the safety studies of that policy. What had been done to establish the safety of giving it on day one? Not just giving it on day one but giving it on day one to every infant whether they were born at 24 weeks or 30 weeks or 36 weeks or 40 weeks, whatever their gestational…their birth weight was, whether they were 10 lbs or 3 lbs or 2 lbs, they were getting the same shot at day one as a matter of policy. Safety studies… We couldn't find them. And that was really shocking, really shocking. How could this be? If you're going to make a case for it, if you're going to do it, your'e going to make it a matter of policy for every kid in the country then you'e got to be absolutely certain that you got the safety set that is right because if not, you may produce insidious problems, minor degrees of damage which you don't pick up straight away but are catastrophic [2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield

The word informed consent is an oxymoron. To be able to give informed consent, you have to have the information to give. If the safety information does not exist, you‟re not in a position to give that information. So the process of informed consent never gets out of the starting blocks. [2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield


Mumps in this country, in the U.S. the CDC did a study. When Maurice Hillerman went from Merck, the head of vaccines at Merck went to the CDC… I have a mumps vaccine; I would like you to use it. They did a study and they said there is no need. Mumps is a trivial disease in children; we do not need this vaccine. Exactly the same happened in the UK. The Department of Health, the Medicines Control Agency, the regulators in the UK said, this is a trivial disease in children. We do not need a mumps vaccine. But it got in. ....So you have effectively taken a trivial disease and by vaccinating, you have turned it into a more dangerous disease. Now, they are in a real mess. They are in a real mess because one dose of MMR doesn't prevent it. Two doses of MMR don't prevent it; three doses. You are creating a population that is dependent upon reboosting with vaccines for the rest of their lives to avoid this complication, a man-made complication.....There was incompetence. They were incompetent. They were so zealous. So urgently needed to get this vaccine into the market that they ignored the potential problems and now we have a big, big problem. Mumps vaccine is a dangerous vaccine. It does not work. [2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield

About Dr Wakefield

[NVIC June 2006] FURTHER STMT by A WAKEFIELD -The  Smearing Of Andrew  Wakefield
It is unfortunate they are so frightened of the scientific truth Dr. Wakefield is pursuing that they find it necessary to behave like a band of thugs out to score a hit.....Parents around the world are not fooled by the ignorant, inhumane behavior of forced vaccinaton proponents, whose zealous defense of one-size-fits-all vaccine policies injure and kill innocent children.  The truth will shine bright and clear in the end.

[NVIC June 12, 2006] UK Docs Attack Wakefield
From the moment Andy Wakefield stood his ground and said "I will not live my life in fear" and then went on to talk with me about how important it was to stand up for the truth even though you risk your life to do it, I knew he was an extraordinary individual. I knew he would make history but pay a terrible price for it.
   During the past 25 years of work to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and defend the informed consent ethic, I have seen doctors who tell the truth about vaccine risks be viciously attacked by their colleagues in government, industry and academia. The attacks are both professional and personal and, with surgical precision, the goal is to evisicerate rather than simply stun the victim. It is an ugly process and it has a distinctly Spanish Inquisition flavor to it.
  Undaunted, Dr. Wakefield has continued to conduct his humanitarian research into the biological mechanisms for MMR vaccine induced neuroimmune dysfunction. Finally, after nearly a decade of persecution for conducting scientific research that questions the scientific and moral integrity of one-size-fits-all mass vaccination policies, Andy Wakefield's accusers are taking him to their own Medical Court. In a final attempt to silence him, they want to take away his medical license and his ability to care for vaccine injured children.
   The BBC in London said the General Medical Council is charging Dr. Wakefield with carrying out "inadequately founded" research, failing to obtain ethical committee approval before publishing, acquiring funding improperly and subjecting children to 'unnecessary and invasive investigations.'
     A leading London newspaper, The Daily Mail, protested Dr. Wakefield's treatment by the General Medical Council, saying "He had a duty to speak out and now he is being made to suffer for it. His treatment by the GMC is utterly unjust. If this preposterous body had existed 200 years ago, defending the prevailing wisdom against new ideas, doctors would still be treating illnesses by slitting their patients' veins."
   F.E. Yazbak, M.D., FAAP, a pediatrician and researcher of autoimmune regressive autism and vaccine injury, has published an excellent analysis of the scientific issues and political motives involved in Wakefield's persecution at the hands of the medical hierarcrhy. Dr. Yazbak's article "When Finding Nothing Is Wonderful" was first published on RedFlags on June 9, 2006. http://www.redflagsdaily.com/yazbak/2006_jun09?from=0

