Dr Jayne Donegan, MBBS, DRCOG, DCH, MRCGP

'Knowing what I know now, I would not vaccinate my children and run the risk of them getting diabetes, asthma, eczema, becoming more susceptible to meningitis and ending up chronically disabled.'---Dr Jayne Donegan

[Dr Donegan qualified at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in 1983.  She is a general practitioner and a homeopath.  She obtained the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 1986; a Diploma in Child Health in 1987; and she became a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 1988.] 

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"Under normal conditions, healthy children do not die from or become disabled from the complications of measles and if they do, questions should be asked about their management."  ---[Letter BMJ Feb 2005. Donegan MB.]

"I was astonished and not a little perturbed to find that when you draw a graph of the death rate from whooping cough that starts in the mid nineteenth century, you can clearly see that at least 99 percent of the people who used to die of whooping cough in the nineteenth and early twentieth century had stopped dying before the vaccine against whooping cough was introduced, initially in the 1950s and universally in the 1960s."  I also realized that the reason the Department of Health’s graphs made the vaccine appear so effective was because they didn’t start until the 1940s when most of the improvements in health had already occurred, and this was before even antibiotics were generally available. If you selected only deaths in under-15-year-olds, the drop was even more dramatic – by the time whooping cough vaccine was part of the universal immunization schedule in the early 1960s all the hard work had been done. [2015] THE DOCTOR WHO BEAT THE BRITISH GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL BY PROVING THAT VACCINES AREN’T NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE HEALTH  Dr Jayne Donegan

''If a parent says, “I’m worried about the safety of vaccination,” they are told, “You don’t understand, you’re not a doctor.”  However if a doctor says, “I’m worried about the safety of vaccination,” they are told, “We’re charging you with serious professional misconduct… “ [2015] THE DOCTOR WHO BEAT THE BRITISH GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL BY PROVING THAT VACCINES AREN’T NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE HEALTH

Standard medical advice is to suppress all fevers with Calpol (paracetamol) or Ibuprofen. This is not very helpful when fever is a useful response to infection with a virus or bacterium and runs contrary to the body’s natural attempts to throw out toxins and right itself. In addition, Calpol is metabolised in the liver. The liver is a major component of our immune system and is generally much better occupied in carrying out its immune functions during an illness than blocking itself up detoxifying Calpol.
    If you look carefully at children after they have been supportively nursed through an infectious disease, you will always see them do something new, depending upon their age and circumstances. An infant may produce a tooth; a toddler who kept banging into things will walk confidently; a six-year old who is not reading will suddenly start to read. It is rather like a snake that has to crack off the old skin before it can grow, children go through these crises before they can move on to the next step. I have often seen children with endless snot or lots of warts have both of these cleared by a healthy bout of chicken pox.
    Such infectious diseases do not improve the population, in the harsh Darwinian view of things, by killing off the weak and leaving only the strong ones to reproduce; they actually give each individual child the opportunity to strengthen their own individual immune system and make the best of what they have.
    However, we as a society are not set up to allow the timely unfolding of such events. We teach people to fear all symptoms and expect their immediate removal. In the UK more than 50% of mothers with children under five work away from home, so are not there when their children need to be nursed. So they give them the calpol plus or minus the non-indicated (for viral infections) antibiotics and/or antihistamines (to dry up that cough) so that they can send them back to school/ nursery/ childminder so they can get back to the office where time off to care for sick children is not viewed so sympathetically as time off to take the car to the garage, not to mention the intense pressure that parents are put under by schools to have their children there every day to keep up their attendance figures in order for the school not to be penalised by the government.
    Is it any wonder that so many children with measles end up in hospital – the last place they should be with their lowered cell mediated immunity, and that some of them die – and here I am talking about well nourished children who live in houses and have clean water supplies – not starving children in developing countries who are suffering from malnutrition, live in inadequate, poorly ventilated housing and drink sewage - where measles or infectious diarrhoea is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.
    And so I reiterate, under normal conditions, if healthy children do die from or become disabled from the complications of measles, questions should be asked about their management. ---[Letter BMJ Feb 2005.]

I am very pleased that they paid my legal fees, the case cost over one hundred thousand pounds to defend, I could never have financed it myself.  The GMC is not a court, so even if you win, you don’t get any of the costs back, so when the defence bodies defend a case, for them, it is just money down the drain. This gives the GMC carte blanche to accuse anybody they like of Serious Professional Misconduct as they never have to pay for anyone except their own team if they are wrong. http://www.jayne-donegan.co.uk/gmc 

Patrick Quanten, a GP who voluntarily deregistered himself from the GMC and gave up practising as a doctor when his local health authority started to investigate him because he was not prescribing ‘enough’ (!) drugs. http://www.jayne-donegan.co.uk/gmc

I soon began to realise that what is held up as ‘science’ is not a truthful quest for knowledge on an even playing field, quite the contrary, you get the science you pay for. This is how it works: first of all you have to get someone to pay for your study – so it has to be on a subject they like. Then you have to produce results that they like – or the results may be canned and never see the light of day.  Then you have to get a journal to publish it – which they won’t if it seems contrary to what they regard as appropriate, and then it has to get through the review by the referees – people who work in the field in which your study/ paper deals and who do not like what does not support the status quo, depending on the strength of the status quo, and vaccination is a very strong one....So the ‘science’ that we all look up to and the ‘scientists’ that we all trust are made up of nothing more than people who are trying to make a living and pay their mortgages – you get the science you pay for and he who pays the piper calls the tune. http://www.jayne-donegan.co.uk/gmc 

"I started to write articles for various organisations who give information to parents about vaccination and this led to my being asked by a mother to act as an expert witness in her case. She had been taken to court by the absent father of her child to get a special order from the court to force her daughter to be vaccinated with all of the vaccines in the schedule.  Her case was then joined to that of another mother in a similar situation and they were to be heard together."
    "From this it can be seen how Judge Sumner in the High Court came to make his decision to rely only on the evidence of Dr Conway and Profesor Kroll.  Further, the comments in the Court of Appeal by Lord Justice Sedley, which were widely reported in the press, that my reports were “junk science”, were inappropriate and made without my having been given any opportunity to be represented and to answer such a serious but misplaced allegation.  The Court went on to order that the two girls be given the full range of recommended vaccines.
On the basis of the comments made by Lord Justice Sedley as reported in BBC Online (it is comforting to know that the GMC is monitoring the suitability of doctors to practice in the UK by reading BBC Online!) the General Medical Council accused me of serious professional misconduct which meant they could strike me off the medical register, stop me practising and deprive me of my livelihood if found guilty.  It took them more than two years after accusing me in July 2004 to get round to producing any substantive charges.  These were served late in September 2006, with a three-week hearing scheduled to start on the 6th of December 2006."
    "What  ‘take home message’ that can be gained from my experience?
Perhaps it is that if a parent says, “I’m worried about the safety of vaccination,” they are told, “You don’t understand, you’re not a doctor.”  However if a doctor says, “I’m worried about the safety of vaccination,” they are told, “We’re charging you with serious professional misconduct.”
Pleased as I am with the successful conclusion of my hearing,  it has taken an inevitable and heavy toll on my children, our family and my professional life." [Jan 2008] My Experience with the General Medical Council by Dr Jayne Donegan, MB