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More Than You Bargained for in Your Chicken The U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that Tyson Foods routinely gave antibiotics to chicken it raised to sell as meat, and labeled it as antibiotic free. Tyson said that the antibiotics were not a type used in humans, and so were not likely to lead to "superbugs" immune to medical treatments. But the USDA found that in addition to the non-human antibiotic, Tyson was also using a drug commonly given to people. The USDA told Tyson that it can no longer consider the company's no-antibiotics label "truthful and accurate." Tyson disagreed but said it would end its misleading labeling ... after a federal court issued an injunction stopping them from making the claim.

[The Future of Food - Fake Foods] Investigative Reporter, Pam Killeen interviews Deborah Garcia about her new movie, The Future of Food.
If these genetically engineered seeds blow onto a farmer’s field, Monsanto could come on their field, test their crops, demand money from them and claim ownership of the crops. The farmer, who probably doesn't want to have genetically engineered seeds anywhere near his field, now has this responsibility. It’s a very strange situation. It seems like Monsanto has all the power and that they don't have any accountability or responsibility. If contamination occurs on an innocent neighboring farm, somehow the innocent farmer has to pay for the contamination. It’s illogical. This is now the way that the system is working. It’s the opposite from what you would imagine..............
in order to determine whether or not these crops would be regulated, both the government and the biotech industry decided that these seeds would be considered “substantially equivalent” to normal seeds. This is simply not true. The reason why they came up with this determination was so that GE foods wouldn't have to be regulated, tested nor labeled.
    ...One future is industrial pesticides, chemical laden, tasteless food that is heavily processed, controlled by huge multinational corporations for their own benefit; the other future is exemplified by organic farmers who farm and feed people regionally with good healthy food that people can feel safe eating and eat in a sense of community and family. If people really understood what was happening to our food supply, they would choose good, safe, healthy food grown by a local farmer. If we choose to eat this way, we will also benefit by supporting local economies.


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oughly 100,000 farmers committed suicide over six years to 2003 in India

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