By Carmel Wakefield

‘Something is causing an appalling worldwide epidemic of autism and the new form of inflammatory bowel disease which Andy and his colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital in London first identified about ten years ago. Yet all that we ever hear from the authorities is, “It’s not MMR,”’ she says, packing up the last of her belongings in her West London home.......‘Oddly, though, they don’t seem in the least concerned about finding out what the actual causes might be. It is impossible for the authorities to rule out fears of a link between this vaccine, autistic disorders and bowel disease because they have not yet done the detailed clinical studies that Andy and others have, for many years, been pleading for. ‘Why have they not, when, obviously, that is the only way to settle this controversy once and for all?’ [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

‘He started voicing his concerns to the Department of Health in 1992, assuming they’d order urgent clinical research. He assumed public safety would be of paramount concern to health officials. ‘He thought they’d want to rule out any possibility that MMR could cause gut damage, particularly as worrying evidence was starting to emerge that the live mumps and measles viruses in the vaccine could interact to suppress the body’s natural immune response. But no one wanted to know. He met with a complete brick wall.’ [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

‘The spotlight really fell on Andy after that news conference, but that wasn’t the beginning of his work. If he’d just voiced concerns based on nothing other than a preliminary study of 12 children, in an off-the-cuff way, of course that would have been unacceptable.’ And that is exactly how the Government propaganda machine and drug company apologists have characterised Andy’s actions. ‘But by the time of that conference, he’d completed a detailed analysis of MMR’s safety studies internationally, running to hundreds of pages, and was deeply alarmed by the inadequacies revealed – inadequacies since independently confirmed. ‘By the time that Lancet paper was published, the Royal Free team had investigated not just 12 children, but scores. And subsequently, they saw hundreds with this new form of bowel disease, allied to autism and other types of severe neurological damage of which there’d been absolutely no sign prior to their MMR jabs – hundreds of children’s parents all telling the same stories, with the same histories and clinical findings.....(she) says these findings have since been replicated by researchers in America, Italy and Venezuela. ‘But it’s as if these scientific papers don’t exist,’ she says. ‘As if all my husband ever did was to be involved in a study of 12 children, then shoot his mouth off. The endless stream of lies told by powerful people in positions of great public trust is horrifying. [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

‘There is simply no way he could ever work here again. His former colleagues have made that crystal clear.’ [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

‘My husband has been persecuted by extremely powerful forces for asking questions that his research findings made it morally and ethically essential for him to ask,’.......... ‘I used to believe that this country was a bastion of academic integrity and intellectual freedom. So this whole sad process of attrition, isolation and vilification, on a very personal level, has sickened and disillusioned me. [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

 ‘Documents obtained by Andy under the Data Protection and Freedom Of Information Acts show exactly what was going on behind the scenes at the Royal Free, before Andy was forced out in 2001, the Department of Health and elsewhere over MMR; letters, reports, minutes of meetings and e-mails that they never intended us to see. ‘While I’ve found it unpleasant and upsetting reading about the cynical machinations that were going on, it’s very satisfying to be able to reveal them. The public most certainly deserves to know.  [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

 To date, virtually all they have had to guide them is an overwhelming barrage of government propaganda and spin, funded by millions of pounds in taxpayers’ money.’ She thinks people will be shocked when they read about what went on ‘behind the scenes’ and promises her controversial husband will not stop asking important questions of the medical community. ‘Whatever his enemies may hope, he’s not going away,’ she vows. ‘Nor are the ever increasing number of children with autism disorders, now tens of thousands around the world, who also suffer grievously from this new form of bowel disease. ‘ I am determined to hold on to my unwavering belief that justice will prevail, that the truth will out, and that these children will eventually be given the help they need.’ [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

The problem, as the Wakefields were quickly to learn, was that only the very bravest or most foolhardy of medical researchers would ever dare publicly express doubts about any childhood vaccine, let alone raise the spectre that it might cause something as serious as autism. [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots

Indeed, hundreds of parents across Britain now say that the mere mention of bowel disease in their autistic children guarantees they’ll be immediately turned away by doctors and refused any help or treatment........‘It is as though any kind of association with Andy’s work causes doctors here to run a mile’, says Carmel. ‘Andy has photographs of children that would make anyone who saw them cry. Children black and blue from banging their heads on furniture and walls to distract themselves from their chronic gut pain. And then, photos of the same children, after proper investigation and treatment, happy and smiling. It is absolutely heartbreaking that British children cannot expect the same treatment autistic children now receive in other countries. It horrifies us both.’ [Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots