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 "It has been found in hundreds of medical and scientific tests conducted worldwide, to stimulate and boost almost evry aspect of your immune system.   It helps the body create more immune blood cells....It is famous for cancer and should be used two weeks on and one week off until health returns...I have had many patients recover from cancer, some from AIDS and other degenerative diseases, and all of them used Echinacea as a foundation part of the program."--Dr Richard Shulze

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Echinacea PREVENTS Colds & Influenza

''It helps the body create more immune blood cells, actually increases T-cell counts, helps increase macrophage production and activity (eating ability), stimulates production of interferon and interleukin I, and it seems to protect cells from invasion. I have heard it is even being used in Germany as an intravenous-injection for immune depression and degenerative disease. In fact, the Germans have run tests on Echinacea showing great immune enhancement using these poor quality extracts. Just imagine the miracles when you make your own or use a great quality one.
    For a tincture, a minimum dosage is 60 drops (2 dropperfuls) 3 times daily or 180 drops (6 dropperfuls) a day. Take this dosage for two weeks straight, rest one week and repeat, if necessary.  In serious conditions this dosage can be doubled, even quadrupled up to 2 dropperfuls every hour of the day. I have personally used one ounce per day for a super-immune blast. Echinacea and Garlic are a dynamite duo and I highly suggest they be used together. I suggest anyone on Echinacea consume at least 3 cloves of garlic a day, also.
    Echinacea is a specific for when you have a cold, flu or fever. It’s also for fighting any type of infection, heat or swelling. It is potent for any toxic bite or sting. You can also use it externally. It is famous for cancer and should be used two weeks on and one week off until health returns.
    I have had many patients recover from cancer, some from A.I.D.S. and other degenerative diseases and all of them used Echinacea as a foundation part of the program.
    I had a woman come into my clinic who had an infected, swollen sore throat for 3 1/2 months and the doctors had given her every drug and antibiotic under the sun; nothing worked. Her immune system was shot. She used Echinacea tincture for 2 days and it was gone and never came back.  I have had patients with chronic infections for years get almost instant results using Echinacea only for a few days.''  ~ Dr Richard Shulze

The American Indians used echinacea extensively for hundreds of years. They used it for all types of disorders but especially for wounds and rattlesnake bites. They knew that it increased the body’s ability to recover from illness and injury, but also protected the body from poisons and toxins.
    “Dr. King was a famous doctor at the turn of the century whose wife was cured of cancer by taking echinacea tincture. The doctor's regular herbal medications did not help her.”   It's a very interesting story. In the late 1800's, there was a man named Joseph Meyer from Pawnee City, Nebraska.  He was a peddler of various goods by wagon and he learned the virtue of a Kansas root from his Plains Indian friends. He made and bottled a tonic of alcohol from this root and sold it as a cure for everything that seemed to be.  He travelled the west in his wagon selling this tonic and became quite famous both as a healer and showman. As the story goes, he would let live rattlesnakes bite him on stage to prove the effectiveness of his tonic and it seemed he never got ill.  This is where the name snake oil peddler originated. He also claimed that his tonic would cure cancer. It seemed to, and he claimed it was good for everything from mad dog bites to the plague.
    At the end of the 19th century, he decided he would like to know what this root actually was so he shipped off a case of his tonic to Professor King, one of this nation's leading doctors at the turn of the century and author of the famous King's American Dispensatory.  Professor King laughed at this request, stuck the bottles of snake oil tonic under a bench at home and wrote Joseph Meyer back and told him what an idiot he was to think that an herb could be identified from a bottle of tonic and to send the whole plant to his laboratory if he wanted it identified.
    In the meantime, Professor King's wife was dying of cancer and wasn't getting better, despite all that he was doing trying to save her.  He had the best medicines of the day. His friends and colleagues, especially the Lloyd brothers of Cincinnati, Ohio made what was then, and still is considered today to be, the highest quality and most effective herbal preparations in America. But nothing helped Professor King's wife and she was slipping away. 
    Joseph Meyer sent off the plant and Professor King shelved it. A few months later, professor King's wife had a full recovery from cancer. He was overjoyed, of course, and questioned his wife. He told her that he was glad that his medical advice and prescriptions finally worked. He was shocked to hear that she had given up on his medical advice months ago, stopped using his prescriptions and started using snake oil.  At that time, no echinacea preparation was sold or ever heard of in medicine. In 2 years, it became one of the most widely-used tonics by doctors in America. It was only abandoned when the A.MA. destroyed herbal medicine in this country and drove the over 20,000 practicing herbal doctors out of business.  Unfortunately, most modern herbalists I meet don't like to hear or tell stories about echinacea curing cancer.